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Under A Darksun Part II New Allies



Andropinis has taken refuge to think within his personal chambers. He knew the Order was going to attack but not like this. He has a chose to make. The power of the creature is absorbing all magic, especially defiler magic.

To stop it will require him to expose his true appearance. The appearance of a tall reptilian creature. But otherwise the city will be destroyed. With no city, there will be no levy. With no levy, the dragon will take his anger out on him or Rajaat may become free. What choice does he have?

Mania runs at a wobbling column and leaps onto it. It wobbles. The mul at first thinks he is insane then sees the wisdom. “Allow me. I have the greater weight” and charges. The column is struck again and it begins to waver.

“Here we go!” yells Mania with a smile of satisfaction. The tall column falls and crashes into the wall. A ramp of rough rock has been created. “Hurry up!”

Mania works his way up the rock quickly. The mul gives chase but finds the slope difficult to climb. It’s great weight and bulk now work against the mul.

“Don’t give up. Climb!” shouts Mania.

Two guards try to work their way through the crowds towards the escaping gladiators. “Awe give me a break! The city is in danger and being torn apart and what do you do? You stop a little ol’ me and this mul from getting away from the very danger threatening the city.”

More guards arrive.

“You better hurry up- we have company up here.” And thus mania turns to face the first charge. He easily strips the guard of his weapon and throws him into the arena. The mul watches his body go by and snarls in frustration.

Suddenly a shadow falls over mania, the guards and the mul. A tall reptilian gaunt creature leaps from no where into the arena. The blob below seems to redirect its growth towards the new creature.

Mania glares and frowns. He knows what it is. He was told the Sorcerer-kings were mutated by their magics. This is Andropinis of Balic. The king.

Using psionics and his own great strength, the dragon tears into the blob. It roars in pain as the blob attaches itself to him trying to feed leech like the arcane energies stored within him.

“Whether he succeeds or not- we need to get out of here!” Mania reaches with the polearm to the mul. Using the life-taking weapon as a tool to save lives they get out and escape the arena. “Where to?” asks the Mul.

“You’re asking me? Let’s try there.” Mania says as he points to the outer wall. Where there are fewer people rushing around.

Cosa sees Mania climb the stairs. A mul warrior seems to follow him. Cosa goes towards them.

Andropinis snarls at the blob. It has torn and burned deep wounds into his skin. He levitates to the sky. His long whip like tail is the last to pull free. Black bones appear in spots. He begins to concentrate on a powerful psionic power.

The Veiled Alliance are split in three. Some wish to flee, some attack the blob and others sense a grand opportunity to attack a weakened Andropinis.

“Now what?” asks the mul as he looks down over the edge. It is over 75 feet to the ground below. “Allow me.” Say Cosa and Allina as they arrive.

“Cosa!” Mania runs to her and gives her a great hug and rapid kisses.

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Using the powers of levitation, Allina sends the heroes to the ground.


“I can not. I must stop this. I will stay to help Balic’s Champion defeat this blob. Good luck.” And Allina returns to the arena.

“If we hurry, we can escape through the gates by force.” Calls Mania as he begins to move to what he believes is the closest gate.

The gate is left abandoned. They leave it easily.

Far outside the city, smoke can be seen rising from the city. Andropinis’ “Champion” as he will be hailed later, is destroying the blob with the aid of other Psions and a few more reckless mages and templars. Cosa cries silently as she watches.

“What is it?” Mania asks.

“Belinda. She is in there still. Somewhere.”

“Then we will need to find her.”

“If you will have me, I would like to help you.”

“Belinda is unknown to you. Why would you risk so much?” asks Cosa.

Looking to mania, “Because someone else did the same for me.”

“What is your name?”

“I have always been known as M-313.”

“You like that? Wouldn’t you like another name?”

“And what would you call me?”

“To begin with- as friend. We’ll work on this.”

Several weeks go by and finally they learn she was seen being taken by the Sky Sprinters. Now they need to only find the secret location of these nomadic elves……


“The Fate of Belinda”

Though blindfolded, Belinda knows where she is going. She is going to Sky Top. Sky Top is the tribal meeting place for the Sky Sprinters tribe. It is hidden within the mountains of Mountains near South Ledopolus.

She can hear the shifts of the wind and the sound of their boots on the packed earth and stone. Soon she will be there and locked away by Garrisaun and his psionic elves.

“Something is wrong. The guards are not at their posts.” He says to his tribe members that traveled with him to Balic.

“Caution my lord.” Adds his chief advisor.

“This is MY home. I will go as I please.” And he leads them into the temple.

=Welcome Garrisaun. I like what you have done with your temple since the death of your father. =

“Where are you Javidius?” The elf leader now slows down. Cautious and ready for anything. “Where is your master?”

= OUR master. He has bigger plans that will succeed. =

“You speak as if Balic’s demise did not occur.”

= You failed. You failed the Order and you failed our master. =

“Show yourself!”

Out of the darkness the attack occurs. It lasts 30 seconds at most. All are slain except for Belinda. She has tried to tear the blindfold off but a powerful psionic suggestion has blocked every attempt to do so. The AVERSION is too great to overcome.

“Who are you? What would you have of me or for me to do?” She asks the darkness and silence.

= play. Play with me =

The aversion is lifted and she peels the blindfold off and stops in horror. “Jav…Javidius …. You are a …a…”

= yes. Yes I am Play now. =

She turns to run. The game begins.



Mania, Cosa and the new ally, a mul fighter wander within the tent city near Balic looking for a ride. In the past three days, they have learned roughly where the Sky Sprinters operate the most. The next stop is South Ledopolus.

Allina has given the three money and supplies to survive by. Cosa is very angry since thus far the three pages of the Veena’s Journal she had found and in part translated, are missing. Perhaps there is something to the legend of the journal. The legend suggested the pages were cursed to never be gathered in one volume ever again. This may be further proof to the legend. Mania lost his enchanted clubs and other goods. Their greatest lost was their friend Belinda whom was taken by the elven tribe known as the Sky Sprinters. They are determined to locate her and if required- avenge her.

Joining the two is the mul known as 112. He has it tattooed to his forearm which he tries to keep covered at all times. He is not proud that he was breed to be a slave and wishes to forget the past.

Allina will help them as she can. She can not over do the aid, as it will draw attention to her and the escaped slaves. Templar trouble is never good but Sirus would kill her for helping Cosa to escape.

They have been forced to remain outside of the city of Balic due to their escaped slave status and since the templars are cracking down on security. If left unchecked, the power unleashed under the arena may have erased magic use from the entire city for centuries. Though it is not publicly known, Andropinis and his best psions and defilers are studying the remains of the anti-magic glob to determine its possible true strength. It could be useful as a weapon against the giants or other cities.

On the ninth day, they locate transportation. Once more, they will be caravan guards. They earn some money, some protection and food and water to South Ledopolus. They are working for House Inika located in Gulg. There will be few other guards since the caravan is designed for speed and if required- stealth.

It leaves at daybreak.

Not wanting to avoid it any longer, mania and Cosa ask 112 about himself over several pieces of spiced Ztal and water with a hint of silt fruit (Mild strawberry in flavor).

“I had figured you wanted to know more. It is wise to know more about your traveling companions.” The mul sits down on the silt and sand covered ground. “I was breed for labor. My father, Jurkah, was a dwarf from Nibenay. My mother, Jerrica, was a bought slave from Raam. Forced together, they produced me and one other. My brother 119 caused to much damage during birth. Our mother died before he ever took a breath.”

Mania is not happy by this. The treatment of slaves is truly beginning to bother him. Forced breeding was a new low to him. Especially since it well known the human mother rarely lived long after birth. Cosa listened with a mix of sorrow and pity. Though not as moved as Mania, the treatment of slaves like 112 and others was not right to her. It never will be.

“I was brought to Balic at the age of six to train with the Giant squad. These dwarves, muls and humans specialized in combat versus giants that often preyed on Balic’s weak farming fields. I did poorly there but was brought to the arena instead. Here I began as a weapon cleaner then I learned to repair and make many of the weapons we use. I knew it was only a matter of time before I was forced to use the weapons I helped to create to defend myself within the arena. I proved better at defending myself than harming others. It was a strange way of the warrior but it worked for me. I made it to the final three and escaped death and the arena completely.” 112 gives a timid smile at his admitted success.

Cosa gives a few minutes about herself. She speaks of her days with the Nibenay Alliance and even touches on the journal pages she seeks. These interest the thoughtful mul. Mania is more vague about the details of his life. After all, he truly is uncertain of anything in his life. He ages slower, is faster, stronger and more intelligent than most humans. He thinks his father is an evil man that may seek harm to him if he ever exposed. Until he decides what to do, he merely plans on traveling with Cosa and learn more about Tyr Valley and its people and rich history.

Feeling secure that they know more about each other’s life and motivations, the three sleep peacefully and begin their new jobs in the morning.


To begin this again I'm going to stick to my own conversion. Winter is here- time to write again about Darksun and the chosen one.
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“Born From The Shadow”

Keela hated the pampering.

She hated the child within her.

She hated her husband.

She hated Nibenay.

She hated.

She still was recovering from the shock of learning her king and husband was a monstrous creature. Once she overcame this shock she became withdrawn. Her family feared for and the loss of status if she did anything too radical. They loved their child but she was the sole means of survival for them. If she were to die, the family may become homeless and forced out of the city of Nibenay.

The truth is much worse.

Keela came to hate. She wanted the deaths of her king, husband and that bastard Mania. She wanted the death of the whore that took him away from her. However, they escaped her. Two months later, she discovered she was with child. Would it be like her or the father? Would it be human and beautiful or ugly and reptilian. Either way, it is an abomination.

This …creature growing in her belly would be powerful. This she knew. And like any tool, this creature ..this thing could be useful. It could lead to the destruction to the evil in her life.

The servants continued to wash her in her scented water. When done, she stepped out of the water. Her belly exposed and round, looked alien to her. The creature moved. There was a brief moment of joy then the hatred returned. It lived and soon would be born. She would teach it. She would teach the creature the laws of the city, the laws of her husband and show it the evil of the husband. She would teach it to hate as she does. It would destroy.

She smiled with the next turn of the creature. Soon.


“ Getting to Gulg”

House Inika was one of the fastest moving caravans within Tyr Valley. They used only small and quick pack animals to cross the deserts. The trip to Ledopolus is uneventful. They pay the three travelers and quickly separate. They recognize the signs of a wanted person. They wish not to be caught up in any slavery problems or legalities.

The trip across the silt-way is paid for with the caravan money. From here they travel northwest. Soon, they will reach the mountains where Belinda has been taken. Sooner than Mania really wishes. They still have few weapons or tools for a rescue mission. Especially one involving psionic defenders. They need help and they can think of only two people that can help. One may not even be alive in Nibenay. The other, a druid in the forest between Gulg and Nibenay.

They reach the edges of Gulg lands. And that is where the next story begins.


Its been awhile for my Darksun Storyhour. I hope to get some momentum before the end of the month on this storyhour. There are SOOOOOO many subplots to use and finish up involving the heroes and even more in my mind to use.

Stay tuned for more of... Under a Darksun


I've been doing Eberron for so long I have almost forgotten what I was doing on Darksun. Summer is a good time to remedy that.

Later this year, my CREATION SCHEMA group will be facing some Darksun creatures when in Xen'drik. They will be hunted by a Nightmare Beast and attacked by a pack of Tembos. If I think of it I'll leave a note here when I do it.

Only two of the players have ever played Darksun. Both have fought Tembos but only one has ever fought a Nightmare Beast. Should be good.

Thankyou for hanging in there Fee Fi..


“Fright Within the Forest”

Mania and Cosa awoke to the sounds of the forest birds and insects. It was already very hot but much cooler than if they had kept to the desert area surrounding Eastern and Southern Gulg. They found a very small puddle of water and carefully searched it for creatures and people. Once they felt it was safe they drank and stored some in their waterskins. Their new friend, a mul, acted as sentry.

“One would think they could create a psionic or magical container for water. Maybe one connected to the water plane.” Thought out loud the roguish mage.

Mania merely smiled and kept filling his skin. He did not trust most magic. He saw the good it do but saw more reasons to avoid it. Psionics if not kept in check were dangerous also.

Continuing onward they carefully walked through the forest. It was a joy- to walk in the shade of the old trees. But it was also noisy. Twigs and bits of tree and bark lay on the ground everywhere. One could not see the ground fully. This bothered the psychic warrior fighter. Something about it was … unnatural to him. Even dangerous.

It was nearing noon now and they had seen nothing stir except for birds and insects. Both had stories of the numerous creatures that could be found in the shelter of the forest. So…. Where were they?

Continuing on they saw an open area ahead of them. The ground was still covered by leaves, twigs and brush which meant little to the two of them. They were in deep thought. They were thinking about their mission to save Belinda. How was the three of them, a mage a fighter and a gladiator going to sneak into a psionic training place of a powerful psion, find Belinda, and escape?

Suddenly there is a fast moving scraping sound to their left and right. Something strikes their legs and pulls them up as something can be heard striking the ground nearly.

They find themselves within a net hanging over the ground. “Great!” mumbles Mania.

“Give me a moment and I will get us free.” Says Cosa as she tries to move about enough to get at the various knots holding up the net.

“I suspect you do not have the time.” Says the Mul as he looks down.

Several painted and branch wearing halflings come out of hiding. All are armed and look up. They look up with hunger.

“Aw crap.” Curses Mania. “Cannibal halflings.”


“Food on The Go?!?”

“Okay- this is the plan. When they let the net down -scramble.”

“They will hunt us down. I have heard these creatures can track flyers for miles!” growls the Mul.

“Don’t believe the stories. They are not that…. Uh Mania….” Begins Cosa.

He scratches at a thorn on his neck. His scratching is sloppy, as the venom is potent and already acting.

Cosa begins to shift to better caste a spell when she feels a sting in her neck also. The world goes fuzzy on her before she says anything.

“I’ll tear you apart!” snarls the Mul. He pulls two darts from his neck and another from his chest. Though suddenly tired, he thrashes further …into darkness.

The halflings then look nervously t their catch of the day. Some pucker their lips, others rub their chin and one even rubs his thinned stomach. These hunters are hungry and have caught something worthy of a feast.

“Tok Tok Tunnok Ock Ock” calls out the apparent leader. The three sleeping adventurers are lowered then the halflings are in debate. The Mul is just too big for them to move. Knives and cutting blades are pulled out. It doesn’t look good for the mul gladiator.

“Ton Ton Anok! Tsk Tsk Tsk!” The three halflings closest to the ½ dwarf stop and frown. Snack time sounded good. The other two will suffice.

They lash together Mania’s wrists and ankles. Cosa’s are also tied. A stretcher is quickly brought to drag them away. After twenty minutes have passed away the two begin to awake. They are extremely disoriented as they find themselves bouncing along on the stretcher. Six of the height-challenged savages man the stretcher and drag them along.

Before either can awaken and get a sense of where they are the group stop. “Shhhhhhhh Tonka tok. Tonka Tok.” It is very quiet and still. Mania closes his eyes and concentrates on the sounds around him. He tries to visualize the surroundings as Dutch had attempted to teach him.

Suddenly a loud roar can be heard and the ground shakes slightly. Something is here. Something big. Panicked halflings call out and run. They abandon the two.

Mania looks up and sees a dark blur looking at him. Something with four arms and extremely bad body odor stands over him. The creature reaches down and picks up the still unconscience Cosa and snorts before leaving.

Minutes go by before Mania becomes aware of the halflings return. Quietly they pick up the poles of the stretcher and begin again, only one humanoid to eat this time. Still a good days catch.


112 rolls over. His impressive constitution fights the poisons within his body. He was bred to be strong and a hard worker. Resistance to certain poisons is a side effect of this. He sits up slowly and looks around. Both Mania and Cosa are gone. However, an easy trail has been left behind. A very easy trail.


“112 vs. the Girallon or Every Mul Should Know Its Limits”

“Logan’s Chin Hair!” the mul curses. 112 has done his best to follow the trail the halflings made. If not bearing the weight and mass of two adult humans he doubts he could have done so. Then he comes to a scene that bewilders him. The grass and small blue ferns are broken down is a scattered pattern. Looking side to side he can not tell where the halflings went. He looks up and sees a thick tree branch and wanders if the cannibals went there. A strange sound is made nearby and he raises his club into the air and prepares for battle. Nothing.

Then the sound again… something between a chirp and a spoken word. Fearing a halfling attack the mul bears his teeth and lets out a low growl. Nothing.

Then he fears a snarl nearby. Looking around he sees nothing. A second snarl…. close by. He whirls around swinging his great club. Nothing but air. Calming to use his other senses in case of an invisible or concealed creature he listens. Another spoken word but in a language he doesn’t know. “AAAARRRGH!” he yells in agitation then he spots movement- a green and yellow bird on a low branch. It cocks its head at him and opens its beak. Nearby the sounds of him snarling can be heard. He looks then it dawns on him. The bird is making the sounds and psionically projecting them. He reaches down to pick up a stone to throw at the tricky bird but it flies off as if knowing his intent.

“Humph. Showed him.” and he turns only to see something nearby in the thickets. Something standing about 8 feet tall with a very large upper body.

“Go away!” and the ignorant mul begins to walk away. He begins to look for the best path when he hears a snort. Turning, the creature is closer now. Its upper body has four muscular arms. Blood red eyes look at him. The creature snorts again.

“So the mutated ape wants to play. Fine. So be it.” And 112 shifts his weight to better prepare for the oncoming attack.

Whether it was this movement or it was going to attack anyway, the creature roars out a challenge and rushes on two forearms and its hindlegs. The other two arms reach out to grapple.

112 swings poorly and misses as the creature ducks down in mid charge and instead tackles him. They roll about for a moment then the mul gladiator kicks the large ape off of him. Before the creature can get up he tries to hit it with his great club but misses.

The creature claws and tears into the mul whom screams as all four claws strike and grab. It renders his body popping a shoulder out of place and tears dense muscle tissue. Suddenly 112 knows he has met his match. More in an attempt to drive the creature off of him, he swings wildly twice at the creature. Twice it hits reeling the creature. Spitting out a bloody tooth, the creature attacks again. A savage right cross stuns him, the second swing is blocked by the club, while the next two strikes and the creature’s claws sink between the muscles near the rib cage. The creature pulls hard and feels the warm wet sensation as the Mul dies being torn in two.

and thus I kill yet another PC........


“Enter Kaleb, Strum and Took”

“Ahhh, wez been at this all day. Let say wez goes back have another tankard of Honey Ale.” Says the veteran of three Gulg / Nibenay wars.

“It would be dishonorable to give up this soon friend Strum.” Replies the young warrior from Urik.

“Shhhhh…. The beast’s lair can not be far away.” Answers the Gulg monster hunter. “Ahead of us are caves. The thunder lizard may live there. Ka-Chomp is hungry for it’s flesh.”

“Ain’t wez taking this kinda too far Kaleb? I mean… a Behir is not something to just go and follow around in the durned forest to kill a day’s afternoon.”

“Honor says we are to hunt down and kill the beast.”

“Honor…?!? I thought it was forz the money!”

“QUIET!” snarls the hunter. I saw something ahead of us. It was not the murderous beast but something else.”

With a roll of Strum’s eyes, the three mercenaries slowly make their way to the caves at the base of a rocky cliff. Thick vines hang over much of it. Hundreds of flying bugs buzz here feeding on the collected moisture on the shaded rocks and collecting the nectar of the flowers here. Three cave openings can be seen from the base of the rocks where they stand.

“Shoot. I forgot the ladda. Maybez I goes back and get one.”

“Your head has been struck too many times by Datchi clubs. We climb. Use the vines. But remember- avoid the ones with pink and purple flowers. They have a grip of their own.”

The nimble warrior known as Took quickly climbs the vines. He looks for dangers and most importantly- signs of the dangerous creature they were hired to locate and kill. Kaleb is next. His bulky shield and magical sword do little to slow him down. With a sigh and a scratch of his backside, the veteran begins to climb.

“Something lives here. Something carnivorous. Mammal…. Maybe an ape. A rogue which means it is dangerous. A worthy foe perhaps.”

The cave is not very deep but has two chambers. They look into one and find only droppings and a few bones. The other chamber…. A body. The body of a young woman.

“ooooh! Let me checks for hers lifeblood a beatin’.”

“Took is better at that. Watch for the creature should it return.” Says Kaleb with his sword and shield drawn.

“just one feel…thatz all I wanted….” Mumbles the soft headed man as he walks to the front of the cave.

“Is she alive?”

“Yes. She was taken down by the local halflings. Strange that she is here.”

“Yipes!” is heard from the entrance. “It’s a stinkin’ mutate of a beast!”

Both Took and Kaleb turn and rush to Strum’s side. Cosa remains unconscience and vulnerable within the home of the jungle ape.


“The Power of a Girallon Enraged”
The four-armed magically mutated ape looked directly at the witless veteran. Strum withdrew his club and hoped his allies would be there quickly. The creature roared and thumbed its chest with its two upper most arms and then charged. One clawed hand strikes and tears flesh from the man’s arm whom now howls himself.

Took calls onto his air spirits to guide his spells as he calls up a spear made of divine energy. If the creature sees it doesn’t show it. Now in close to its prey, it attacks Strum viciously. All four claws strike and rip at his body. With his arms pulled away from his body the creature bites on his throat ( all 4 claws hit and the bite critted! Good thing Strum has HP 56 of 112). “STRUM!” calls out Kaleb as he attacks. He hits it twice with his charged up sword. Strum head-butts the beast, which only does two things- angers it and puts a deep gash on his forehead.

Took and his magical spear attack now. His stabbing attempt misses both the creature and the bleeding Strum. His spiritual Spear however hits. The creature snares. It bites down on the helpless Strum again and squeezes then rips then squeezes and rips at him. The creature is stained red from Strum’s blood. (nat 20) Strum, no longer knowing where he is begins to call out. “Damned Kalak dogs! I spit at you!” and raises his knee as best as he can and the creature grunts as a blow to its mid section happens leaving a warm but painful feeling to originate from there.

Distracted, Took easily stabs at the beast’s hip hoping to slow it down. The creature tears and bites again. Strum goes limp in its arms. Kaleb hits the creature once drawing forth more blood. “Damned thing won’t die!”

Knowing his friends life is at balance, Took attacks again. He grazes the creature only. In horror, Took watches as the beast howls and with its bloody tusks and teeth goes to complete the killing blow when suddenly-

Two streaking beams of bluish energy streak and enter the beasts open maw. Suddenly the back of its head pops and blood pours out from the newest wound along with eye sockets (now missing its eyes). Took grabs Strum as the creature fall backwards and off the rocks. Took and looks back along with Kaleb to see the woman from the cave standing there, still dazed and leaning against the rocky wall.

“Is he alive….?” She asks weakly.


“Run For It”

He had been awake for several minutes now. Not very alert but awake. Mania’s arms and legs were still tied with vines to a strong and sturdy branch that was carried by several halflings. He was first awoken when his head bounced off of a stump. The next couple of bumps woke him up.

Mania remained still and only had his eyes opened partially. He couldn’t see Cosa or 112 anywhere. He was certain they were nearby however. Quietly he worked his bonds while the halflings brought him to their hidden village.

Still pretending to be asleep, the halflings put him in a hut and left. He could hear them outside discussing something. They seemed angry and excited at the same time.

He worked the vines and continued to listen. After a few layers of skin and much time, he frees his hands and begins to untie the ankles. It is now quiet outside.

A few moments go by and he sticks his head out of the short tent. He sees a few halflings between himself and the thick jungle. Dozens of others are at the far tent. This tent has giant animal antlers on it. He figures it belongs to the chieftain or shaman. He tries to sneak out but is spotted. He sprints for freedom as the call goes out.

Mania, having longer legs begins to outrun the small cannibal savages. However, the paths are meant for them and act much like a maze.

Shortly he uncovers the remains of 112. Before he do anything more than gasp, the first of many spears and darts miss him by inches. He is forced to run once more.

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