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Underdark Outposts: A Preview Page from OUT OF THE ABYSS

The website Critical Hits has a preview page from the upcoming Out of the Abyss adventure for D&D 5th Edition. The adventure has September 15th release date (11 days earlier for preferred stores) and was produced by Green Ronin for WotC. The preview shows some details about underdark outposts, along with a few areas.

Click on the image below to go see it, along with a piece of art from the adventure! Also be sure to check out this previous preview of Zuggtmoy, the Lady of Rot, and the Demon Queen of Fungi, and this preview of Chris Perkins' foreword to the adventure.


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


Interesting. I am reminded of the plot of Mass Effect 2. For most of the game you had to prepare for a final "suicide mission" into the enemy stronghold by gathering crew and upgrades. I get the feeling that the adventure (or at least this part of it) plays sort of like a sandbox until the players decide to make the push for enemy territory.


When I first read the outpost details I thought it said 20 Square Feet as the size for the standard outpost. 5' x 4'!!! Then I realized it said 20 feet square. I guess that would be 20' x 20' or 400 Square Feet. Could have been written more clearly.

Otherwise this looks great. Going to feel very different than the previous two adventures. Can't wait.

Weird Dave

Definitely excited to not having cultists as the primary enemy :) I'm sure they'll be down there, somewhere in the Underdark, but with the focus on the alien environment that the Underdark was already and becomes under the influence of an influx of demonic presences, this promises to be an engaging thrill ride. Plus Green Ronin does good stuff.


This talk of expeditionary forces and communication lines running through the Underdark suggests to me that we'll see the final version of the mass combat rules in this one.

And...damn it, being headlong in Hoard of the Dragon Queen, and planning Princes of the Apocalypse after Rise of Tiamat, I was really thinking I'd give this one a pass. But everything I see is making me want to run this, too.


I think this actually sounds pretty great. I'm hafta get this methinks, even though I am currently keen on athas and primeval thule - need more game time, arrghh!!!


This looks great! I really like the Downtime rules of 5E and love the way these hint at the structure of OotA!! The locations are great, too. To be honest I was tinkering with a short adventure featuring the Darklake, Blingdenstone and Gracklstugh as well. Now I will wait some more and take a look at OotA first! Really looking forward to it!!


First Post
I have a feeling this is going to be one of those love it or hate it kind of things. I'm really hoping that this will be the first AP that feels like a must buy for me. The overall plot still seems too weird but once the book is out, it might all come together and make sense somehow. If not, I guess I can wait another 6 weeks for the Sword Coast Adventurers Guide.