Turgenev's Friday Freebie Maps


Here is the November 8th, 2019 Friday Freebie map. Click to enlarge.

Map Details:
  • The double white lines on the walls represent windows.
  • Area 10 has a raised platform with a throne.
  • Areas 10, 25, and 35 have statues.
  • Areas 10 and 19 have tapestries.
  • Areas 19, 20, 21, 29, and 36 have pillars.
  • Area 28 has a ladder that leads to a trap door in the ceiling (see area 42).
  • Area 29 has a concealed trap door in the ceiling (see area 36).
  • Area 42 is a rooftop with parapets. There is a trap door in the floor that leads to area 28.

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The November 8th, 2019 Friday Enhanced Map product contains a multi-layered PDF (allowing the options of grey or black walls, numbered or non-numbered areas, and secret doors on or off) and a zip file with all relevant map files as individual jpg images. All for a $1 (US)!