D&D 5E Toughest Boss Fight Ever


In around 6 years of 5E I think I came up with my toughest Boss Fight. I managed to deplete the PCs resources a bit so this was encounter 6.

6 person group level 6.

Vanthus Vanderboren (Savage Tide Inspiration)

Based of Gladiator/Half Fiend
Half Fiend
AC 20 speed 30, fly 50
Hp 112
Str 18, Con 16, dex 14, cha 16, wis 16, int 12

Saves Wis+6, cha +6
Immune Fire
Attacks 3 whip 2d4+2d6+4 fire damage
Or fire rays (4) 2d6 + 1 whip attack

Very rough stats. The real stinker was I put foresight on him. His bodyguards didn't last long.

The stinker.

Most spells expended
PCs focused on melee, 3 sword and board PCs
I put forsight effect on Vanthus.

I figured with high ability scores, bless spells, avenger paladin ability buffing etc they could negate the disadvantage.

Light cleric did not bless until round 5 or 6. Didn't use guilding bolts. Low on spell slots.

Paladin forget his to use his challenge ability. And gave lots of stupid counter productive advice. Eg cleric switched to sacred flame he was telling them to use toll the dead.

Cleric/divine soul.

Eldritch knight melee focus, 12 intelligence. Forgot to use bow until later.

Artificer: Battlesmith steel defender was dead, low on spells, Vanthus immune to fire. Resorted to using bow.

Sorcerer. More or less out of spells.

So yeah. Each round they mostly attacked, divine soul kept up spirit guardians.

Sorcerer was mvp with wand if magic missiles. Used 6 charges.

Apart from sorcerer the cleric managed to nip Vanthus once with spirit guardians he went ranged after that.

Paladin got lucky with a bane spell but didn't matter after that.

Light cleric started using sacred flame which was clever. Paladin thought spamming till the dead was better.

The occasional arrow hit him but sorcerer magic missiles barrages added up.

Eventually light cleric cast bless and dinevsoul upcast Guiding Bolt rolling high and fighter got an arrow through.

2nd or maybe 3rd time I've used foresight effect on NPCs.

Took them to the edge, made them think. Long fight by 5E terms.

This completed a roughly two month arc maybe more defending Sasserine and killed Vanthus whose been a pain since There is No Honor lvl 1.

Cash rewards
5000gp each
Star of Sasserine medal (expertise in persuasion in Sasserine with loyalists)

One got
Lord title
Stipend (rich lifestyle)

They aquired the Spire of Sasserine medal earlier which provides advantage on social skills in Sasserine.

Battle of Sasserine was a washout, OCs fortified the city with reinforcements from allies.

They fought the Battle of Krakens Cove think Omaha Beach leading a Dragonborn legion into battle.

Elven commander was also captured. Elves are the baddies here. Overindulge d on the milk of the poppy. Commander was a bit crap.
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