[True20] Ad Monsters: Creatures from the Commercials


Demon Queen of Templates
We've all seen them: strange commercials that have even stranger creatures in them designed to capture the imagination.

Inspired by the creatures in those commercials, I give to you the Ad Monsters! Although taken from sometimes silly creatures created for memorable advertising, these creatures are written up with a serious tone and can be used in any True20 campaign with or without a change of name to obfuscate the creature's origin.

First in the series: The Esuvee.

Now your adventuring party can all ride to the dungeon on the same beast!

If you live in the United States you probably saw the commercial when it first came out a year or two ago. If not, you can see it here:


And you can find out more abou this remarkable creature here:



Size and Type:
Large 8th level Supernatural Beast
Speed: 30 ft.
Abilities: Str +8, Dex +0, Con +5, Int -4, Wis +1, Cha -4
Skills: Notice 5 (+8), Survival 4 (+7)
Feats: Endurance, Run, Talented (Notice and Survival)
Traits: Low-light vision, shining eyes, topheavy, trample
Combat: Attack +7 (-1 size, +8 base, +0 Dex), Damage +12 (slam), Defense +7 (-1 size, +8 base, +0 Dex), Initiative +0
Saving Throws: Toughness +10 (+2 size, +5 Con, +3 natural), Fortitude Fort +11 (+6 base, +5 Con), Ref +6 (+6 base), Will +3 (+2 base, +1 Wis)

Tromping over the hillside is a great, shaggy beast. It has a bison-like body supported by thick legs. Its feet are splay-toed and have thick foot-pads like those of an elephant. The thing has a heavy, low-slung head, rectangular in shape. Strangest of all, it has an odd bony latticework where its nose should be, and its round, glassy eyes are shining brightly.

An esuvee is a powerful creature that roams in small herds over the hillside. Like elephants, most esuvees in a herd are cows and calves. Bull esuvees leave the heard soon after reaching sexual maturity and become solitary. They only approach other esuvees during the mating season. Occasionally, a wandering bull esuvee goes rogue and attacks everything in sight.

Esuvees are dangerous in the wild, but easily tamed by a skilled handler. They are strong, able to bear heavy burdens, and can move comfortably in nearly any terrain except swamps. Special esuvee saddles can seat up to 8 Medium riders comfortably. The digestive tract of an esuvee is so inefficient that it requires 3 times the normal amount of food for a creature its size.

Esuvees are herd animals at heart and thus react in a fashion similar to bison. When threatened, they turn their backs to the center of the herd and face outwards, bellowing and roaring. In combat an esuvee swings its massive head side to side, smashing anything it can see. An esuvee can also rear up on its hind legs to deliver devastating blows.

Shining Eyes: The eyes of an esuvee contain bioluminescent bacteria, and at night they glow. An esuvee’s eyes illuminate a cone 30 feet long as brightly as torchlight.

Stampede: A frightened herd of esuvees flees as a group in a random direction (but always away from the perceived source of danger). They literally run over anything of Large size or smaller that gets in their way, dealing +1 slam damage for each esuvee in the herd (maximum damage +20, Reflex Difficulty 22 half). The save Difficulty is Strength-based.

Topheavy: If an esuvee tries to make a 90 degree turn while moving at a Run, the rider must succeed on a Difficulty 25 Ride check or the esuvee rolls onto its side. All riders must succeed on a Difficulty 15 Reflex save or take +2 bludgeoning damage from the fall. A rider failing the Reflex save by 10 or more lands under the esuvee and takes damage as if the esuvee had trampled her.

Trample: +16 bludgeoning damage; Reflex save Difficulty 22 for half damage. The save Difficulty is Strength-based.

Training An Esuvee
Training an esuvee requires six weeks of work and a Difficulty 25 Handle Animal check. Riding an esuvee requires an exotic saddle. An esuvee can fight while carrying a rider, but the rider cannot also attack unless he or she succeeds on a Ride check.

Carrying Capacity
A light load for an esuvee is 918 lbs. A medium load for an esuvee is 919-1839 lbs. A heavy load for an esuvee is 1840-2,760 lbs.

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Demon Queen of Templates
This is a villain I originally designed by request for D&D over on the Necromancer Games forums. He was inspired by a character in a series of surreal advertisements in the UK for Metz brand schnapps.

You can see the definitive advert here:



Size and Type:
10th level Medium Fey (Cold)
Speed: 40 ft.
Abilities: Str +2, Dex +8, Con +5, Int +3, Wis +2, Cha +7
Skills: Acrobatics 9 (+17), Bluff 10 (+17), Concentration 9 (+11), Craft (Alchemy) 9 (+12), Diplomacy 10 (+17), Intimidate 10 (+17), Jump 9 (+11), Notice 9 (+11), Perform (Dance) 9 (+16), Search 5 (+11), Sense Motive 9 (+11), Sleight of Hand 9 (+17), Stealth 10 (+18)
Feats: Armor Training (Light)B, Armor Training (Medium and Heavy) B, Fascinate (Diplomacy), Imbue Item, Power (7)(B), Weapon Training B, Two Weapon Defense, Two Weapon Fighting
Powers: Rank 13, Cha, base save 15, save 22; Cold Shaping +20, Dominate +20, Drain Vitality +20, Elemental Aura (Cold) +20, Heart-Shaping +20 Mind Touch +20, Suggestion +20
Traits: Low-Light Vision
Combat: Attack +13 (+5 base, +8 Dex), Damage +8 plus +3 cold (+3 sword, crit 19-20, "The Sweetened Word") or +6 plus +3 (+3 knife, crit 19-20, "The Sharpened Tooth"), or +3 plus +2 cold (claw), Defense +13 (+5 base, +8 Dex), Initiative +8
Saving Throws: Toughness +5 (+5 Con), Fortitude +8 (+3 base, +5 Con), Reflex +15 (+7 base, +8 Dex), Will +9 (+7 base, +2 Wis)

Beware the Judderman, my dear
When the moon is fat
Sharp of tongue and spindle-limbed he is
And cunning!
But he, though sweet, has teeth, my love,
And sharpened ones at that.
Beware the Judderman, my dear
When the moon is fat

—Ancient nursery rhyme

Slinking out of the wintry forest is a mysterious creature of stature and appearance like that of an elf with white skin and icicles in his hair. His narrow face is twisted into a wide grin of malevolent glee. He is swathed in a sphere of wintry weather and numbing cold.

On nights of the full moon in winter, it is said that the Judderman creeps about in search of unwary victims. The voice of the Judderman is lilting and sweet, and can beguile those that hear it. With kind words and evil spells, he bewitches mortals into following him back to his hoary home in an icy cave. Once there, the Judderman’s prey are treated to a lavish party that seems to go on for eternity. But such hedonism has its price; one by one the wicked Judderman slays and consumes his guests as the others, oblivious, continue in their revelry.

The Judderman is a capable combatant, but detests open combat. If faced with superior opponents in melee, his first thought is of escape. To that end, he fights defensively and even takes total defense in order to avoid being injured and to give him time to find an escape route.

The Judderman’s Drink
At times, the Judderman entices his prey by offering them a sip of a warm, sweet, delicious drink. This drink has the effect of making the imbiber more susceptible to his sweet words. Poison; imbibe; Fort DC 18; initial damage 1 Wis/secondary damage 2 Wis. The Judderman has 5 such potions on his person at all times.


Demon Queen of Templates
This is a creature inspired by a bumper ad for the Sci-Fi Channel.


Imago (1st level warrior)
Size and Type:
Small 1st level Humanoid (Imago)
Speed: 20 ft., climb 20 ft., 30 ft. fly (good)
Abilities: Str +0, Dex +3, Con +1, Int +0, Wis +0, Cha +1
Skills: Climb 0 (+11), Notice 4 (+4), Stealth 0 (+10, +14 in a forested environment)
Feats: Attack Focus (shortbow), Dodge Focus, Improved Initiative (B), Night Vision (B), Skill Focus (Stealth), Weapon Training
Combat: Attack +4 (+1 size, +3 Dex) (+5 with short bow), Damage +1 (short bow, crit 19-20/+3), Defense +4 (+1 size, +3 Dex), Initiative +7
Saving Throws: Toughness +0 (-1 size, +1 Con), Fort +3 (+2 base, +1 Con), Ref +3 (+3 Dex), Will +0

Clinging to the wall is a hairless child-like creature with slender limbs. On its back are two delicate, lacy wings. It has two large, watery eyes and mutters in a strange alien language. With a few jerky, insect-like movements, it takes to the air and vanishes into the sky.

The imagoes are a race of winged humanoid creatures that live in high mountain forests. They have lacey wings like those of mayflies, and their fingers are tipped in fleshy suction cups that allow them to cling to sheer surfaces with ease.

Imagoes are often confused with pixies and other Fey creatures, but they are not faeries. They are curious creatures, but they are skittish and wary around strangers. If strangers wander into imago territory, the little creatures flit about behind trees and through the underbrush trying to get a glimpse of the interlopers without being seen themselves.

Imagoes have a tribal society, living in mud and stick huts suspended in the highest of trees. Although crude, the huts are cozy and can house a family of four imagoes in relative comfort. Imago chieftains are almost always females, mimicking the society of communal insects such as bees and wasps.

Imagoes speak their own language. Bonus languages for an imago are Elven, Sylvan, and Common.

Imagoes prefer to attack from ambush or from a distance. They are renowned archers and are deadly shots with blowguns. In melee, imagoes prefer reach weapons such as spears and halberds. Rarely to imagoes ever allow themselves to get close enough to an enemy to engage in actual swordplay.

Skills: An imago has a +8 racial bonus on Climb cheks and can always choose to take 10 on a Climb check, even if rushed or threatened. An imago uses its Dexterity bonus instead of its Strength bonus for Climb checks. An imago has a +4 bonus on Stealth checks in a forested environment.

New Background: Imago
— Str −1, Dex +1, Con −1, Wis +1.
— Climb 20 ft., flight 30 ft. (good)
— Bonus Feats: Improved Initiative, Night Vision
— Skills: An imago has a +8 racial bonus on Climb cheks and can always choose to take 10 on a Climb check, even if rushed or threatened. An imago uses its Dexterity bonus instead of its Strength bonus for Climb checks. An imago has a +4 bonus on Stealth checks in a forested environment.


Demon Queen of Templates
This is yet another creature inspired by a Sci-Fi channel bumper ad: the Vapor-Lover. In that ad, a reclining woman is seen exhaling a thick mist which coalesces above her into the shape of a man. She then floats into the air with her arms around her "vapor-lover."

Size and Type:
Medium 6th Elemental (Air, Extraplanar)
Speed: Fly 40 ft. (perfect)
Abilities: Str —, Dex +5, Con +2, Int +1, Wis +3, Cha +6
Skills: Knowledge (Supernatural) 6 (+7), Notice 9 (+12), Search 6 (+7), Sense Motive 6 (+9)
Feats: Ability Focus (Ecstatic Touch), Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Power (2) (B)
Traits: Darkvision 60 ft., elemental traits ecstatic touch, gaseous form
Powers: Key Ability Cha, rank 9, save Difficulty 19, Heart Shaping +15, Move Object +15
Combat: Attack +9 (+4 base, +5 Dex), Damage 1 Con damage, Defense +9 (+4 base, +5 Dex), Improved Initiative +9
Saving Throws: Toughness +2 (+2 Con), Fort +4 (+2 base, +2 Con), Ref +10 (+5 base, +5 Dex), Will +7 (+2 base, +3 Wis, +2 Iron Will)

A strange mist rises from the ground, wafting into a vaguely humanoid shape. As the head coalesces, it takes the form of a handsome young man.

A vapor lover is a creature native to the elemental plane of air. It superficially resembles a blob of mist approximately 6 feet across, but it can assume a humanoid shape at will. The form taken by a vapor lover is one that its potential victim might find pleasing based on the victim’s sex and race.

For reasons unknown, vapor lovers feed upon intelligent creatures native to the Material Plane. With but a touch, a vapor lover can sap the vitality of its victim, feasting upon its very life force. The touch of a vapor lover puts its victim into a strange state of ecstasy which makes it difficult to resist.

Vapor lovers prefer to attack lone victims as they sleep. In combat, a vapor lover attacks with its incorporeal touch or with its telekinesis. If it has selected a single victim from among many, a vapor lover prefers to levitate that victim out of reach of any assistance so it can feed at will.

Ecstatic Touch: Any living creature touched by a vapor lover must succeed on a DC 17 Fortitude save or take 1 point of Constitution damage. Once touched, the victim is overcome with ecstasy. Such a victim must succeed on a DC 19 Will save each round or seek out the touch of the vapor lover to once more reach that height of sensation. This effect lasts for 2 rounds. Outside influences, such as companions shouting at or physically restraining the victim provide a +2 circumstance bonus on the save. A creature who’s Constitution is reduced to -5 or less by a vapor lover dies. The Fortitude save DC is Constitution-based and includes a +2 Ability Focus bonus, and the Will save DC is Charisma-based.

Gaseous Form: A vapor lover is composed wholly of animated vapor. It is permanently in gaseous form. Discerning a vapor lover from natural vapor requires a Difficulty 15 Notice check. Vapor lovers attempting to hide in an area with mist, smoke or other gas gain a +20 bonus on Stealth checks.


Demon Queen of Templates
Here is another ad-inspired creature, the Hair Monster! This one is from a series of shampoo ads in the UK. I have forgotten the name of the shampoo, but the little critter in the ad sure was cute!


Hair Monster
Size and Type:
Fine 0-level Magical Beast
Speed: 5 ft., 5 ft. climb
Abilities: Str -4, Dex +3, Con +0, Int -4, Wis +0, Cha +1
Skills: Climb 0 (+11), Stealth 4 (+23, +27 in hair)
Feats: Ability Focus (Grease), Night Vision (B)
Traits: Grease
Combat: Attack +11 (+8 size, +3 Dex), Damage -4 (bite), Defense +11 (+8 size, +3 Dex), Initiative +3
Saving Throws: Toughness -4 (-4 size), Fort +0, Ref +5 (+2 base), Will +0

This creature resembles a small primate, similar to a bush baby. It has six limbs that end in webbed, gripping fingers, and a small tail curls up over its back.

A hair monster is a rodent-like creature that some sages believe evolved in the long, matted hair of dire mammals. Hair monsters excrete a grease-like substance that enables them to move quickly through long hair. In larger animals, hair monsters weave little nests for themselves out of matted, greasy hair and dirt, and can live there comfortably for some time. Hair monsters are insectivores, and have a symbiotic relationship of sorts with their hosts. The hair monsters consume pests while getting some measure of protection from their hosts.

In order to remain hidden, a hair monster can change the color of its fur and skin at will to match that of its host. They are light enough and have so soft a touch that they usually go unnoticed by Large or larger hosts. It is nearly impossible for a host to be rid of a hair monster without using some irritant such as soap or alcohol.

Being about as small as mice, hair monsters are not effective combatants. They flee from anything larger than themselves except their chosen host.

Grease: With a successful touch attack a hair monster can create a greasy coating on an item. Per round, a hair monster can grease an area 5 feet square. A creature passing over a greased surface must succeed on a Difficulty 11 Acrobatics (balance) check or fall prone. On a success, the creature can pass through up to 1 greased 5-foot area per point of success. A creature that tried to pick up or wield a greased object must also succeed on a Difficulty 11 Reflex saving throw or immediately drop the item. A saving throw must be made in each round that the creature attempts to pick up or use the greased item. A creature wearing greased armor or clothing gains a +5 circumstance bonus on Escape Artist checks and on grapple checks made to resist or escape a grapple or to escape a pin. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Skills: A hair monster has a +4 bonus on Stealth checks in hair. A hair monster has a +8 racial bonus on Climb checks and can always choose to take 10 on a Climb check, even if rushed or threatened. A hair monster uses its Dexterity bonus instead of its Strength bonus for Climb checks.


Demon Queen of Templates
Yet another creature inspired by a Sci-Fi Channel bumper ad is the Puddle Drake. I should point out that unlike all the other creatures here I did not write this one. That credit goes to Shade here at the EnWorld forum. I am adding it here because… it’s so darn cute! <grin!>


Puddle Drake
Size and Type:
Medium 6th level Dragon (Water)
Speed: 20 ft., swim 40 ft.
Abilities: Str +3, Dex +3, Con +4, Int -4, Wis +1, Cha +0
Skills: Notice 7 (+10), Stealth 7 (+12), Survival 4 (+5), Swim 0 (+11)
Feats: Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes, Supernatural Focus (Teleport), Track (B)
Traits: Darkvision 90 ft., immunity to sleep and paralysis, low-light vision, puddle jump, scent
Combat: Attack +9 (+6 base, +3 Dex), Damage +6 (bite) or +5 (claw), Defense +9 (+6 base, +3 Dex), Initiative +7
Saving Throws: Toughness +6 (+3 Con, +3 natural), Fort +9 (+5 base, +4 Con), Ref +10 (+5 base, +3 Dex, +2 Lightning Reflexes), Will +6 (+5 base, +1 Wis)

This human-sized creature has a mostly draconic appearance. Its two legs end in sharp claws. Two large frills project from its ears. A trio of triangular fins run down its back, ending in a lobster-like tail. Its coloration is dark indigo, nearly black on its face, while its eyes are red.

Although puddle drakes look incredibly dangerous, their temperaments are more akin to a dog than a dragon. Puddle drakes make excellent companions, and can be trained to perform most tasks that one might train a dog to perform: fetch, roll over, and so forth. They are fond of humanoids, and delight in serving as pets and traveling companions for people living near coasts, swamps, and other bodies of water. Although they can breathe air and move about on land, puddle drakes always prefer to move through water when possible.

Puddle drakes dine mostly on fish, but will supplement their diet with small water-dwelling mammals if fish are scarce.

A typical puddle drake is about 7 feet long from nose to tail, and weighs about 300 pounds.

Puddle drakes do not speak, but often hiss and bark while playing or to alert their companions to danger.

A puddle drake generally avoids combat, unless its master is threatened or it is trained to attack. When it does battle, it uses its puddle jump ability to strike with surprise, using its bite and claws to deadly effect.

Puddle Jump: A puddle drake can travel between puddles, teleporting from one to another effortlessly. This magical transport must begin and end in an area with at least some body of water with a diameter of at least 3 feet. The distance is only limited by the puddle drake's line of sight. Puddle jumping is part of the puddle drake's move action, and counts as 10 feet of its movement for the round. Thus, a puddle drake can swim 10 feet, then jump to another body of water (costing 10 feet of movement), leaving it with 20 feet of its remaining swim speed. This ability otherwise functions exactly like the Teleport supernatural power (rank 9, key ability Wisdom, Teleport +13).

Skills: A puddle drake has a +8 racial bonus on any Swim check to perform some special action or avoid a hazard. It can always choose to take 10 on a Swim check, even if distracted or endangered. It can use the run action while swimming, provided it swims in a straight line. *Puddle drakes have a +4 racial bonus on Survival checks when tracking by scent.

Training a Puddle Drake
A puddle drake can be trained using the Handle Animal skill, but the Difficulty of such checks are 5 higher than that of a typical animal. Puddle drakes are typically trained for fighting, hunting, or performance.


Demon Queen of Templates
Happy to be of service! :D

I'm updating a lot of my old homebrew monsters to True20, so as a fun exercise I decided to start with my "silly" ones first. lol

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