Unconverted generic 1st Edition creatures


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From Expedition to the Barrier Peaks (S3):
  • Android - Construct
  • Robot, Worker - Construct
From Deities and Demigods Cyclopedia:
  • Clakar - Animal*
  • Cthuga's Flame Creature - Elemental*
  • Elenoin - Outsider*
  • Grahluk - Outsider*
  • Kelmain - Outsider*
  • Primordial One - Aberration*
  • Mist Giant - Giant*
  • Myyrrhn - Humanoid*
  • Nihrain Horse - Magical Beast*
  • Oonai - Aberration*
  • Vampire Trees - Plant*
  • Vulture Lion - Magical Beast*
From Conan: Unchained! (CB1):
  • Summonings - Magical Beast*
From Conan: Against Darkness! (CB2):
  • Crawler in the Dark - Magical Beast*
  • Fire Guardians - Elemental*
  • Serpent Folk - Humanoid*
  • Winged Gaunt - Monstrous Humanoid*
From All that Glitters... (UK6):
  • Atem - Humanoid
From Bane of Llewellyn (C5):
  • Bloody Bones, Master - Undead
  • Bloody Bones, Minion - Undead
From Legends & Lore:
  • Peacock of Karttikeya - Magical Beast
From Red Sonja Unconquered (RS1):
  • Drowner - Aberration*
  • Nika - Aberration*
From Tales of the Outer Planes (OP1):
  • Wartle - Unique Outsider

* indicates creatures for which the IP might not belong to WotC
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The thunderherder is in Sandstorm. It's now called an ashworm.
The marut is in Monster Manual (under Inevitable).
The soul beckoner appeared in Monstrous Compendium, Greyhawk Appendix, and is on the Creature Catalog.


Shirokinukatsukami fan
Thanks very much, I'll take the thunderherder and the soul beckoner off the list. The marut stays on though, because the version from Legends & Lore is a creature made from the wind, and not the cuddly inevitable from the MM3.5 :).


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I'm not familiar with the 1st edition guardian familiar, but the Kingdoms of Kalamar adventure "The Root of All Evil" contains a creature of the same name.


Shirokinukatsukami fan
I've just compared the guardian familiar on page 27 of The Root of All Evil with the version in the Fiend Folio and they are clearly intended to be the same creature, so I'll remove it from the list. (The guardian familiar also appeared later in expanded form in Dangerous Denizens: The Monsters of Tellene.)


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yeah, KoK does have some conversions of older monsters which are not featured anywhere else in 3E products. speaking of which, anyone have a list of them? :)


Shirokinukatsukami fan
No, but I can generate one for you:
  • Bull
  • Camel, Racing
  • Giant, Reef
  • Goat
  • Goat, Giant
  • Guardian Dæmon
  • Guardian Familiar
  • Horse, Draft
  • Hound of Ill-Omen
  • Hypnosnake
  • Leprechaun
  • Lizard, Minotaur
  • Pech
  • Piercer (Tellenian)
  • Pike, Giant
  • Poltergeist
  • Skunk
  • Spider, Giant Water
  • Swan
  • Turtle, Giant Snapping
  • Vampire Cactus


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rockin! i personally would still consider those "fair game" in terms of the CC, and/or sending in to Paizo. for example, i don't know if shade wants me to spill the beans just yet, but we submitted one of those to the Wandering Monsters feature for Dungeon and it was accepted. :)


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It means they are non-WotC IP (and therefore questionable whether they can go up in the Creature Catalog).

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