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Two Weeks and Counting -- November 2nd!


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Uh, I would love to see a colour scheme exactly like (or at least very close to) the current 'reversed' default *as an option (skin?)* at some stage. Simply because I've become used to it, and also quite fond of it. Nothing against the 2.0 default scheme per se, and certainly nothing personal against the individual putting in the hours to keep this site rockin' on. :)

Hope it all goes smoothly.

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Hanging in there. Better than the alternative.
Are user-created skins possible? I've never heard of it, I guess, but it's worth asking, right? I've honestly never been a huge fan of any skin on any message board I've seen.

Holy Bovine

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TheLe said:
Those are some very flamboyant colors there. Has a very 70's Goldmember feel to it.


I see a new Unorthadox book in the making! :D

All in all I like the look for EN2. modern and slick and if it runs faster that is sweet sweet news to me.


Michael Morris said:
For the truly daring, yes. And I mean the truly daring (weeding through a 1400 line CSS file isn't for the faint of heart).

You know, that would be an interesting feature. Let each user edit their own CSS file to customize a skin for themselves. I've never heard of that. Not really worth the effort or anything, but it would be interesting.

Michael Morris

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Ok, here's tonight's preview - this is the editting interface during attachment upload. This is where EN2 makes it's biggest departure from vbulletin norm. Many of the sections open in interstatic popups - this makes for smaller page sizes on transfer and faster load times (once the considerable javascript overhead is cached - on the brightside PAM encodes and compresses javascript files which is not normally done by Apache). Some, like the main editor, have ads in their footers (gotsta show ads after all) but they are not the main part of the window nor are they in the way.

You'll note the windows have a see through me glass effect - this is one of the reasons the base colors are so bright - when they get subdued by the cover mask they still stand out enough to be noticed but not enough to be problematic.

The glass is a nice touch - better is the fact that within a few weeks of launch a user control to how strong the mask is will be put in place. The default is 50% black - you can turn it all the way up to completely obscure whatever is behind the interstatial or dial it down to nothing and let the pop up truely float and see through (not sure how legible that will be). Several of the other major javascript settings, such as how fast menus roll out or how quickly fade wipes run will likewise be user configurable though not at launch.

How configurable the set up will be for non-community supporters though is up in the air. Enough of the customizations will be turned on to give you a taste, but not everything.

Most features will be public overall initially for a trialing period before being locked down to community supporter only.

BTW - if you are wondering if the windows open in such a wierd positioning - no they don't. They always open in the dead center of the page. You can however grab them and drag them to where you want them to be on the page. You can even drag, scroll the window overall, then drag some more - say in case you want to read back over the thread and jot down notes without actually quoting.


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Minor question:

Are existing threads going to be transferred to EN World 2?

Mainly I'm curious because I'd like the old Eyros and Aleasana creative exercise threads to still be around, even though they're not likely to be updated any time soon (aside from a bump by me maybe). Elsewise I'll have to just start copying the text of both long threads to my hard drive for later reference. :(

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