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Troll Lord Games' 5th Edition Goes Print!

Troll Lord

First Post
Greetings from the Dens!

Even as we put the final touches on the massive Castles & Crusades project The Lost City of Gaxmoor, we launch the PRINT editions of our first 5th Edition adventures: A0 Rising Knight and A1 Assault on Blacktooth Ridge (A2 Slag Heap is almost ready for release).

Until now you've enjoyed the digital versions, now you can scoop up the print versions of both these awesome adventures.

Pick up your copies here!

5thLogo final.jpg

But that's not all. We know a lot of you are picking up these adventures but have never tried Castles & Crusades! If you did, we're pretty sure you'd love it! It's been here for over a decade with only marginal changes and it's not going anywhere. To find that out we want you to take advantage of us! Take these coupons and raid the Troll Den Larders! Just want to experiment? You can scoop up the Players Handbook for 10% off, but the more you buy the greater your discount. It breaks down like this:

Spend up to $30.00 -- Automatically get 10% OFF
Spend up to $75.00 -- Automatically get 25% OFF
Spend $75 and above -- Automatically get 40% OFF

It's 2016! Your Year. Your Game! Own It!​

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