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D&D 5E [Tyranny of Dragons] Various DM questions

So, I'm about to start DMing Tyranny of Dragons (man, that book is a true beauty) and I'm going to use this thread to post some questions that come up. I hope it's ok to pile it all in one thread, if not please let me know.

First of, what's up with those "half-black dragon" NPCs? I mean, besides the fact that I keep wondering "half-black? What's the other half colored? White?", more to the point: Are those what we call "Dragonborn" nowadays? I know that the initial two books were produced during D&D Next and were suffering from a few problems as rules changed for the final version of 5e. Is this also one of those?

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Ah, indeed. I guess I could have looked that up myself. ;) Thanks. I will say, mechanically I don't see enough of a difference to make the distinction worthwhile, but lore-wise it seems clear enough. I'll be able to work with that. Thank you :)

Dragonborn and Half Dragon are basically two "different" things.

A Half Dragon is a being whose mom or dad got it on with a Dragon, because Dragons gonna Dragon, and pretty much can walk around while having scales, breath weapons, wings, etc. Your Pre Dragonborn before they were a thing.

Dragonborn, depending on your edition/home brew, are either artificial dragon-lites made from other races or an entire race born of dragons or something.

Ironically it's funny you were thinking a Half Dragon was a Dragonborn since I make the argument that a playable 5E Half Dragon is taking a Dragonborn and refluffing it as one.