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Uncharted the movie



Okay, it looks good, and the Uncharted games are ripe for inspiration / adaptation to the big screen, but seriously, Tom Holland as Nathan Drake? That does not feel like a good fit.

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Movie does look good, but I's say that Holland is about as good a physical fit for Nathan Drake, as Tom Cruise was for Jack Reacher.

Wolfram stout

I think it looks really good. Almost enough to lessen my angst at the delay of the Indiana Jones movie (AGAIN).

Tom Holland looks pretty good as a young Nathan, but his voice is so...Peter Parker...to me that I will have to figure out how to unhear Spider-Man when he talks.


Looking for group
Wow, modern movie trailers sure are exhausting. I'm not sure I could sit through the whole film! Even with Mark Wahlberg & Tom Holland as eye candy.



Hmmm.... Tom I like...but not as Nathan. Tom would probably have been fine...in another 10 to 15 years after he's aged a bit, got some more meat on his bones, developed some grey hair and a couple wrinkles...you know; gotten that "worn-leather bad-assery" look. Right now he looks like, well, a kid. GREAT for Spider Man...not so great for this role.

The only disappointing thing I saw...or rather didn't...was stuff breaking every time he climbs/jumps or otherwise uses something for movement (ropes, bridges, ledges, ladders, etc). There's a reason why I think the nick-name for Nathan Drake is "Nathan Breaks"...because everything he touches, well, breaks. (Jacksepticeye's playthrough on Youtube is where I got that; great playthrough, btw; shout out to Jack! :) ).


Paul L Ming

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