Todd Lockwood chooses his 10 Favorite Characters...and requests a Poll!

Vote for the character you would most like to see drawn by Todd Lockwood!

  • Krail Stromquism

    Votes: 39 17.5%
  • Zanatose Everhate

    Votes: 18 8.1%
  • Arianna Flamelocks

    Votes: 20 9.0%
  • Jacc Swinn the Swindler Bard

    Votes: 31 13.9%
  • Arlis Duskrider "the Blindfighter"

    Votes: 32 14.3%
  • Balin Cormaeril, Bard and Paladin of Helm

    Votes: 8 3.6%
  • Gratis

    Votes: 9 4.0%
  • Haldiir Kaldeskyre

    Votes: 11 4.9%
  • Talinthas Shadeslayn

    Votes: 21 9.4%
  • T'aria

    Votes: 34 15.2%

  • Poll closed .

Green Knight

First Post
Balin Cormaeril, Bard and Paladin of Helm

HOLY! I'd COMPLETELY forgotten about this. Can't believe I made it this far. WHOOHOO!

Though it appears the description is cut, which is understandable, considering the weird and long background I had given the character. He was about 40, and to explain why I was playing a 40 year old character, I came up with a background in which he was a much more powerful warrior, but through imprisonment (How he lost his magic equipment) and torment by the spirit of a dead elf who hated Cormyreans, he ended up a 5th-level character, which is at what level we were starting the campaign.

But before said imprisonment and torment, however, he was a 3rd-level Bard/8th-level Paladin/1st-level Purple Dragon Knight of Helm. He had the Learned Feat from The Quintessential Paladin, so he got to add Move Silently and Hide to his class skills, hence his "Shadow" and "Silent Moves" full plate, which allowed him to creep around (Which, along with the draconic theme of his full plate, his acidic bolt firing crossbow, and his whip, earned him the nickname "The Black Dragon" from his troops). He lead a unit of Purple Dragons (A unit which existed due to his Leadership Feat), which specialized in guerilla warfare. So Balin wasn't your standard run-of-the-mill Paladin. He was cunning and quiet and fast and he and his troops would melt away as soon as the damage was done to the enemy (Had I made the character using 3.5 Leadership, then his troops would've consisted almost entirely of Rangers and the like. Learned gives you 3 Class Skills, so the third was Wilderness Lore, and he had the Track Feat, as he was a good hunter. Ranger Followers would've worked well with him).
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Wow... I had two characters make it into the Top 30, but not one made it into the Top 10. Drat. Ahh, well... them's the breaks I guess.

I do like the ten that made it in and find it hard to pick a favorite... maybe later tonight one will inspire me (and yes, this is a subtle insinuation that I can be bought... :D ).

Thanks again Kai Lord for a great contest, it was oodles of fun!



med stud

First Post
Cybern said:
In french Gratis means free. Is it the same in Scandinavian ?

At least in Swedish, but I suppose it's the same in Danish and Norweigian to. It's not a big difference between our languages, really.

Agnostic Paladin

First Post
I voted for Gratis. Too bad no one else is... (The blindfighter sounded interesting too; if I'd known why he's wearing an old bloody bandage, I'd've voted for him instead)


First Post
BigFreekinGoblinoid said:
T'aria here. I love me some tieflings.

I was considering voting for Arianna Flamelocks, but her description reads like she has a mullett - I prefer my women to be mullett-less.

She doesn't have a mullett. Her hair is short all around and spikey on top, sort of like Jamie Lee Curtis.

I'm honored that Arianna has made it this far. She'll have to go compose a song for the occassion, one that mentions all of her worthy fellow contestants.


First Post
I voted for the 'Blindfighter' since there are already enough half-nude fantasy women but not nearly enough male characters.


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