Unconverted generic 1st Edition creatures

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Hi, I'm new to this part of the EN World forums, but I've long been a fan of the Creature Catalog and Tome of Horrors.

I've recently spent some time making notes to convert S3 to v.3.5, including the robots and androids in that module: http://thastygliaxsvault.wikispaces.com/Robots+(S3)

I haven't figured out CRs yet, and there are a few other places that could use some polish. My police robot is slightly different from the one presented in "Return Expedition to the Barrier Peaks"; I compared the d20 Future SRD with original module and made a few changes. Where possible, I simplified the stat blocks by translating tech items into D&D-speak. (You'll still need REttBP for the weapons converted there.)

For a full list of my monster conversions for S3, see this page: http://thastygliaxsvault.wikispaces.com/S3+Expedition+to+the+Barrier+Peaks+(monsters)


Welcome aboard!

As for your conversion's Challenge Ratings, let's see...

The Androids look about a CR 4, mainly because of their low damage. A pair of 1d4 slams isn't very impressive. The "fighting models" like the fencer are nastier though, maybe a 5. If they were wielding high-tech alien weaponry they should pose a more dangerous challenge, of course.

The Police Robot is tougher than your proposed CR 6 - it's got a ranged touch paralysis attack, a laser, grab & constrict tentacles, a grenade launcher with concussion grenades, DR 5/- and can fly. It looks somewhere about CR 7-8 to me.

The Medium Worker Robot seems about a CR 3 - it's roughly as nasty as the SRD's Large Animated Object. The Large version is a lot more powerful, probably about CR 5. It'd probably be a CR higher if their telekinesis power allowed Combat Maneuvers.

Incidentally, there's an old thread on this board where VorpalBunny posted some conversions of the S3 creatures - see here.


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Although "humans", these may be just different enough to deserve a conversion...

MOVE: 6"
HIT DICE: 1d10
% IN LAIR: 15%
DAMAGE/ATTACK By weapon type
ALIGNMENT Lawful Neutral
SIZE: Small (4'+ tall)
Attack/Defence Modes: Nil

The Hek are small humans. In the years following the Cataclysm they adapted to the harsh conditions of the Ash Mire. They are short and stocky. Body temperature is high (110F). To prevent water loss from sweating, they coat their bodies with a waxy substance derived from the roots of the epycott plant. They are able to survive on only a pint of water a day.

The Hek are obsessed with water. To them it symbolises life, wealth and power. Certain Hek females are able to sense and locate water up to a mile away. These diviners are also able to sense the casting of spells such as create water or create food and water, from up to 5 miles away.

The Hek live in small tribal groups consisting of:

1 7th level fighter-leader
2-3 5th level fighter-lieutenants
20-40 1st level fighter-tribesmen
1-2 0 level female diviners
20-30 0 level females
10-15 0 level young

While in the Ash Mire each Hek will carry 2 days' water in a beautifully fashioned bone and hide water bottle.

The warriors of Hek tribes are all skilled riders of giant striders, and their skill with their weapons gives them +1 on their "to hit" rolls.

The Hek speak their own language, but leaders and licutenants also speak an archaic form of the common tongue.

The Epycott Plant: the Hek survive in the Ash Mire by collecting the roots of the epycott plant. This is a hardy plant that grows only in the Ash Mire. It has a vigorous root system that extends over many miles beneath the dust. At sporadic intervals the roots push towards the surface where bushes sprout rapidly. The bushes live for only a few days before being shrivelled by the sun. During this time the Hek locate the bushes, dig down and harvest the roots.

The roots are pounded to separate fibres from the hard outer skin, leaving the mushy flesh and a waxy juice. The fibres are used to produce clothing, footwear and tents. The flesh is used to feed the Hek's underground fungus gardens and their giant striders. The juice is used as body wax which after a few hours exposure to the air, begins to smell very unpleasant to any non-Hek.

Originally appeared in UK6 – All That Glitters (1984).


Although "humans", these may be just different enough to deserve a conversion...

Well they're Small, for a start, which isn't standard human size.

Come to think of it there are several versions of "Pygmy" human tribesfolk in D&D. If we do these we'll be converting them next. :confused:


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They've also got the racial bonus on attack rolls and riding giant striders, and that water divining ability of the females.

Also, I started this in the wrong thread! :blush:

I'll move what we've got so far to the "Converting First Edition..." thread where it belongs.

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