3.5 Trailblazing: An heir to the 3.x mantle


An interesting post on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Trailblazer, Fantasycraft, Fantasy Concepts, and E6

After spending a couple of years playing 3.5 I was quite happy to hear when 4E was announced. While I've really enjoyed 3.5 there seemed to be a lot of things that could have been fixed, but with the system almost completely matured, it didn't look like it was going to be happening anytime soon by WotC.

During the buildup to 4E our group was playing a lot of Star Wars Saga Edition, and everyone was having a great time with it. Saga edition was quietly being used as a kind of test bed for mechanics and ideas for 4E. Later on designers of 4E mentioned in blogs and forum posts that Saga was in a lot of ways a snapshot of where 4E was in its early design phase.

So as 4E approach all of us were quite excited about the release, and we slurped up all the little previews and I even incorporated some of the preview rules into my Saga game. We shared a common idea of, "Finally, 3.5 is going to be fixed, it's going to be a fantasy Saga system and it's going to be awesome!"

As it turned out, 4E design went well past the Saga system in overhauling the game and unfortunately for a lot of us in the gaming group it went too far. For many of us 4E ended up not being the game for us, including myself.

So over the last year I've been paying a lot of attention to what I'm now calling the "Inheritors of 3.5", several different systems that are staying within the gravity well of 3.5, but which are making significant revisions. I figured that after all of the reading and review I've done I might as well give an overview for the local gaming community.
Yeah, you found an older post there.

I like that he reviewed Pathfinder, Fantasy Craft, and Trailblazer. I have all three myself. I agree with much of what he said about all of them. Though the review was more along the lines of publicity for 3.x alternates to Pathfinder.