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3PP Release "Toil and Trouble: The Kitchen Witch Archetype & Hearth Magic for Every Witch" Now Available!


Hello all!

If you're subscribers to the Gate Pass Gazette, then you're familiar with my design work such as the cervid heritage and the corruption condition. I've taken the plunge into third-party publishing, and my first release is now available on DTRPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/produc...Witch-Archetype--Hearth-Magic-for-Every-Witch

In this release you will find the Kitchen Witch archetype (to be used with Lars Torgersen's witch class, found in Mysterious and Marvelous Miscellanea--which is currently 30% off this week!), the new hearth magic school with 20 new spells for all adventuring classes, and 9 new magic items. If you want to be a witch who bolsters their allies with the power of food and drink, spells that allow you to punish the tavern bard for playing "Wonderwall" for the fifth time that night, or an ethereal gremlin who is the embodiment of "line cook energy," you will find all of that and more!

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Y’all, there’s some brilliant stuff in here. Jessy has brought both all of her design prowess as well as her sharp sense of humor to this piece.

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