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5E Unusual Siege Weapons


We've got the siege weapons from the DMG and upgrades for them in Ghosts of Saltmarsh, but I want more! What kinds of siege weapons would gnomes and dwarves make? What about demons and devils? Could spells be used to enhance siege weapons, like perhaps magically reducing larger rocks to serve as catapult ammunition that grows in mid-flight? This is a thread for brainstorming such things!

My first contribution: Catapult ammunition that holds dozens of beads of condensed water created by dust of dryness as well as several elemental emeralds. Once it connects it unleashes a flood of water as well as water elementals.

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A couple of years ago, my dad ran a war campaign where a hobgoblin empire was trying to invade this continent where all of our PCs were from.

Said hobgoblin invaders were consequently at war with the human, dwarf, elf, gnome, and orc natives, while the drow tried to take advantage of the chaos (as drow are so often won’t to do).

In one particularly memorable session (during which we captured and then destroyed a hobgoblin fortress), the mountain dwarves under my Half-Orc War Cleric’s command used a dead cloud giant’s body as a battering ram to break down the gates.

Ballista bolts with Delayed Blast Fireball beads on the tip of the arrow.

Using Wall of Wind in between yourself and the fortress so that missile weapons can't fly through


4E had a cool idea in the Infernal Embassy, which shot a variant fireball that also summoned merregon devils in the blast radius.

I think fiends in general would want to cover the battlefield with whatever they are uniquely immune to: poison, acid for yugoloths, fire for devils, etc. Might as well make a siege weapon that launches those things!

In my pirate campaign I have a faction of pirate witches called The Speakers. They use catapults on their ships to launch necromancy-infused projectiles, which can spread disease, infest the ship with vermin, or raise the dead on an enemy ship.

I've also looked a lot at historical siege weapons, specifically those of ancient China. I particularly liked this triple crossbow/ballista, which had a huge range:



I'd think a Hellish siege weapon would need to include biting flies and/or locusts. Maybe a hollow lance that penetrates walls and releases them?

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