Free Trueland Gazetteer and Hex Map Now Available for Old School Essentials


A couple weeks back we launched the Tales from Dalentown series of campaign setting and adventure supplements with a free gazetteer for 5th Edition. Now it’s out for OSR games by way of Necrotic Gnome‘s amazing Old School Essentials retroclone of BX D&D. It’s fully compatible with a host of games like Labyrinth Lord, Basic Fantasy, Castles & Crusades, and including 1st Edition games like OSRIC as well.

We didn’t just throw in a couple off-hand references to OSR systems. Inside these pages are a dozen fully developed NPC stat blocks and three new-to-Old School Essentials monster stat blocks: the Swamp Hag, the Lich, and the mysterious Whisper Wraith. “Fully developed” means that there are spell lists and weapons, armor, and gear loadouts where applicable. You don’t have to extrapolate what armor an NPC wears from their AC rating; it’s listed under Armor. You don’t have to come up with a customized spell list for an NPC spellcaster or the 12 Hit Die lich, because it’s listed under Spells Memorized. There’s even listings for what might be included in an NPC’s spellbook, if they have one.

Pick up Tales from Dalentown: Trueland Gazetteer for 1st Edition and BX for FREE at or DriveThruRPG!

And if you want to run a campaign here, or just modify the included Western Frontier hex map to your own ends, hit this post to get the Worldographer file and an unlabeled version of the map!


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