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Kickstarter Twill's Twist Points: Turn the D&D World to Your Advantage (Zinequest)


Twill's Twist Points is a 56-page zine filled with 25 fantastic locations and rules to bring them to life! Each location has six twist points, unique objects and features that players can use to enhance their abilities and grant them new options in combat. From strange spell components and mystical effects to dangerous nooks and dire environmental hazards, each twist point grants two possibilities to empower your players during a climactic scene!


Along with two dozen unique locations, all backers will also receive rules for discovering and utilizing twist points with Twill Medwyn's very own Guidelines for Apprentice Cryptoarchaeologists! Finally, there will also be guidelines for creating new spectacular scenes and filling them with your very own twist points!

This zine is intended to be used with the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons under the Open Gaming License, but will include advice for adapting these rules to Pathfinder, Fantasy AGE, OSR, and many other roleplaying games.

Check out the campaign at: Twill's Twist Points: Turn the D&D World to your Advantage

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