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Release Traps, Trammels, and Triggers (FG VTT)


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New Release
Traps, Trammels, and Triggers - Nefarious Devices for 5E
Grim Press

Challenge your players with dastardly traps and puzzles, created for the world's most popular roleplaying game!

Traps, Trammels, and Triggers have over 100 traps (with 150+ more variants), ready to be dropped into a 5E compatible campaign with little preparation. Hinder, maim, or misdirect your players as they charge head-first into a dungeon without investigating their surroundings.

This module contains:

*100+ unique traps
*150+ variants for more game masters to employ
*Story entries for each trap, detailing how it can be used
*Art and tokens
*A complete reference manual to peruse, detailing each trap as they appear in the book

GP TTT.jpg

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