Todd Lockwood chooses his 10 Favorite Characters...and requests a Poll!

Vote for the character you would most like to see drawn by Todd Lockwood!

  • Krail Stromquism

    Votes: 39 17.5%
  • Zanatose Everhate

    Votes: 18 8.1%
  • Arianna Flamelocks

    Votes: 20 9.0%
  • Jacc Swinn the Swindler Bard

    Votes: 31 13.9%
  • Arlis Duskrider "the Blindfighter"

    Votes: 32 14.3%
  • Balin Cormaeril, Bard and Paladin of Helm

    Votes: 8 3.6%
  • Gratis

    Votes: 9 4.0%
  • Haldiir Kaldeskyre

    Votes: 11 4.9%
  • Talinthas Shadeslayn

    Votes: 21 9.4%
  • T'aria

    Votes: 34 15.2%

  • Poll closed .


First Post
wow great list. Too bad they all can't be illustrated. Anyway I voted Jacc Swinn... what a colorful character.

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Darth Shoju

First Post

OMG...I can't believe I made it this far! There were so many cool characters entered in this contest. And now we're down to the top 10, Haldiir's up against some of the most intruiging characters I've ever seen. All those characters are fantastic and it will be wonderful to see any of them portrayed by Mr. Lockwood. Good luck to everyone, and thanks again Kai Lord, you're the best. :)

T'aria here. I love me some tieflings.

I was considering voting for Arianna Flamelocks, but her description reads like she has a mullett - I prefer my women to be mullett-less. :D

Now why did I not submit a character again? *Bonks self on head several times*****

Liquid Snake

First Post
Cybern said:
In french Gratis means free. Is it the same in Scandinavian ?

It's the same thing on Spanish. But it should be noted that it means free in the sense of "it doesn't cost anything, it's for free", not "liberty".

I voted for Krail because she sounds a lot like a very cherished character I have.

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