Trailblazer and Psionics


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Wvlf, how would you fit psionics into Trailblazer? Has Bad Axe put their analytical brains to work on this yet? B-)

Any and all suggestions welcomed, actually. You don't need to be getting rich off of the sales of the Trailblazer pdf to answer.

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Zero personal interest in psionics.

Don't know the first thing about it.

No basis to start from.

Probably do it "wrong" if I tried.

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Psionics, if anything are a little overpowered as is - I'd imagine that with a basic Trailblazer tune-up (skill adjustments, HP at first level adjusted, and so on) that they'd work fine as is. They certainly don't need to be brought up to par, I don't think.

I've got a 15th level Psion telepath in my game, and she's very dangerous. I'm interested in seeing what Dreamscarred Press does with Psionics...


I may be biased, but you might find Psionics Unbound to your liking. It is a complete Psionics rulebook contained in 256 jam-packed pages.


Hi all -
I use Paradigm Concept's Psionics Unbound for our house game. It's the Expanded Psionics Handbook with all the errata already done up (like the Astral Construct is fixed). Plus a few new psionic powers. I however, don't really care for the classes, bcause they are overt for their Arcanis campaign setting. So if you're using the base classes from the XPH, then the PU for the powers and such. Because I have the PDF of the book, I printed it at my college (for real cheap), and added in HyperConcious as well as the Complete Psionics powers and feats. Plus I'm playing an Erudite from CPsi so it helps to have all three books of powers and such all in one place.
I've also looked at the Dreamscarred Press stuff and have been very impressed, but not enough to use it in place of Psionics Unbound/HyperConcsious.
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I've had limited exposure to Psionic characters in games I've been in, but from what I've seen they're not really "overpowered"; they're just _very_ versatile. Since they frequently have something they can do in many situations, people seem to start freaking out about it.

Then again, this has been in games under 10th level; I've also noticed that things really start shifting around and breaking down as levels get higher so it could be that the "breaking point" for being "overpowered" vs "extremely flexible" is simply higher than what I've seen psionic characters in.

In other words, it seems to me that they're kinda like the Warlock. People freak about how "overpowered" Warlocks are but from what I've seen... *shrug* ... not really.