Kickstarter TrashSexy - Raccoon Mayhem RPG Launched!


Ending December 8th!

You’re a Raccoon! You forage the shadows - from the deep woods to comfy suburbs to the tunnels and cave below cities. You and your Gaze pluck snacks, trash and the especially prized shinies. No backwoods barbecue or trendy food truck is safe. But your loot won’t come easy. You’ll need every Trashy and Sexy move you’ve got to face off against and elude your foes. Coyotes, wannabe cowboys, hunting hawks, wildlife officials, territorial trash pickers, and even stranger things stand between you and your prizes. Do you have what it takes? Can you be TrashSexy?

The basic game includes (in self printable PDF or perfect bound edition):

  • 50 Page Book with everything you need to play TrashSexy
  • 1 Deck of Location Cards for easy game generation.
  • 1 Paper play mat for laying out cards during play.
TrashSexy is a cooperative table top roleplaying game about rowdy raccoon mayhem. You aren’t just an average dumpster diver; you are a Racconicature. You walk, talk (to other raccoons), wear fancy duds, wield weapons and use tools. You can also snarl, purr, climb and sneak your way through encounters. Most of all, you are smarter than the average raccoon (aren’t you?). As you gain more Trash points and rewards through out your escapades, you can grow your raccoon over multiple sessions.

Watch a developer interview, artist interview and play through here.

mat lay out.jpg
6 Pack Composite.png


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Greetings and thanks so much! The game at Mepacon was fun but was juggling other sessions and only had a chance to run it once. It will also appear at Philadelphia Area Gaming Expo.
One of the reward Tiers is an online game with me and I plan to run it online a bit once my schedule clears up. Feel free to take a look at the kickstarter and hit me with any questions you have. :)

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