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Ok folks, you know the drill. Also, will you all please look for a good drawing/painting/render/whatever of a head that looks sorta like your PC? Im going to be doing grid based combat, so I need something to represent the PCs.

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Gerad Stonefate

Race:		Dwarf, male
Alignment: 	True Neutral
Class:		Necromancer 4/Fighter 2
Barred Schools:	Conjuration and Enchantment

Age:		78
Height:		4'4"
Weight:		185 lbs

Racial Features
Size:		medium
Base Speed:	20ft in any armor
Skills:		Stonecunning (+2 Search, Appraise, Craft)
Saving throws:	+2 vs poison
		+2 vs spells and spell-like abilities
Languages:	Common, Dwarven
Favored class:	Fighter
Special:	Darkvision 60ft
		+4 to resist bull rush and trip
		+1 attacks vs orcs and goblinoids
		+4 dodge AC vs giants

Abilities	(* = includes item)
Strength*	16 (+3)		Intelligence	15 (+2)
Dexterity	16 (+3)      	Wisdom		10 (+0)
Constitution	16 (+3)		Charisma	8 (-1)

Initiative	+3
BAB		+4
Attacks (melee)	Dwarven Urgrosh (twohanded) +9 damage 1d8+5 or 1d6+4, crit 20/x3
		Dwarven Urgrosh (onehanded) +9 damage 1d8+4 or 1d6+3, crit 20/x3
		Dwarven Urgrosh (double) +7/+7 damage 1d8+4/1d6+1, crit 20/x3
		Dagger +7 damage 1d4+3, crit 19-20/x2
Attacks (ranged)Dagger +7 damage 1d4+3, crit 19-20/x2, range 10ft
Armor		Mithril Chain Shirt +1, max dex +6, acp 0, asf 10%, ac +5
AC		18 (10 + 3dex + 5armor), touch 13, flat-footed 15
ACP		0
ASF		10%
ST		Fort	+4 +3con +1itm = +8
		Refl	+1 +3dex +1itm = +5
		Will	+4 +1itm = +5
Hp		4 + 3d4 (50%) + 2d10 (50%) + 18 (Con) = 40

Weapon prof.	All simple and martial weapons
		Dwarven Urgrosh and Dwarven Waraxe treated as martial
Armor prof.	All armors and simple shields

Feats:		Scribe Scroll, Practised Spellcaster, Weapon Focus (Dwarven Urgrosh), Power Attack,
		Two Weapon Fighting, Reckless Offense, Alertness* (from familiar)

Languages:	Common, Dwarven, Orcish, Goblin

Skills:		Climb			+3		acp
		Jump			+3		acp
		Swim			+3		acp x2

		Balance			+3		acp
		Escape Artist		+3		acp
		Hide			+3		acp
		Move Silently		+3		acp
		Ride			+3
		Use Rope		+3

		Concentration		+3	+9/1x*

		Appraise		(+2)		(+3 familiar)
		Craft			(+2)
		Forgery			+2
		Knowledge (Arcana)	+2	+6*
		Search			+2
		Spellcraft		+2	+7*

		Listen			+0
		Sense Motive		+0	+3x*
		Spot			+0
		Survival		+0

		Bluff			-1
		Diplomacy		-1
		Disguise		-1
		Gather Information	-1
		Intimidate		-1	+6*
		Perform			(-1)

		*tot points spent = 36

Spells:		0th	4+1/day		DC 12
		1st	4+1/day		DC 13
		2nd	3+2/day		DC 14

Spells Known:
		0th - All
		1st - Shield, Identify, True Strike, Shocking Grasp, Magic Missile,
		Ray of Enfeeblement, Enlarge Person
		2nd - Blur, Scorching Ray, False Life, Mirror Image

Standard Spells:
		4x0 + 1 - Mage Hand, Detect Magic, Flare, Disrupt Undead (+ Disrupt Undead)
		4x1 + 1 - True Strike, Shield, Magic Missile x2 (+ Ray of Enfeeblement)
		3x2 + 1 - Mirror Image, Blur, Scorching Ray (+ False Life)

Equipment (13000gp):
		Adamantine Dwarven Urgrosh +1/- (5050gp, axe head is +1, pick head MW)
		Dagger (3x2gp)

		Mithril Chain Shirt +1 (2100gp)

		Gauntlets of Ogre Strength (4000gp)
		Cloak of Resistance +1 (1000 gp)

		Backpack (2gp)
		Spell Component Pouch (5gp)
		Belt Pouch (1gp) with Trail Ration (3x5s1+.1=p)
		Waterskin (1gp)*
		Sack (empty) (1sp)*
		Hempen rope (1gp)*
		Flint and steel (1gp)*
		Bedroll (1sp)*
		Whetstone (2cp)*
		*in backpack

Money:		837gp, in assorted coins and gems

  Gerad was a disappointment to his clan, a black sheep that not only seemed to favour wizardry as much
  as the fighting arts, but had the bad taste to dabble in necromancy. As the mutterings grew over his
  behaviour, his patience and loyalty diminished. Finally it reached the point where he abandoned his
  clan, leaving to find his way in the greater world.

  Currently Gerad has accepted an offer to join the Acer stable as a gladiator. To fight, to prove
  himself, to be seen as more than just a disgrace to his name. Those are motivation enough, and if he
  should earn a bit of money along the way, all the better!

  Gerad is neutral in outlook.. he cares little for right, wrong or what the law says. He does things for
  his own reasons, whether it be helping a friend or earning himself a little extra on the side.

Best pic I could find:


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Gerad's Familiar, Moriarty

Race:		Raven
Alignment: 	True Neutral
Class:		Familiar

Racial Features
Size:		Tiny
Base Speed:	10ft move or 40ft fly (average)

Abilities	(* = includes item)
Strength*	1  (-5)		Intelligence	7  (-2)
Dexterity	15 (+2)      	Wisdom		14 (+2)
Constitution	10 (+0)		Charisma	6  (-2)

Initiative	+2
BAB		+4
Attacks (melee)	Claw +6 damage 1d2-5, crit 20/x2
AC		16 (10 + 2size +2dex + 2natural), touch 14, flat-footed 14
ST		Fort	+4 = +4
		Refl	+2 +2dex = +4
		Will	+4 +2wis = +6
Hp		Half Gerad's = 20

Features:	Improved Evasion, Share Spells, Empathic Link, Deliver Touch Spells

Languages:	Common

Skills:		Hide			+2		+8 size
		Move Silently		+2		

		Knowledge (Arcana)	-2	+6*
		Search			-2
		Spellcraft		-2	+7*

		Listen			+2	+1
		Sense Motive		+2	+3x*
		Spot			+2	+3
		Survival		+2

		Bluff			-2
		Diplomacy		-2

		* = master's ranks

Nac Mac Feegle

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Nac Mac Feegle

Grig Male, Barbarian 5/Fighter 1
Alignment: CN

Size: T (0'6", 1.5 lbs.)
HD: 5d12 + 1d10 + 30
HP: 83 (101 raging)
Initiative: +4
Speed: 30ft
AC: 19 (10 +6 armor, +2 dex, +2 size, -1 trait) (15 when raging)
ff: 16 t: 14
BAB: +6
XP: 15,000 / 21,000 for level 7


Str: 16 [16 pts, –4 racial, +2 gauntlets]
Dex: 14 [0 pts, +6 racial]
Con: 20 [13 pts, +2 racial, +1 @ 4th level]
Int: 8 [0 pts]
Wis: 13 [3 pts, +2 racial]
Cha: 8 [0 pts]

Aggressive trait


+1 Tiny Greataxe ( atk +12 (+15 raging), 1d8+5 (+10 raging) dmg, 20/x3, slashing)


F: +12 (+15 when raging)
R: +5
W: +3 (+5 when raging)

Skills: (bonus/ranks)

Climb +10/8
Jump +18/8
Intimidate +7/8


Reckless Rage (1st)
Power Attack (3rd)
Destructive Rage (6th)
Cleave (Fighter 1)

Racial Abilities:

Stat Bonuses/Penalties
+8 jump

Class Abilities:

Fast Movement
Rage 2/day
Uncanny Dodge I & II
Trap Sense +1
Bonus Feat




+2 Chain Shirt (4,650) [6 lbs.]
Gauntlets of Ogre Strength (4,000 gp) [-]
+1 Small Greataxe (2,310) [6 lbs.]
Belt of Resistance +1 (1,000 gp) [-]
Potion of CLW {qty 4} (200 gp) [ 0.4 lb.]
Potion of CMW {qty 1} (300 gp) [ 0.1 lb.]
Potion of Bear’s Endurance {qty 1} (300 gp) [0.1 lb.]

240 gp

12.6 lbs
Light Load
Armor Check Penalty -1


Nac Mac Feegle is small. That’s the first thing that everyone notices. The second is that he’s painful. His six inch high body is completely covered in blue tattoos which may or may not have ritual significance, nobody has ever dared to ask. He typically wears no more than a loincloth and an axe that’s larger than he is.


Nac grew up as a member of an offshoot of the race of grigs, which tended towards the barbaric (this is an understatement) and lived primarily off cattle thievery (you’d be amazed how much four of the little buggers can carry). However, since a young age (he’s not quite sure how young, as he doesn’t really know how old he is) Nac decided that he wished to see the world.

Due to his unique position, he found that the world consisted primarily of ankles, most of them belonging to feet which were either kicking him or stepping on him. This did nothing more than sharpen the natural annoyance and irritability that was found in all of his clan. One day, he decided he’d had enough. The next person kicking aside what he thought to be a small blue rat was quite surprised to find himself picked up bodily and hurled through an inn wall.

Watching this was a recruiter for Acer stables, who quickly decided that Nac would make an… interesting addition to Acer’s stock an approached him. Offered the chance of free alcohol, a place to stay, and a license, even a duty to hurt people on a regular basis, Nac didn’t need much convincing.


Nac doesn’t have tactics per say, or rather, he has only one: Froth at the mouth and charge the largest opponent attempting to separate feet from ankles. So far it’s been pretty effective.

Here's the closest thing I could find to a picture.


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Li Shenron

Regina Goldweaver

Race:		Dwarf, female
Alignment: 	Chaotic Good
Deity:		Kord
Class:		Cleric (6th lvl)	-> UA's spontaneous divine caster

Age:		30
Height:		130cm
Weight:		50kg

Racial Features
Size:		medium
Base Speed:	20ft in any armor
Skills:		Stonecunning (+2 Search, Appraise, Craft)
Saving throws:	+2 vs poison
		+2 vs spells and spell-like abilities
Languages:	Common, Dwarven
Favored class:	Fighter
Special:	Darkvision 60ft
		+4 to resist bull rush and trip
		+1 attacks vs orcs and goblinoids
		+4 dodge AC vs giants

Base Abilities (32-point buy)
Strength	16 (+3)		Intelligence	10 ( 0)
Dexterity	14 (+2)      	Wisdom		15 (+2)
Constitution	16 (+3)		Charisma	8 (-1)

note on point-buy:
Str - 10 points
Dex - 6 points
Con - 6 points
Int - 2 points
Wis - 6 points + 1 @lv4
Cha - 2 points

Initiative	+2
BAB		+4
Attacks (melee)	Orc double axe (two handed) +8 damage 1d8+5, crit 20/x3
		Orc double axe (double) +6/+5 damage 1d8+4/1d8+1, crit 20/x3
		Dagger +7 damage 1d4+3, crit 19-20/x2
Attacks (ranged)Javelin +6 damage 1d6+3, crit 20/x2, range 30ft
		Dagger +6 damage 1d4+3, crit 19-20/x2, range 10ft
Armor		Breastplate +5, max dex +3, acp -4
AC		17 (10 + 2dex + 5armor), touch 12, flat-footed 15
ACP		-4
ST		Fort	+5 +3con = +8
		Refl	+2 +2dex = +4
		Will	+5 +2wis = +7
Hp		8 + 5d8 (50%) + 18 (Con) = 46

Weapon prof.	All simple weapons
		Orc Double Axe
Armor prof.	All armors and simple shields

Feats:		Nonlethal fighting, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Orc double axe), Two-Weapon Fighting

Languages:	Common, Dwarven

Skills:		Climb			+3		acp
		Jump			+3		acp
		Swim			+3		acp x2

		Balance			+2		acp
		Escape Artist		+2		acp
		Hide			+2		acp
		Move Silently		+2		acp
		Ride			+2
		Use Rope		+2

		Concentration		+3	+8*

		Appraise		(0)
		Craft			(0)
		Forgery			0
		Knowledge (Religion)	0	+4*
		Search			0
		Spellcraft		0	+2*

		Heal			+2	+4*
		Listen			+2
		Sense Motive		+2
		Spot			+2
		Survival		+2

		Bluff			-1
		Diplomacy		-1
		Disguise		-1
		Gather Information	-1
		Intimidate		-1
		Perform			(-1)

		*tot points spent = 18

Domain powers:	Strength: +6 enh to Str as a free action for 1 round, 1/day (Su)
		Luck: 1 reroll per day

Turn Undead:	2/day, check d20-1, turning "damage" 2d6+5

Spells:		0th	6/day		DC 12
		1st	4+1/day		DC 13
		2nd	4+1/day		DC 14
		3rd	3/day		DC 15

Spells known:	0th	Create Water
			Purify Food and Drink
			Cure Minor Wounds

		1st	Enlarge Person (Strength)
			Entropic Shield (Luck)
			Cure Light Wounds
			Divine Favor
			Shield of Faith

		2nd	Bull's Strength (Strength)
			Aid (Luck)
			Lesser Restoration

		3rd	Magic Vestment (Strength)
			Protection from Energy (Luck)
			Cure Serious Wounds

Equipment (13000gp):
		+1 Thundering Orc double axe (8660gp)
		Javelin (20x1gp)
		Dagger (2gp)

		Breastplate (200gp)

		Handy Haversack (2000gp)
		Horn of Fog (2000gp)

		Explorer's Outfit (free)

		Spell Component Pouch (5gp)
		Wooden holy symbol (1gp)
		Belt Pouch (1gp) with Trail Ration (3x0,5gp) and Soap (0,5gp)
		Waterskin (1gp)*
		Torch (3x1cp)*
		Caltrops (2x1gp)*
		Sack (empty) (1sp)*
		Hempen rope (1gp)*
		Miner's pick (3gp)*
		Flint and steel (1gp)*
		Fishing net (4gp)*
		Bedroll (1sp)*
		Whetstone (2cp)*
		*in haversack

		the rest is in a few spare coins and about 100gp worth of minor gems

Appearance:	Regina is a powerful-built young female dwarf, with her physical fitness
		very well kept. She has tanned brown skin, thick blond hair always kept
		in foot-long traces, golden brown eyes, and a few nose freckles. Her
		body spots some occasional scar on the arms and the legs, as well
		as a couple of small bodypainted pictures or piercing tied to her religion.

Personality:	Regina is quite hot-tempered, gruff and often abrasive in conversation,
		and for some reason doesn't like comments about her freckles, but
		very brave and generous and good-hearted	at her core.
		Life is for her a quest for action, and fighting for a good cause is her
		duty. When there's noserious cause to fight for, looking for it becomes
		the quest. Together with courage and braveness, she valors friendship
		and freedom above all else. Although always a bit temperamental,
		she has a very optimistic personality.
		In time between adventures, apart from brawling with her friends, she
		enjoys revelry nights with exotic food and rivers of ale, and is always
		keen in visiting festivals with sports, juggling and funny performances
		from occasional bards.
		She is looking forward for an exciting and possibly heroic life, but she
		also wishes to have a few children sooner or later, and already
		dreams of them becoming even more brave than herself. Only she
		seems to had a hard time finding a candidate father yet, and it doesn't
		especially help that she finds bearded people really unattractive.

Background:	Born from a large family of fine gemcutters and jewelry artisans, Regina
		wasn't very talented for the family business, and spent most of the
		times with older dwarven fighters.
		Her specific dwarven clan was very open to other cultures, and
		soon young Regina embarked herself in hunting and adventuring
		with humans and others, usually in very mixed groups.
		On her best adventure so far, which culminated with her challenging
		an orc chieftain to a one-on-one fight, she helped her land to get rid
		of a savage orcish tribe, and won what is now her signature
		weapon, the chieftain's magic orc double axe, which she is learning to
		The small horn of fog always strapped to her armor is an old gift from
		the other few priests of Kord of her dwarven community given to her
		when she reached the adult age.
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Loopmotten Scheppen the First

Loopmotten Scheppen the First

Male Human (mirrorcursed)
Barbarian 1/Battle Sorcerer 5
Chaotic Good

Size: M (6'2", 194 lb.)
HD: 1d12+4 plus 5d8+20
HP: 58/76 raging
Initiative: +0
Speed: 40 ft.
AC: 6 (-2 Dex, -1 Vulnerable, -1 Aggressive)
BAB: +4
XP: 15,000 / 21,000 for level 7


Str: 16 (+3) [10 pts]
Dex: 6 (-2) [-2 pts]
Con: 18 (+4) [8 pts + 4th level + +2 item]
Int: 16 (+3) [10 pts]
Wis: 8 (-1) [0 pts]
Cha: 14 (+2) [6 pts]


Baatorian green steel falchion +8/+11 raging (2d4+5/+10 raging, 18-20/x2)


Fort: +6/+9 raging (+3 base)
Ref: +3 (+1 base)
Will: +5/+7 raging (+4 base)

Skills: bonus [ranks]

Bluff +7 (5 C)
Climb +7 (4 C)
Diplomacy +6.5 (2 cc + 2.5 cc)
Intimidate +11 (4 C + 5 C)
Jump +11 (4 C)
Knowledge(the Planes) +7.5 (2 cc + 2.5 cc)
Perform(oratory) +6.5 (2 cc + 2.5 cc)
Spellcraft +8 (5 C)
Swim +7 (4 C)
Survival +3/+5 other planes (4 C)


Lightning Reflexes (for Meager Fortitude)
Cleave (for Vulnerable)
Power Attack (Human Bonus)
Reckless Offensive (1st Level)
Reckless Rage (3rd Level)
Arcane Strike (6th Level)

Racial Abilities:

Bonus feat at 1st level
4 extra skill points at 1st level
1 extra skill point every level after 1st

Class Abilities:

Fast Movement
Rage (1/day +6 Str, +6 Con, +2 Will save, -4 AC, 10 rounds)
Summon Familiar

Spells (5/6/4 per day; 5/3/1 known): 0-level - dancing lights, flare, ghost sound, glittering razors, thunderhead; 1st-level - enlarge person, magic missile, true strike; 2nd-level - pyrotechnics




Baatorian green steel falchion (2400 gp) [8 lbs.]

Bracers of the Rhino (2000 gp) [2 lbs.]
Vest of Resistance +2 (4000 gp) [3 lbs.]
Amulet of Health +2 (4000 gp) [1 lb.]

4 Potions of Cure Light Wounds (200 gp) [0.5 lbs.]
Scroll of Bear's Endurance (150 gp) (0.5 lbs.)
Scroll of Grease (0.25 lbs.)
Scroll of Obscuring Mist (2) (0.5 lbs.)

razorwire vest (3 lbs.)
sleeveless cream-colored robe, matching loose-fitting pantaloons (6 lbs.)
spell component pouch (2 lbs.)
3 flasks alchemist's fire (3)
2 tanglefoot bags (8 lbs.)
3 sunrods (3 lbs.)
3 bags of caltrops (6 lbs.)

27 gp, 17 sp, 34 cp

46.75 lbs. carried / 76 lbs. light load


Loopy is a tall man of wiry strength, somewhat incongruously because he's very strong and not very dexterous. His usual costume is a cream-colored sleeveless robe worn open at the waist and matching pantaloons, baggy enough for hot weather. He wears his blonde hair tied back out of his way, and varies between clean-shaven and full-bearded on some bizarre schedule of his own. He would also tend to stand out in crowd, a tendency which he exacerbates by being both friendly and loud at most times. When he is expecting combat, he dons a specially-made razorwire vest (he hates being grappled) made of black silk shot through with silvery strands of very sharp-edged filament. It does tend to tear up his clothes after a while, but Loopy considers this a decent trade-off for such an efficient fashion accessory. He always carries with him his distinctive green-hued weapon, "Cleavastator", so named because he felt that "Cleaver" lacked the proper number of syllables for a gladiator's weapon. He carries no sheath for the weapon, instead lodging it in whatever inanimate object comes to hand. This makes him unpopular at upscale shindigs.


Loopy's history actually goes back farther than he knows. An archmage of superlative power, Kelleris Fortunesbane, was captured in his own weapon and cast into the void millennia ago by some rather upset deities, and has been looking for a way out ever since. One of his primary tools in this endless but as-yet-unsuccessful quest are the mirrorcursed, souls magically claimed by Kelleris before they are born. He does not control these mortals, however, far from it; he is merely able to imbue them with an enviable sense of purpose.

Loopmotten Scheppen's purpose is simple; to become the leader of a school of combat. This is easier said than done, however, when you refuse to wear armor for any reason and consider lodging your opponent's weapons in your body to be a useful way to get through their defenses. Loopy has been saddled with this purpose in life as the result of a wager between Kelleris and his only companion, a slightly-unstable demigod known as the Jabberwocky.

Despite this ill-starred goal in life, Loopy has developed a surprising dedication to his task, and seems likely to continue to seek his dreams unless some dire fate befalls him first. He has wandered for many years seeking willing apprentices, but has had little luck up to this point. His only notable success has in fact not been (demi)human at all, but the rabid dire badger familiar of a warrior-arcanist Loopy encountered many years ago. The mage was so pleased with the results that he renamed his familiar "Loopmotten Scheppen the Second", retroactively making Loopy the first of the line despite the fact that he has no children of his own.

Now he has come to the mighty city of gladiators to prove the worth of his style. If he can succeed here, he's sure that he will be able to win converts to his banner and fulfill his life-long ambition. To that end, Loopy has spent the last several weeks practicing at the stable he has joined, designing flashy signature moves to get the crowd riled up properly, and practicing his spellcasting so he can provide his own special effects.


Loopy is almost annoyingly upbeat, although his charm prevents anyone from getting too upset with this trait. Always ready to charge headlong into a situation, he relies on quick-thinking more than any innate intuitive abilities to get him out. He becomes grimmer and serious as he suffers the injuries of close battle, however, as the technique that he has perfected to rapidly heal wounds (see Tactics, below) causes great mental strain.

While not a natural leader, Loopy has a tendency to order people around when he feels he knows what's best for them, though only if he thinks he can get away with it without offending anyone too much. The fact is that the blonde barbarian-sorcerer is surprisingly intelligent though, so this advice is good more often than not.

As far as moral and ethical outlook, Loopmotten is chaotic good not due to a systematic philosophy but because he has always been that way - as a wanderer with a generally optimistic personality, life tends to be both ever-changing and good at heart for Loopy. He has a hard time understanding people who are unable to let go of some slight or wrong done to them. Although he gets very worked up in combat, it isn't a bloodlust, more of an exuberance that comes from knowing that you are fulfilling your purpose in life right at that moment.


Loopy is a man of many moods as regards his tactics, but he usually plays combats in one of two ways, the cunning sorcerer or the screaming barbarian, with relatively little interaction between the sides. His choice rarely seems applicable to the battle hand, and tuned more to some internal rhythm. Oddly, the better mood that Loopy is in, the more likely he is to rage and go in for the kill.

A raging Loopy is a sight to behold. He generally tends to lunge into the middle of a group of enemies and try to cut down an important figure there with one mighty blow, and spends the next round promising more of the same to anyone who doesn't break ranks. After a lifetime spent intimidating people into avoiding any falchion-related unpleasantness, Loopy has gotten quite good at scaring off the now-leaderless opponents.

As a more cunning opponent, Loopy tends to favor the flanker role, hanging back with spells until he can pick off a single foe with one mighty lunge, often unexpected coming as it does from someone wearing no armor and playing the part of the mage. Most enemies overlook the falchion, assuming Loopy carries it for show or as a ritualistic athame, or at least thinking that he won’t be able to deal more damage with it than with his sorcery. This is a deadly mistake to make, and Loopy especially enjoys preying on outsiders in this way, proud beings that they are. For some reason he has never fully understood, he has always viewed these beings as enemies unless proven otherwise, but does not enjoy fighting them enough to work himself into a rage.

OOC - Loopy's stats take a bit of explaining. Although he has a 6 Dexterity, this is more reflective of his combat approach than his natural agility. Loopy isn't used to dodging weapons in combat and doesn't have the careful attention to detail required of rogues, but his reflexes are about average (hence Lightning Reflexes). He's also suprisingly susceptible to diseases and poisons (Meager Fortitude), although you wouldn't know it to look at him, Most of his tireless fortitude in combat is a result of his regenerative technique rather than natural toughness.

One other notable aspect of Loopy that is immediately noticed in combat (usually immediately after the opponent notices that his enemy doesn't bother to defend himself in any way) is the technique of instant regeneration he has perfected, the pinnacle of his self-taught style. Though he generally suffers mortal wounds on a daily basis, he has learned the art of diffusing his life force throughout his body, meaning that opponents must do quite a bit of damage to slow him down. This in itself is often unnerving to opponents.

These two pics together cover it, I think. If you morphed one to the other and stopped halfway through, it'd be pretty close to what Loopy looks like. As far as using one for an icon, though - the left-hand one is a smidge closer look-wise, but the right-hand one is much better as far as personality goes. Either one would work, though:


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Edos Galtoras, Elan Psion (Kineticist) 6, Medium Aberration

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Ability Scores
Strength 12 [4 points]
Dexterity 14 [6 points]
Constitution 14 [6 points]
Intelligence 17 [10 points, +1 ability increase]
Wisdom 10 [2 points]
Charisma 10 [4 points, -2 racial ability score adjustment]

Speed: 30 ft.

HP: 26

AC: 14, touch 12, flat-footed 12

Saves: Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +6

BAB/Grapple: +3/+4

Attack: Quarterstaff +4 melee (1d6+1), or masterwork light crossbow +6 ranged (1d8)

Special Attacks: Psionics

Special Qualities: Elan traits (naturally psionic, resistance, resilience, repletion)

Skills: Concentration +11, Intimidate +9, Knowledge (arcana) +12, Knowledge (local - Tarn) +12, Knowledge (psionics) +12, Knowledge (the planes) +12, Psicraft +14 (+16 when dealing with kinetic powers)

Feats: Combat Manifestation, Empower Power, Extend Power, Maximize Power, Quicken Power

Power Points: 46

Psionic Powers Known
1st-level: Detect psionics, energy ray, force screen, inertial armor, vigor
2nd-level: Biofeedback, energy missile, psionic levitate, psionic tongues
3rd-level: Body adjustment, energy burst, energy cone, psionic darkvision

Equipment: Amulet of natural armor +2, backpack, cloak of resistance +1, everburning torch, masterwork light crossbow, quarterstaff, ring of protection +1, 10 light crossbow bolts, 2 power stones with psionic darkvision, 2 power stones of energy burst

Gold: 52 gp

Personal Information

Age: 30
Height: 6'
Weight: 183 lb.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Patron Deity: Zuoken (Demigod of monks and mental powers)
Languages: Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven

Edos appears to be an ordinary young man with short brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. He has a few scars on his face from earlier fights where he wasn't in complete control of his powers. He wears brown pants, a green shirt and a green cloak with a hood.

Edos' psionic powers showed early in his life and when he became 20 years old, he was screened by an elan council which found him worthy of becoming an elan. Edos accepted the offer and underwent the transformation into an elan. However, his parents immediately felt a change in him and cast him out, because they didn't believe he was their son any longer. Edos found some comfort in the teachings of Zuoken and he is now working hard to become a master of mental powers and prove that the mind is a more powerful weapon than the sword. In his search for mental perfection, he came across the city of Tarn and chose to work on his psionic skills in the gladiatorial pits of the city. Having lived there for some years now, he recently got an offer from house Acer that he couldn't refuse.

Edos is a nice guy, once you get to know him, but he rarely talks about his past and prefers to discuss the various tactics that he has used in the gladiatorial pits of Tarn. He believes that only through order can he perfect his psionic skills and has therefore not yet broken a single rule. This doesn't stop him from using sneaky tactics, though.


This was the closest I could get to a portrait resembling my character. I hope it's okay.
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Jules "The Badger" Knight
Male Human Monk 1/Ftr 5
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 235lbs
Hair: Black (dredded)
Eyes: Green
Skin: Brown
Age: 27

STR 16 (+3) [10 points]
DEX 15 (+2) [6 points] + lvl adjustment
CON 10 (+0) [2 points]
INT 10 (+0) [2 points]
WIS 14 (+2) [6 points]
CHA 14 (+2) [6 points]

Hit Dice: 1d10 [8+(5x5)]
HP: 32
AC: 20 (+5 Armor, +1 Bracers, +2 DEX, +2 WIS), 12 Touch
Init: +2 (+2 DEX)
Speed: 30ft
Armor check Penalty: -3

BAB: +5

Special Attacks/Qualities: Unarmed (1d6),flurry of blows(-2/-2);

Fort. 4/+4
Ref. 2/+4
Will 2/+4

Unarmed + 8 (BAB+STR) [1D6+3] x2
Grapple +12 (BAB+STR+IUG)
Hand Axe +10 (BAB+STR+FOCUS+MW) [1D6+3] x3
Dagger +10 (BAB+STR+FOCUS+MW) [1D4+3] 19-20/x2

Dagger(thrown) +8 (BAB+DEX) [1D4] 19-20/x2

Full Attack:
(subdual) Dagger/Handaxe +8/+8 [1D4+1D6+3]+[2D6+3]+[Grapple Attempt]
Dagger/Handaxe +8/+8 [1D4+3]+[1D6+3]+[Grapple Attempt]

[4+human]x4 = 20; //monk (lvl 1)
[2+human]x5 = 15; //ftr (lvl 2 - 6)

Balance 4/+2 [+2 DEX]
Intimidate 6/+11 [+2 CHA, +3 Skill Focus]
Knowledge (local) 4/+4 [+0 INT]
Listen 3/+5 [+2 WIS]
Perform (gladiatorial) 6/+8 [+2 CHA]
Sense Motive 3/+5[+2 WIS]
Swim 6/+9 [+3 STR]
Tumble 3/+5 [+2 DEX]

Languages: Common.

Skill Focus (intimidate) [human]
Improved Unarmed [monk 1]
Improved Grapple [monk 1]

Earth's Embrace [ftr 1]
Two-Weapon Fighting [ftr 2]
Weapon Focus (hand axe) [ftr 4]

Power Attack [lvl 1]
Weapon Focus (dagger) [lvl 3]
Bear Fang Style [lvl 6]

Equipment: MW Breastplate(350gp), Merciful Dagger(2302gp), Merciful HandAxe(2306gp), Bracers of Armor +1(2306gp), 2xElixir of Fire Breath(2200gp), 2x Potion of Invisibility (600gp), 2x Potion of Mage Armor(100gp), 4xPotion of Cure Light Wounds(200gp).

Money: 1610gp

Appearance : Jules is tall and looming. A quiet, dour fellow, he mostly keeps to himself. He keeps his long black hair dredded, and he has a long goatee that is also dredded. His left cheek carries a long pale scar, and he is missing half of his left as he likes to keep it shaved save for a 2 foot braided topknot at the back. Save for his goatee, his face is clean shaven.

Personality : Jules is a dour, gruff man; traits he most likely picked up from his foster-father. He is slow to anger, but quick to do something about it when he is. He generally ignores the issues and troubles of others, and is rarely helpful, prefering to save his own neck. This selfishness often leads to fights with others; mostly hotheads who cannot hold their tongues.

Background : Jules was orphaned as a child, making his way surviving in the streets until he was taken in by a merchant. Fed and clothed, he began to work for the merchant, doing chores and manual labour. As Jules grew, the merchant grew more surly and dour. His love for the small innocent child he once knew, began to die, and he began treeting Jules like a slave; asking impossible tasks, and then penalizing him when they were not met. Jules decided to leave, and find his fortune elsewhere, eventually finding his way into service as a labourer in the Arena. In this new setting, he worked, absorbing information from the environment, and spending his free time watching the games. One night, after the games were over and his cleaning duties had finished, he began to practice fighting, as he often did when he was alone in the arena. This time, however, he was caught by one of the combatants that had fought earlier that day. An ex-monk named "Caleb", he began to teach Jules what he knew. Caleb eventually fell; fighting in the games. Jules, his way lost, left to join the army, and get proper training. Seven years later, he is back, wiser and stronger, to see the games once again.

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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