Unconverted Plants


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Fungi and molds
Fungus Vermeil [Savage Coast Monstrous Compendium Appendix]

Other potential plants
Carapace [Monstrous Compendium Annual Four]
Gadabout [Monstrous Compendium Spelljammer Appendix II]
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I rembember that Boz did a conversion of the giant polyp on the Creature Catalog forums a few years ago, but never posted it to the CC because nobody else liked it.

How is the topiary plant different from the topiary guardians from MMIII?


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It isn't terribly different, but does have a shapechanging ability which the MMIII versions lack...

Topiary Plant
Here is an oddity among the wilds, a small thorny bush trimmed to resemble a dog. This is actually a living creature and if the party looks away, when they look back the bush appears to have moved, although at the moment it is motionless.
This is a topiary plant, a strange scavenger that can adopt the shape of anything it consumes, gaining 1 hit point per hit die of its prey, The plant's hit dice equal one-fourth of its hit points. A topiary plant may grow no larger than 0 [sic] hit dice. It takes one turn for a topiary plant to alter its shape. This plant is non-aggressive, preferring dead prey to living. Its thorns exude a weak poison (save at +4 to avoid its effects).
Any druid with a speak with plants spell may befriend this plant for one day.


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After looking through the lot of 'em, I'd recommend reclassifying the following as hazards:

Amber Lotus [Savage Coast Monstrous Compendium Appendix]
Chromatic Mold [Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Four]
Deep Mold [Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Two]
Lure Lichen [Adventure Pack I (I13)]
Purple Lichen [Dungeon #81]
Razorweed [Dungeon #1]
Razorvine [Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix II]

And these two probably fall more under "Alchemical Items/Equipment":
Moonflower [Night Howlers (PC4)]
Wolfsbane [Night Howlers (PC4)]

A few others could possibly go either way, but we can review 'em on a case-by-case basis as their conversion number is called. ;)


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Updated. I had four more marked as likely hazards: cushion fungus, death mold, explodestool and gray mold.

I've also added the vampire vine and the silver slime to this list, because I'd somehow managed to overlook them previously. That said, the silver slime might be an ooze instead of a plant, in which case I have a vague recollection that that might have already been converted.


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Would you mind posting stats for the vampire vine?

As for the silver slime, you might be thinking of the silver silatic we created that was only rumored in the original silatic writeup.


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So does that mean the silver slime remains unconverted? Here's the vampire vine:

Vampire Vine
Armor Class -- 8
Move: 0
Hit Points: 50
Magic Ability: (see below)
Fighter Ability: 10th Level

A vine with pointed leaves, crimson blossoms, and the ability to plant itself in the most severe environments. It grabs its victims and immediately begins to suck the blood out of them. This plant goes one step further in its play for survival in that it puts the victims in a stasis which keeps them alive. The plant can keep up to 4 being at the same time.


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I think I decided that it was too complicated to be an ooze.

The silver slime is an artificial life form created by the Arcane, and it has a three phase life cycle: colony of amoeba-like blobs; slug-like aggregate creature called a "plasmodium" and then a stalked tree-like structure with fruiting bulbs. In the ecology section it is delightfully described as "a weird collective life form [that] functions as scavenger, repairman, and air freshener".

I think that given their similarity to slime molds and other fungi, plant is probably the best D&D fit. Even though, of course, fungi aren't really plants at all.


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Thorn Ogre [Sylvan Veil]
Vampire Vine [Supplement IV: Gods, Demigods, Heroes]


Where's the conversion of the Chromatic Mold (and it's auditory cousin the Sonic Mold)?

If we haven't done them yet, we ought to convert them as Hazards.

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