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Ultimate Dungeon Terrain


Lowcountry Low Roller
Just finished this crafting project in time for my next session. It took some time (and I made a few mistakes along the way) but pretty pleased with how it turned out. It’s two sided so it can either be a traditional grid or zoned combat.

It sits on a lazy susan so that players can rotate it to get a better angle.


For full instructions check out these videos:
Ultimate Dungeon Terrain v1
Ultimate Dungeon Terrain v2

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I'm planning to give one of these a try to supplement my tiles & other terrain stuff I've made. The relatively small size of most of them puts me off a little - I tend to have a fair number of outdoor encounters that start at long range, fights using hallways as choke points, etc. - but there's no denying the quick setup and cleanup time and the utility of being able to rotate the scene.

As soon as I clear the 3 other in-progress projects out of my crafting area, I'll get started :)

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