Two Girls in Search of a Teacher

Skyler Shae

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A little girl with shaggy black hair and pop-out blue eyes walks purposely towards the boards. She trips over a chair, but that doesn't make her lose her dignity. She's followed by what, at first glance, appears to be a boy. The curly red headed -boy- rushes forward to help the girl. He carries pen and paper and the two of them climb up on chairs at a particular table to pen in their note.

After many many long minutes of scratch outs, arguments over spelling and a couple ink spillings they finally have their note.

The girl, being taller than the boy, reaches up to pull out a pen..scattering a few other notices on the cork board. She takes the parchment from the boy and reaches way up high to post their note. Scattered with scratch outs and ink blots the note reads as following:

" dEEr paytrons.

wE R luking 4 a tEchr, and wood rElly aprEshAt sum1 hElping us. I, skYlr shA, m luking 4 a poshuns tEchr. and mI frend, sofI, is luking 4 a spEllng tEchr.

plz hElp us.

skYlr shA

eegr pupls.

They both run out of the tavern before their mothers come after them for taking so long.

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The young woman sips the last of her tea before she stands and stretches some. Blue eyes glancing about, she heads towards the boards before departing. Her eyes wander on the posts before she tilts her head curiously at this particular note.

She hmms softly and nods,

.o O (Potential students perhaps... Wonder if this would interest him.)

taking note of this message, she stifles a yawn before disappearing in a flash of blue light.

Fowai Uss

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Fowai wanders past the boards in the usual fashion, whistling a merry tune in sync with the loud jingling of his boots. Upon seeing a new note pinned to the board, he pauses to read it.

After a moment, Fowai pulls out a piece of parchment, a quill, and ink bottle, and jots down a quick reply.
To whom it may concern,

I would be delighted to take on two new pupils, seeing as how I seem to have misplaced a few of my current ones. But, I digress. If you are interested in my offer of mentorship, please leave a reply on the boards, including your tongue color, approximate weight in penguins, and any other important details about yourself you think might be helpful. I look forward to receiving an answer to my offer.

~Fowai Uss, Dabbler in the Arts Arcane and Other Related Subjects
"I wonder why this Sofi person wishes to have a spelling teacher. It seems they are -quite- fluent in Gibberish already..." Fowai muses outloud as he wanders away.
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Skyler Shae

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The odd 'couple' return. The black haired girl searching the cork board first and tugging down the new reply while the curly haired boy pulls out a piece of ragged paper and a quill and ink bottle. They both make camp at a table to discuss what exactly this Fowai guy has written. Some disputes about words before they put the ink to paper in a reply.

In the same messy style as before is written the following:

"dEEr Fowai..

thAnkE 4 ofEring. wE dunt nO wat u mEEn but wE R stil lUking 4 a tEEchr. wE cAn wAit 4 u nE where.

urs rEEly,

skYlr shA "

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