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Traveller 3rd Party Publishing


It has taken us a little while, but we have finally arrived - 3rd party licensing for Traveller has been revamped and is now live!

You can find out more right here: Traveller Licensing

We now have three modes of licensing for those looking to publish their own Traveller material to the wider world.

Fair Use Policy
This is continuing as before, granting immense scope for fans wanting to create non-commercial material. We will be formally adding Mongoose's editions of Traveller to the Fair Use Policy in early 2025.

TAS Programme
This is our Drivethru community publishing programme, and it has been running successfully for quite some time now! Fundamentally, it allows creators to publish their own material based on all current edition Traveller books from Mongoose, including the official Charted Space universe. However, we have made a few tweaks and changes for publishers.

First off, 3rd party publishers going through the TAS Programme will now receive greater revenue. We have changed the percentage received by publishers to 60%, and we will be looking to increase this further in the future.

Second, we have added a new set of templates that will allow publishers to match our new 'Update' format (it is much prettier!), complete with deck plans, sector maps, and all the other bits and pieces you will need. You can find that here: DriveThruRPG

Finally, we have also updated the TAS Programme logo. You are still welcome to keep and use the old one on existing books, but the new logo looks better!

Traveller Compatibility Licence
Are you an existing publisher and want a freer hand in both print and PDF publishing? The Traveller Compatibility Licence will be for you, a royalty-free licence that allows you to publish products that have a direct compatibility with the current edition of Traveller.

Traveller Compatible Logo.jpg

And the Fanfare
From this point on, we will also be taking a more active role with third party publishers, blowing their trumpets and highlighting all the new products that catch our eye so the wider Traveller audience does not miss out!

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