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To Slay a Dragon/To stake a Vampire - will there be a 3rd part?


Cute but dangerous
There was talk on R20 that those adventures would get a third part, something to do with devils. As we've finally finished (with several added stories which just happened) TSaD and will probably be through TSaV much quicker, I'd like to be able to make plans for the group.

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A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
To Out a Doppelganger

To Reflect a Medusa (originally wrote Gorgon, until I remember what D&D did to Greek mythology, grrrr....)

To Burn a Troll

To Fillet a Sahuagin

To Eye a Beholder

To PESTer a BUGbear (okay, now I'm forcing it)

To Hobble a Hobgoblin (beating this to death, now)

To Grief a Grell (please, make me stop...)

To Baffle a Sphinx

To Bejewel a Slaadi

To Mime a Mimic

To Flounce a Flumph.

Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters