two and a half questions on careers


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I have 2 and a half questions on careers

1. when a skill is selected from a career, can the be the same skill or a skill from the same category?

2. It is made a point multiple times that you can only have an origin career once. I was wondering if you could share your thoughts or concerns on that and also, can a character progress from one origin into another?

2 1/2. The last question relates to careers but only partially. Is there a rough estimate on when O.L.D. big book is coming out? (since it might answer both of these questions.


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I'll take them in order!

1. You can't take the same skill twice at one time, and yes, you can choose two skills from the same category.

2. Well, because it's an "origin". You can't have more than one origin.

3. I don't give dates, I'm afraid. Too many things I have no control over. It's in layout though.

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