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[B]Name:[/B] Duncan Fergusson (Donnchadh MacFhearghuis)
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Race:[/B] Human
[B]Class:[/B] Fighter
[B]Alignment:[/B] Neutral Good
[B]Deity:[/B] Photus

[B]Str:[/B] 26 +8      [B]Level:[/B] 16       [B]XP:[/B] 128,000
[B]Dex:[/B] 22 +6      [B]BAB:[/B] +16        [B]HP:[/B] 224 (16d10+48+16)
[B]Con:[/B] 16 +3      [B]Grapple:[/B] +24    [B]AC:[/B] 34
[B]Int:[/B] 14 +2      [B]Speed:[/B] 30'      [B]Touch AC:[/B] 19
[B]Wis:[/B] 16 +3      [B]Init:[/B] +6        [B]Flatfooted AC:[/B] 27
[B]Cha:[/B] 10 +0

[B]Saves   Base  Mod  Other  Total [/B]
[B]Fort:[/B]    10   +3     +6    +19
[B]Ref:[/B]      5   +6     +8    +19
[B]Will:[/B]     5   +3     +8    +16

[B]Weapons               Attack  Damage  Critical[/B]
Claymore                +30   2d6+21  19-20 x2

[B]Armor & Shield        Armor Bonus   Max Dex   Check Penalty[/B]
Chain Shirt               +9          +6           -0
Buckler                   +4           -           -0

[B]Languages:[/B] Common, Dworen, Low Abaloseathean, Terran,
           Ignan, Nerae

[B]Abilities:[/B] Deflect Arrows, Evasion, Luck

[B]Feats:[/B] Blind-Fight, Combat Expertise, Diehard, Dodge,
       Endurance, Faster Healing, Greater Weapon Focus (Claymore),
       Greater Weapon Specialization (Claymore),
       Improved Buckler Defense, Improved Toughness,
       Iron Will, Lighting Reflexes, Power Attack,
       Quick Draw, Weapon Focus (Claymore),
       Weapon Specialization (Claymore)

[B]Skill Points:[/B] 95       [B]Max Ranks:[/B] 19/9.5

[B]Skills                   Ranks  Modifier Other Total[/B]
Bluff                       5                    +5
Climb                       2      +8           +10
Heal                        5      +3      +2   +10
Intimidate                 18              +2   +20
Jump                        5      +8      +2   +13
Perform (Weapon Drill)      8             +16   +24
Ride                        4      +6           +10
Speak Language              2
Survival                    5      +3            +8
Swim                        2      +8           +10
Tumble                      7      +6      +2   +15

[B]Equipment                      Cost    Weight    Location[/B]
Adamantine Claymore +5
 of Luck                    67,060gp     8lb     in the Sacred Scabbard
Sacred Scabbard              4,400gp     1lb     strapped to the back
Mithral Buckler +3
 of Arrow Deflection        26,015gp     2.5lb   strapped to left arm
Vest of Resistance +5       25,000gp     1lb     worn under the armor
Mithral Shirt +5            26,100gp    10lb     worn
Explorer's Outfit                -        -      worn
Belt of Giant Strenght +4   16,000gp     1lb     worn
Bracers of Dexterity +6     36,000gp     1lb     worn
Headband of Wisdom +4       16,000gp      -      worn
Amulet of Natural Armor +2   8,000gp      -      worn
Ring of Evasion             25,000gp      -      worn
Ring of Protection +2        8,000gp      -      worn
Backpack                         2gp     2lb     worn
Belt Pouch                       1gp     0.5lb   worn
Silk Rope (150ft)               30gp    15lb     backpack
Grappling Hook                   1gp     4lb     backpack
Metal Flask (spirit)             8gp     1lb     backpack
Waterskin (water)                1gp     4lb     backpack
Block and Tackle                 5gp     5lb     backpack
Sack (empty)                     1sp     0.5lb   backpack
6 Trail Rations                  3gp     6lb     backpack
Iron Pot                         5sp    10lb     strapped to backpack
Crowbar                          2gp     5lb     wrapped in a rag,
                                                 strapped to backpack
Winter Blanket                   5sp     3lb     rolled and strapped
                                                 below backpack
Bedroll                          1sp     5lb     rolled with the blanket
Flint and Steel                  1gp      -      belt pouch
Knife                            2gp     1lb     belt pouch
2 Sewing Needles                 1gp      -      belt pouch
5 Fishhooks                      5sp      -      belt pouch
Healer's kit                    50gp     1lb     belt pouch
 6 Cure Light Wounds           300gp      -      Healer's kit
 1 Remove Curse                750gp      -      Healer's kit
 1 Remove Blindness            750gp      -      Healer's kit
2 Antitoxins                   100gp      -      Healer's kit
40pp 16gp 3sp                            1.2lb   belt pouch

[B]Total Weight:[/B]                          88.7lb

                      [B]>Lgt< Med   Hvy   Lift  Drag[/B]
[B]Max Weight:[/B]            173  346   520   1040  2600

[B]Age:[/B] 26
[B]Height:[/B] 6'6"
[B]Weight:[/B] 240lb
[B]Eyes:[/B] Hazel
[B]Hair:[/B] Brown
[B]Skin:[/B] Mildly tanned
Appearance: Despite the tales that spawn after the Brown Warrior has visited a place, at least while traveling Duncan does his best to look unconspicuous. His mithral armor and shield are often dirty and muddy, his glowing sword is well concealed into an ordinary looking scabbard, with a small embroidered sunburst, and a thin strip of red leather, half hidden in his hair, is the only thing keeping his fringe from falling into his eyes. The rest of his long brown hair is gathered on his back into some rough braids, while his beard, often stained with beer or some stronger spirit, is kept wild and shorter. Under the armor he wears a pair of rawhide trousers and a tartan vest that 's very tough, despite looking rather worn out. The only things that betrays his guise are his eyes, never shy of looking straight at their target, showing all his pride and resolution. In fact, the moment he draws his sword, the moment the lucky star engraved at the base of the blade starts shining, he looks like a different person. He seems to dance with his blade, in swirling movements that seem able to evade or deflect every attack, weapon or spell, with a devotion matched only by its deadliness.

Background: Donnchadh MacFhearghuis was born in a small town, lost in the southwest of the Frontier Kingdoms. This always amused him when he was young, how the same people could find that many ways to divide itself. His father was the captain of the city guards and his mother died when he was three, so he had a military instruction, thinking he would have grown up to take the place of his father. Instead he grew up to find out how the city elders used his father like a tool, caring only about their own interests rather than the town's well-being, and the guards were no better than the soldiers that were sent to fight and often die because of petty rivalries they could care nothing about and that brought no good to their people. So when he came of age, he decided that no matter what, he would have been his own man, that he would have picked his own battles rather than giving his destiny away, and he left his town with no more than what could fill his backpack.
He discovered that he loved to travel, to meet the simple people that lived by their hard work, to listen to their troubles and help them when he could. He used to put up a show with his skill with weapons whenever he visited a new town or village, challenging the locals to sparring duels, and giving them some precious hint on how to better defend themselves, asking only for a few coins for a warm meal, a good ale and a bed good enough for the girls willing to share it with him. He learned to love the life of the road, and the new adventure waiting around every corner.
Slowly, word of his prowess spread, and he found people looking for the Brown Warrior to solve their problems and he gladly lent a hand to those who needed it, and gladly asked for a price those who could afford it. He had many companions, but most of them weren't looking for a life in the rain and the wind, so after a warm goodbye he was again alone on the road. Sometimes he arrived to a town to discover that tales of the great deeds of the Brown Warrior (that's how his name translated in common) already reached it, even some that he never heard about, and he laughed with himself and let them live with their legends.
His many adventures brought him to appreciate the sturdy and honest children of the stone, who forged his armor and shield as a payment for his services, and to laugh with the little and often misunderstood folk of the gnomes, who used the iron from a fallen star to make a weapon for the only tall guy that was always ready to defend them. Duncan, enthusiast with that gift, never carried another weapon, afraid to break the subtle enchantment of luck the gnomes put on it. So the Lucky Star became part of the legends of the Brown Warrior and it still is.

Personality: Duncan loves his freedom, waking up in the clean air of the morning when the dew has yet to dry, then walking quiet miles on a road with no destination. He loves the simple pleasures in life, a golden dawn, drinking a strong ale with some new found friends, rolling under the stars with a girl to chase away both their lonelinesses, putting down some towering beast or evil tyrant and slipping away before glory catches up with him. He doesn't like being stuck in a place, unless he thinks he has something important to do there, and he's tolerant of everyone, except those who think power or money give them the right to treat others badly. He is usually friendly and direct with the people he meets, the respect he'll have of someone will depend on how he acts rather than on his social status.
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