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WOIN Transform (shrink/enlarge) question


Just a tourist passing your way...
Hi there,

another magic question;
If I change the size of a creature by spell,
does only the melee/ranged defense and unarmed damage change (like explained at derived statistics), or do also apply the changes from the big size table at Monster creation (vital def, actions!)?

Is it intended that, according to the Info at derived statistics, vital def doesn't change for Player characters?

Do I remember wrong or has there been a speed malus for smaller sizes somewhere?

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Just a tourist passing your way...
Uhm... which statistics change while a Player character gets shrunk / enlarged?

I found different Information about size modifiers scattered across the book so I don't get it.


Well, that was fun
Staff member
The derived statistics, including the effects of size, for player characters can be found from pages 64-67.


Just a tourist passing your way...
Ok, so every other size mod is for monsters only - i´m relieved.
I thought that´d be another way to get more actions.

Your magic system is very powerful, especially if one uses it to buff :)

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