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Turn Order: Warped: Wild West, Xenomorphs, & Back to the Future...

The crew of Turn Order: Warped, the official live stream of the WOIN roleplaying game system, interrupted their normal space opera campaign for a one-off "Holosim" episode this last weekend for their 1-year anniversary. It's an awesome mishmash of genres, combining the Wild West, Xenomorphs, and Back to the Future... "In a special episode of Warped, the crew visits the Holosimulator for some R&R. The visit the wild west to try out a program from Ambassador Keith when Betty realizes that someone else should probably handle the holosim repairs from now on."


As fair warning, this group does use a lot of mature language from the outset. There were some minor technical hitches this week, so in a couple of places the sound stops for about 30 seconds -- just hang on and they're back quickly enough.

It's a long episode - about four hours. As always, the crew begins with about half an hour of pre-game chat; the actual game starts at the 29-minute mark.

You can watch the game on the videos below; or you can listen to it on the official podcast.




Russ Morrissey



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