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5E Tyranny of Dragons & Elemental Evil Miniatures

Louis Brenton

I don't normally game with minis, but I was pondering getting a set of the 5 chromatic dragons from the Tyranny & EE series to display in my game room. I'm seeking the wisdom of those of you who have seen these minis in person, as I've only seen them online.

In particular, from the Tyranny line, I'm looking at: Red Dragon, Green Dragon, Blue Dragon.
From the EE series I'm looking at: White Dragon, Black Dragon.

From pictures I've seen online, the Black Dragon seems to be on a smaller base than the rest of these minis. Is the mini itself on a smaller scale than the others? I'd like them to be relatively the same size.

Thanks in advance for any help or direction you could provide.

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The Elemental Evil dragons are on "medium", AKA: normal sized bases, the same as any other minis, they are also smaller minis. The Tyranny minis are all on "large" size bases. I have most of the dragons, and they're pretty nice, the Red's wings need a little work thanks to how they're held in the box, but it's not a big deal. The green comes out very nice, but I don't have the blue. I bought the White from the Attack Wing minis and it's AWESOME so I'm not sure how it's different from the Tyranny minis. I got the Shadow Black from the Tyranny minis and it's also awesome.

Honestly they're really good minis. Lots of sharp pointy bits so don't keep them around little kids but good detail and good paint.