D&D 5E Update: pdf links are being sent! Lankhmar 5e, Monsters & Magic of Lankhmar from Goodman Games indogogo is live


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Click the image to go to the indigogo.

What has nine eyes, five tentacles, a thirst for human flesh, and is coming down the alleyway? I don’t know either, but I think it’s a good idea to run…

Add some Lankhmarese spice to your 5e gaming with Monsters & Magic of Lankhmar, our upcoming release which will provide Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser-style terror and thaumaturgy for your 5e campaign — on IndieGoGo now! With a host of new monsters, spells, and items, Monsters & Magic of Lankhmar brings the unique sword & sorcery aesthetic of Newhon to your gaming table.
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I'm the Straw Man in your argument


Anyone know if these are just new/more spells, or are they going to actually change the spell system in 5e to make it more “Lankhmar”, which has always been more S&S and less blasty/magic all the time for everything?
… and if they keep magic mostly as-is, will they still convert the cleric into a white mage?
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Well, I have made my first IndieGoGo pledge.

They said on YouTube that this is just the first planned Lankhmar 5E book. They're just seeing if there's interest.

Given that Lankhmar is the template for all big sprawling corrupt fantasy cities (Goodman is underselling it, honestly; everyone has just been ripping off Lankhmar forever), I'm intending to use this with my Ptolus game, just sanding off the names.

I'm hoping this does well enough that we'll see a similar book for Dying Earth. Monte Cook's got nothing on me for loving wizard stuff.
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