D&D 5E Trinkets and Enchanted Curios table


OK, not strictly 5e, but I figure there is enough generic material here that it might be of interest to some 5e games? The table is about 90% mundane (hopefully with a bit of a twist or interesting feature or side trek seed) and about 10% mildly enchanted.

I recommend rolling twice and using the most appropriate result.

1d100 (roll twice)
A 1 ft, deep red and grey feather. If inspected closely, tiny black writing can see be seen along the shaft. The writing is in a lost language. If translated, it reads “The Seeking of the Sky God is ended.”
A stained scroll case containing an old chart revealing directions to the Lost Ruin of Sulgaard.
A jet black music horn, made of a shell like material, that appears to be in working order. When blown it produces a deep and strangely disturbing sound. If by the water, crabs crawl up onto the shore, drawn to the music.
A single bloodstained tarot card: The Seven of Swords (signifying betrayal and deception).
The broken horn of an Ogre Mage or Minotaur, hung on a leather thong.
Tied up with string are the title deeds to The Hunting Harlot, Port Judewater.
A decrepit, and slightly malodourous, preserved rabbit’s foot on a metal chain. Anyone who keeps the foot for a day increases their maximum Luck by 1 point. The Luck point is lost if the owner is separated from the lucky foot.
An intricate eyeglass shaped in the likeness of a yellow cat’s eye.
Three small crystal vials of what appear to be red blood. The vials are marked with druidic signs for son, beastman and bird.
A varnished case containing a string of garlic, two wooden stakes and a silver cross.
A fragile black paper fan. When unfolded, the fan depicts two mesmerising cat’s eyes. Anyone who observes the cat’s eyes must make a Luck (Will) save or be subject to a Charm Person spell. Using the fan in this way drains the user of 1 Luck point and requires a roll on the Dark & Dangerous Magic table.
A folded piece of parchment reveals a charcoal sketch of a stunning young woman. A wide lake and a large tree split by lightning are depicted behind her
A dog whistle fashioned of bone. When used at night, there is a 50% chance of a wild dog with a patch eye appearing from the wilderness. The dog is smart, brave, and friendly to the owner, happy to keep watch or perform other minor tasks if well treated. The dog disappears back into the wilderness every dawn.
A six inch clockwork knight, made up of patchwork metal parts. If wound, the knight shuffles forward about 10 ft, whirring and clicking, before making a single strike with his miniature sword.
A purple silk scarf, bearing the insignia of House Ortesia.
A wide leather belt with a studded bronze buckle. One of the studs opens a secret compartment in the buckle (50%) or releases a two inch buckle blade (50%).
An iron wrought rose of spectacular craftsmanship.
An envelope, wax sealed with the mark of Lady Farris, the infamous Tax Collector of Weatherbrund.
Folded parchment containing the notes to a whimsical tune. If hummed, sung or played on a wind instrument, there is a 50% chance of handful of butterflies surrounds the musician. The butterflies depart when the tune ends.
A painted toy boat, in excellent condition. A single child figurine steers the ship. There is space for a second figurine, but it appears to be missing.
Tucked away in a water proof satchel is a sea blue masquerade mask, with a slim wooden handle.
A small, nickel edged book with a hummingbird motif lock. If successfully unlocked, the book contains hand written essays on avian husbandry and training by the reputable (and deceased) Falconer Kothmai, of considerable worth to the right collector.
Fossilized tree sap encasing a six inch dragonfly with elongated tentacles instead of mandibles.
A hemp sack contains two ft length of reinforced, silvered chain, attached to silvered manacles.
A completely sealed, six inch oak barrel, with sloshing liquid inside.
An impeccable leather carry case marked with the twin moons sigil of the Aegir Brotherhood. Inside are the pieces of an exquisitely crafted miniature crossbow. Assembling the crossbow takes 1 minute. Three needle like bolts with tiny poison compartments are set into the lid (60 ft range, silent, 1d2 damage + poison).
An incredibly heavy, bronze like cube, with alien hieroglyphs marking each side. If the hieroglyphs are pressed in a particular order (requiring a successful Intelligence check), the cube resonates a low frequency thrumming, causing all creatures within 20 ft (excluding the user) to make a Luck (Will) save or suffer a minor madness. Each time the cube is used, the order of hieroglyphs changes, requiring an Intelligence check to decipher.
The serrated tooth of a Bulette (or similar creature), fashioned into a scary looking knife.
A counterfeit coin of the local currency, weighted to favour one side (70% chance of coming up heads). The replica is a perfect copy, apart from the weight, which can be detected by handling the coin and making an Intelligence check.
A tiny gilded cage with a spotted moth inside, and an apothecary dropper filled with nectar. If the moth is released underground, it unerringly flies towards the nearest surface exit. If offered nectar, the moth will happily follow the adventurer, returning to the cage to rest or for protection against predators.
A copper ring with a flat shield motif, polished to a mirror like state.
A fine hide throat collar with bone studs. Once every 1d4 days, the user may press one of the studs to magnify their voice up to 10 times as loud for a few seconds. The enchanted voice may be modified in pitch, and/or accompanied by the sound of distant thunder, lightning or high winds.
A strange yellow candle of foul smelling wax. Inscribed on the bottom of the candle is a single word: the adventurer’s surname.
An apparently empty glass jar with a whitewood lid. Any attempt to twist the lid loose is immediately met with a loud hissing noise, as if the jar is under extreme pressure. If thrown, the bottle explodes in 10 ft radius for 3d6 damage.
This corpse has a map tattooed on its back. The map is in an ancient and obscure language. If translated, the map reveals the secret location of the Tower of Urodir.
A secure, enamelled box, bound with silver cord. Inside is a purple seedling growing a single golden leaf. An Intelligence (Wilderness Lore) check reveals the plant is Goldenward, long thought to be extinct. Some records suggest it can be made into a special tonic with protective properties.
A multi-coloured gemstone of curious origin. No stone dealer alive is able to identify it.
In a small pouch is a tuft of thick, dark brown hair, bound with string. Over the next few days, hair towards the centre of the tuft seems to grow slightly longer. The hair is from a lycanthrope, and might be a valuable potion or medical ingredient.
A sturdy hide pouch sewn shut with strong fishing line. Something small wriggles inside.
A spare boot stuffed with straw. If the boot is emptied, a dark green, scaled egg is found. The egg is about the size of a child’s fist, and is warm to the touch.
A promissory note to Ms Lorthe Toureme, entitling her to “three of the finest racing steeds of Vervagen Steeds & Tannery.”
A very ancient and ornate bronze oil lamp, badly tarnished and in need of a thorough clean up. From time to time, the lamp seems to creak of its own accord.
A crimson envelope bearing a white star sigil. Inside is a fine piece of folded parchment in a rare language. If translated, it reads: Alive as thee but absent breath Cold in life as we’art in death Always a thirst we ever drink Clad in mail but never clink[1]
Wrapped in a gold handkerchief is a red bamboo Chinese finger puzzle patterned with white stars. Suspended in the middle of the puzzle is a small, fluffy feather.
A small velvet bag with a tiny padlocked draw chain. If opened, the bag contains the varnished skull of a human baby.
A false eye (either in a pocket or the corpse’s replacement eye). The iris snaps open to reveal a small secret compartment.
A gold coloured pill box depicting a single cat on the lid. Inside are the shadows of eight cats. If the owner fails an All Dead or Mostly Dead check, the failure is automatically turned into a success. The next time the owner attempts to locate the box, it cannot be found.
Wrapped in a clean linen cloth are three ordinary looking acorns. Sewn into the corner of the cloth are the words High Aldwin.
A wine case containing a bottle labelled Rowfred’s Finest Red, depicting a cheery bald fellow, raising his glass with a sly wink. There is a 50% chance the wine has been poisoned.
One half of a white gold two halves heart necklace. Inscribed on the back are the words Till next we meet.
A pair of fine, leather gloves, black in colour. The right glove has six fingers.
A cold iron cage lantern, with no oil reservoir or candle spike. The oversized handle ring has a broken chain link attached to it. The lantern is inscribed with runes of holy abjuration.
A small book entitled Path to Forgiveness, edged in gold filigree. Inside, some pages have been cut away to insert a small gold ingot and a handwritten note, stating “As agreed, three more once Jarl Khoral is crow pickings.”
An antique crystal perfume dispenser with a hose and squeeze pump. The crystal reservoir is overlaid by a pewter octopus with human eyes. A green liquid can be seen inside.
A small cane box with the words “Eat Me” imprinted on small nickel plate set into the top. Inside is a small iced cake.
A polished jet black orb that reflects nothing, wrapped in cloth. If the orb is revealed within 2 ft of a small flame, such as a torch or lantern light, the flame is extinguished and the orb grows warm for 1d4 hours. Larger fires such as a campfire have a 50% chance of being extinguished. Magical fire, or fires of humanoid size or greater are unaffected. The orb may absorb up to 1d4 fires each day.
A cold iron amulet stamped with geometric designs not attributable to any current day culture. Anyone who wears the amulet does not dream.
A small drawstring pouch containing an exquisite, crystal clear snowflake that does not melt.
An ebony ring carved like entwined vines. If exposed to water the ring sprouts tiny green leaves.
Wrapped in colourful braided cord, are legal papers entitling the bearer to a one half share in Delecarte’s Circus Les Wonderment.
A 100 ft coil of giant spider silk rope. The rope is extraordinarily light and strong, with incredible tensile strength and resistance to severing. On the other hand, the rope is highly flammable and burns quickly.
The blackened, clawed finger of the ancient hag Menethorii of the Unseelie Court. Some say the spiteful hag comes for her missing digit every blood moon.
A bronze tablet bound in human skin. The tablet is inscribed in an ancient tongue on both sides. If translated, a rambling account is revealed, seeming to expound the means of communicating with (or perhaps binding?) the demon Uln-Rgaoon, Child of Whispers.
In a cracked, old map case, is a nautical map with co-ordinates to a mysterious isle recorded as Varn Karagoss (translation Place of Ending). The island is many leagues to the distant north, and is surely encased in snow and ice. The island does not appear on contemporary maps, but is referenced in some rare texts as a burial ground for ancient giant kin.
A crystal bracelet fashioned in a fog motif, with three animal charms attached: a bird, a wolf and an octopus. There are links for two other charms, but they are missing.
A brass bicep bracer with an Efreet motif. Anyone that wears the bracer for 24 hours becomes immune to fire, including magical fire, as long as the bracer is worn.
A lightweight wooden case containing a luxurious feather quill. Two small bottles of ink are also set into the case. The first ink is a faint brownish yellow, and smells like bile. The second is congealed blood.
A hand sized ball of parchment tied up with string. If the string is removed, and the many parchment layers unwrapped, at the centre is a pinch of bright yellow sulphur.
A fine ring case festooned with silver filigree, but with no ring inside. A false bottom reveals a coin sized, obsidian disk, depicting a black raven with three eyes.
A pair of plain black leather gloves. Across the back of the left glove is concealed a very flat skeleton key/lockpick of incredible workmanship.
A tarnished gold anklet chain with three tarnished charms: a windmill, a boot and a torch. A fourth, gleaming and untarnished charm, is also attached: a sailing ship.
A brass bas-relief, depicting the finder’s father, mother, sibling, or childhood imaginary friend, in a gilded cage.
A heavy eight inch gate key, fashioned of cold iron, inscribed with hieroglyphs from an earlier age. If translated, the hieroglyphs translate to Star Door.
A seal stamp made of dark green stone that is always cool to the touch. The seal is a leafless tree.
A kraken like statuette, carved from blue and white coral.
In a padded pouch is a small, mithril hourglass, filled with a very dense, dark red mist, instead of sand. It is surprisingly heavy.
A tiny opal jar containing two pinches of extremely fine, bright blue dust. If the dust is sprinkled on a non-magical object, it forms into an exact, permanent copy.
A thick journal bound in grubby fur, filled with awful, highly disturbing sorcerous ramblings. Anyone who studies the journal intently (taking a number of days, if not weeks) may learn to cast one 1st level spell per day, but also develops an incurable moderate madness.
A white veil with a silvered chain. The silvered chain is incredibly strong, and could be used as a garrotte.
An ebony canister sealed with wax. The canister is filled with ash, in the middle of which are a pair of pulsating, purple pods, connected together by slick, black tendrils.
A hemp sack filled with coal. If the coal is examined, small bite marks can be seen on some of the coal. Concealed in the sack is 1d4 Xornlings, diminutive fey that eat rocks and metals. The Xornlings have been eating coal for quite a while, and are ready to move onto something more appetising, like steel. Or gold.
A padded tube holds a small, adjustable convex mirror, connected to an extendable rod (enabling the user to peek around corners without exposing himself). The base of the rod includes a small hidden compartment, big enough to fit a small gem, coin or similar object.
A colourful seashell amulet on a string of dark beads. A friendly, amphibious hermit crab lives in the shell, venturing out at night to eat leaves, fruit or meat. If treated well, the crab keeps watch for the wearer, scaring off vermin or pinching the wearer awake if danger threatens.
A drawstring pouch containing three sticks of green incense, stamped with a two headed monkey. Anyone who breathes the smoke of the incense for more than 5 minutes must make a Luck (Will) check or suffer a minor madness for 1d10 days.
A stout smoking pipe apparently made of lacquered wood. In fact the pipe is made from hardened iron, expertly painted to pass for wood, and makes for an excellent bludgeon. The pipe can be used to smoke, but is very heavy, requiring at least one hand.
A glass jar with air holes in the lid, containing a dozen small beetles and some lettuce leaves. If the jar is shaken, the beetles glow brightly, softly illuminating a 5 ft radius.
A brick. Looks harmless enough, but then, most bricks are. Might be inscribed with the words Mr Brick in small writing on one side (50%).
A two inch lead figurine, depicting a striking young priestess, holding aloft a tentacled orb. From time to time, very faint muttering can be heard coming from the figurine. If placed next to a person’s ear, the tentacled orb animates, caressing the holder’s ear and enabling the muttering to be understood. There is a 50% chance the figurine imparts useful information betwixt disturbing truths mankind ought never know. After learning any useful information, the user must make a Willpower check or suffer a minor madness.
A drawstring pouch of fifty cold iron caltrops.
A scroll of complex formulae and charcoal sketches, depicting some manner of winged flying machine.
Two old, stained jars, containing an awful smelling, yellowed viscous sludge. The mix inside is a unique chemical of rare concoction, producing a fast acting glue effect when exposed to air. If thrown at a creature, a Strength contest vs Strength 16 is required. On a failure, the target is glued to the spot, has his arms glued, his face glued, or some other similar setback. The strength contest may be repeated each round (as an action) to break free.
A steel flask with a safety latch attached. A sloshing liquid can be heard inside. The flask contains a black, putrid smelling brine (diseased; anyone exposed to the smell must make a Luck (Con) save or contract a wasting disease, losing 1d4 Con each day until cured (50%), or a delicious fey honey that increases the user’s Perception and Dexterity by 1d4 points for 24 hours (50%). Either way, the flask contains two doses.
A thick cotton pouch containing a handful of powerful lodestones (magnets). A single lodestone within two feet of a compass produces false readings.
A sheet of tin rolled up into a scroll bound with platinum cord. The scroll must be unwound to be read, and reveals a chronological star chart, annotated in an alien language. If translated, the chart suggests a once in 433 year planetary alignment, the Ark of Phobos.
Mixed in with some coins is a two inch disk of ebony. One side of the disk is inscribed with three intertwined serpents. Those in the know understand the ebony tri-serpent is a symbol of the Six Eyes, a network of informants that sell their services to the highest bidder.
A steel hipflask filled with a fiery whiskey. The brew is particularly potent, requiring a Constitution check to avoid becoming intoxicated earlier than the imbiber expects.
A small wooden box containing three inches of a pearl coloured horn. A small glass bottle inside the box holds what appears to be powdered horn. A person knowledgeable in Arcane lore might identify the material as Unicorn horn, legendary for its healing properties.
A wooden witchdoctor mask, trimmed with bright feathers and two horns made of the teeth of a large cat or other predator. The mask has three painted eyes and a beak instead of a mouth.
A seven inch, primitive cutting blade made of basalt stone. Wide groves are carved into the blade and handle to channel blood down to the pommel. The pommel has been crudely worked to resemble a human heart.
Roll on the Valuables table.

[1] Theriddle answer is Fish.


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