D&D 5E Tracking Down Villains (Wizard techniques)

I'm playing a 13th level Divination Wizard and we just finished a major plot arc and have 5 years to 'do stuff'.

So, on top of tricking out my Wizard Tower, Scribing every scroll I've ever made, Finding a NEW AND IMPROVED body to possess with Magic Jar, I need to help the party track down a Vampire.

I have Contact Other Plane and Portent so I can cast this as a ritual at least 2 times a day (depending on my rolls) without worry of going insane. It's only yes/no questions so asking them is tricky. We know nothing of his plots or location although, I can use a map and a grid to narrow down his location.

With magic jar, I could try to possess one of his minions and find out more, I suppose.

I have Scry, Arcane Eye, Legend Lore...basically every Divination spell of 6th and lower.

Are there any other techniques I could use? Any obviously useful questions that I could ask?

We have a very deep budget as well.

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