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There's a bit of nostalgia for older setting
Unfortunately most probably won't see the light of day.

Not all of them are a home run for me either but all of them offer something with the core concepts.

My thought is using that concept for your own world's. For example.

Darksun. Big DS fan but no psionic rules. Some sort of post apocalyptic game with defiling magic no psionics and restricted races whatever those races maybe.

Dragonlance. War of the Lance, Dragonlances, romance the knightly orders.
But kender, tinker gnomes, gully dwarves, and the heroes of the lance overshadow the world..

Just two examples. So what would you like to do if you could mine a setting for a new generation of players. Note this is a new setting not an existing setting with your changes.

Mostly just to avoid I hate XYX nuke it and do what I want.

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Enrico Poli1

- Old Settings that I'll keep mostly unchanged: Dark Sun (original boxed set), Dragonlance (War of the Lance), Forgotten Realms (Gray Box or 5e lore), Ravenloft, Mystara (pre-Wrath of the Immortals), Eberron (original), Planescape.
Yeah, I think that most of the settings were great at the start, but were hurt in their further development.
  • Settings that I would modify a lot: Spelljammer (I'll merge with a roughly Star Wars atmosphere; plus rules for starship battles), Greyhawk (making it more similar to Gygax' Gord novels), Birthright (I'll rationalise rules for blood powers; rules for Mass combat and dominion management), Oriental Adventures (rebuilt from zero and made appealing and playable), Al Qadim.
  • New Settings: a) I like the idea to play in a fairytale world; b) I would like to play in a prehistoric/mythic world. Or something different. 5e is a nostalgia edition but I really think WotC needs to risk and try something new.

Dark Sun, you could look at the inspirations: Conan's Hyborian Age was briefly an AD&D setting, there is John Carter's Mars, and Mad Max. It's dry, sandy, and equipment of any kind is hard to come by, especially shirts.

Dragonlance without those things you mention is just Heroic Fantasy. You can drop it into the Forgotten Realms and no one will bat an eyelid.

I'm currently planning a campaign where PCs will be able to ride machine-like creatures into battle at a given point, and Jakandor is one of my inspirations.

Chronomancers visiting different time spheres, whose timeline has some changes. For example Jakandor being invaded by spelljammers, Krynn with psions, warders and seekers, or a hollow world, a demiplane as Athas in the green age, but with biopunk lifeshaper tech, incarnum soulmelders and totem shamans.

The Glen

Mystara can be done pre Wrath but tying all the nations together better than the gazetteers did. Can also include Savage Coast, Hollow World and Champions as an easy set of expansions.

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