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True Believer: what's the real bonus?

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In the case of differences between table and text, follow the text, so it's only +2.
I think +3 would be more balancing.


First Post
Trust me, this feat *sucks*. (It is only +2.)

Fortunately, the benefits of Pious Templar outweigh the suckatude of taking the feat. Other than that reason, I cannot imagine anyone choosing it...


Rackhir said:
If this is the feat from Complete Divine, it's also a pre-req for using one of the "Relic" Item for that god.

And thus saving a pretty penny on your equipment :) It's most useful for a character who creates items with the Sanctify Relic feat. 400 x spell level x minimum cleric level as a discount, damn nice at higher levels. Can we say free low-cost utility items ;) A list of discounted prices by spell level.

1 x 1 x 400 = 400gp
2 x 3 x 400 = 2400gp
3 x 5 x 400 = 6000gp
4 x 7 x 400 = 11200gp
5 x 9 x 400 = 18000gp
6 x 11 x 400 = 26400gp
7 x 13 x 400 = 36400gp
8 x 15 x 400 = 48000gp
9 x 17 x 400 = 61200gp

Two things. First, if you don't use relics than this feat loses a significant part of its value. Second, our house rule is that the bonus is +3 if its use is announced before the die roll, or +2 if it's announced after the die roll.


Hanging in there. Better than the alternative.
If a player of mine took True Believer, I'd have the deity take special notice of the player and I'd introduce relics into my game.

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