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Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana Compendium PDF


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Hi all, I have been looking for a complete compendium or website that included all the Unearthed Arcana articles in an easy to access format/index. I couldn't find such an entity so I created my own. I also included a basic glossary at the end.

Here is the link for it. (Please let me know if there is something better out there, as my plan is to keep this updated but if some better comes along I'll be happy to pass the torch).


2017-JUN-09 Updated
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Well, it looks like there is either little demand/need for this so I will stop updating/distributing it.


Well, that, and WotC didn't license it, which means people can get in a bit of trouble to offer it, no matter if it's freely available in other forms.


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Not so long ago, there was a Codex available on reddit that had all the UA available at the time in a PHB format. Was really well done and made it much easier to find information. Unfortunately, the author received a DMCA request from WoTC so had to take it down.

You may be able to find a version if you google it (I found version 1.4 which is up to the mass combat rules UA)


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Thanks all. I really tried to be careful to not infringe on any of WotC's intellectual property rights when I created this. I know that WotC is basically legally required to always challenge any possible IP infringement concerns, since if they selectively stop doing so, then it makes their ability to defend their IP rights more difficult when there is a blatant infringement.

Because of this, I did not want to do anything other than to merge all the PDF's into a single PDF. I realize even by doing that and redistributing their free PDF's that there could be a concern, but I also ensured that the host site I am using, is just a hobby site (there is no money to be gained directly or indirectly).

By not incorporating any personal graphics or design into the PDF, I am hoping that it helps to ensure/reflect that I am not challenging any of their IP. It has occurred to me on the Contents Page that I have referenced the PDF as the: "Unofficial" Unearthed Arcana Compendium. I suspect by giving this a document a name, it could be called into contention, so I will soon be removing that on my next edit.

My main goal here was really just to create a table of contents to make it easier to find stuff from all those UA articles. In no way do I want to be seen as challenging any of their IP, and I will take every step possible to ensure this.

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