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I'm excited to announce that I've just released my latest book: Torch and Lantern.

The dark is dangerous, and full of monsters. Since the dawn of civilization, humans have sought for ways to light their worlds and push back the darkness. Heroes exploring caves, catacombs, and ruins of buried cities bring torches and lanterns to discover ancient treasure and fend off terrible monsters.

Torch and Lantern is all about how we see in the dark. It includes:
  • A real-world history of human-made lighting
  • How lighting might change in a fantasy world
  • 6 new pieces of mundane equipment, like fungus lantern and glow goop
  • Optional rules for upgrading continual flame
  • A random light source generator
  • 3 new magic items, like the intelligent lantern Obo the Illuminator
  • 5 new monsters, including living prismatic sphere and radiant drake
You can get Torch and Lantern as part of the This and That bundle and save.


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