[UPDATED] Issues With Official D&D 5E Spell Cards?

[UPDATED with info from GF9] Have you had any trouble getting the newly updated D&D 5th Edition spell cards from Gale Force 9? According to at least one customer, there's a little bit of a snafu. EN World member trystero ordered some cards requesting that the order be held until the new, updated cards were available, but was sent the old version instead. He was advised to contact WotC directly when he queried this. Trystero says that "I e-mailed them about my order, placed 8 February, and asked them to hold it until they could fulfill with the revised printings, and they wrote back to say that the updated decks were expected in "late March or early April", and that my order would ship then. But the next day, they sent me a copy of the original, uncorrected Arcane deck. I wrote back to say that it wasn't what I'd ordered, and asked how I could return it."

Gale Force 9 is the licensed producer of the spell cards and sells them through its online store, Flames of War. I'm not 100% clear where Battlefront fits in there - all the company addresses mention it, so I assume it's a parent company or somesuch. Perhaps somebody in the comments can clarify!

His email exchange with Battlefront went as follows:

Battlefront Customer Service: Unfortunately there is nothing in place to replace the original card sets. This was an error caused by Wizard of the Coast sending the wrong files to be printed. Should you need to seek compensation may I suggest contacting their customer service department?

Trystero: I'm very confused by this reply: I understand that the corrected printings aren't available yet, and at this point I just want to return the first-printing box which you shipped me (despite my having e-mailed twice to ask for my order to be held until new printings are available). How should I return this unwanted item?

Battlefront Customer Service: We are not accepting returns or exchanges for these cards. Please direct any further questions to Wizards of the Coast. This error is on their side.

Of course, mistakes happen, and that's OK. They can be resolved, and I'm sure trystero will get his issue fixed in no time. But it's curious that GF9 is directing people towards WotC on the matter rather than dealing with it themselves. I have no insight into any arrangements between the two companies, other than that GF9's products are official, licensed D&D products.

I think personally I'll hold off until the end of April or so before ordering any of the newly updated cards, just in case. I'm sure it'll sort itself out!

UPDATE -- John-Paul Brisigotti from Battlefront has posted a reply.

Let me first begin by apologising for this confusion. The comments from our customer service team are incorrect and despite initiative being used to try and give an answer, without management oversight this person has made this unclear when the goal is always to do the opposite. This is a GF9 product and the issue of the missing cards is ours to resolve and has nothing to do with WOTC.

When these decks were being finalised WOTC were in the final stages of completing almost two years of work on 5th Ed and trying to get the Players Handbook to the printers. We were also trying to get our decks completed and despite months of back and forth we still missed a single card out of the Arcane and Paladin deck from spells that made it into the book at the last round of edits. At the time we discussed how to try and get these missing cards out to the world but the practicality of doing so was unrealistic so knowing we had more specialist and archetype decks to release we thought that was our best chance to resolve this issue.

In April a new deck of Elemental spells that comes with the Princes of the Apocalypse module will be released and the following month some Archetype decks for the classes. In both sets we will add the two cards to the decks so that everybody who is missing them has multiple chances of getting the missing cards. This plan was to be announced as part of this Fridays web update so for more details visit www.gf9-dnd.com this weekend.

This entire issue is one of poor communication on our part and that is never a helpful way to resolve any problem. The GF9 name has stood for high quality D&D product for over five years now and given the overwhelmingly positive response we have had from you on the new 5th ed product the last thing we want to do is not resolve these issues. Thank you for your understanding.

John-Paul Brisigotti
CEO Battlefront Group

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Thanks Morrus for sharing the issue.

And thanks Trystero, for sharing it with Morrus.

I cannot understand why a company does that, but is a pitty, nevertheless. Profit over customer care always leads to no proffit at all.


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Battlefront is the company, they make Flames of War, which is rules and 15mm minis for WWII combat. Battlefront acquired Gale Force 9 several years ago. I don't remember if it was before or after GF9 started to make the vinyl D&D maps.


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Trystero and anyone getting that response should write WotC. WotC should be made aware that unstatisfied customers of one of their licensed product are being redirected to them.
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Very poor customer service there. I can understand them not accepting returns of orders from before the reprint (just barely), but to send the old cards after being explicitly asked not to and then to refuse a return is pretty shocking.

And directing the customer to WotC is an unacceptable response. If there's an issue between GF9 and WotC then it's for GF9 and WotC to sort it out. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the end customer, who has not received what he has asked, and paid, for.


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Yeah, I'm done with GF9. I submitted numerous questions / issues with the cards I bought when it first came out, and they assured me that "there would be no updates to the cards" and that my issues with them were basically "working as intended."

Among my issues: Missing Concentration tag, the sharp corners, missing archetype spells, etc. I asked if when an update came out I could pay and upgrade to the new cards. They told me flat out there would be no update.

What happens? An update, soon after, to fix all the problems they claimed weren't problems.


I've had the EXACT same exchange with them.

I placed an order with Gale Force 9 and specifically asked that my order be held until the next printing was released (as I wanted the cards with rounded-edges). My request was acknowledged but the current Arcane Spell cards were sent in error, rather than the whole order being held until late March/early April as I asked. Now they are refusing to accept my return.

Here's the exchange:
Me to Battlefront on Feb 23 (8 days ago)

I placed an order for Gale Force 9's spell cards but had specified that I wanted to hold the order in order to wait for the late March/early April print run for those cards.
The problem is that I received 1 item (the Arcane Spell desk) that is not from the next print run and would like to return it, as I wanted all of the cards to be from the next print run. How do I go about returning the unopened Arcane Spell desk so that I can replace it with the Arcane deck from the next print run?

Order Number 258919

Thank you,
Chris Perkins

Battlefront Minis to me (4 days ago):

Good day,
Unfortunately we are not offering returns for this issue. If you have any further problems with this matter, please contact Wizards of the Coast as they were the one's who made the decision regarding the different spells and card styles.

Thank you,
Battlefront Miniatures USA

Me to Battlefront (4 days ago)
All that I'm asking is to return the cards I that received in error and have them shipped when the next print run ships in late March or April (as I specified when I first placed the order). I'll be getting a containing the remaining cards at that time... so it's not like you'd have to ship an additional box out.

Battlefront Minis to me (4 days ago):
Unfortunately there is nothing in place to replace the original card sets. This was an error caused by Wizard of the Coast sending the wrong files to be printed. Should you need to seek compensation may I suggest contacting their customer service department?
Thank you,
Battlefront Miniatures
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Is there a way to contact GF9 directly without going through Flames of War customer service? IME, their answers are pure nonsense most of the time.


When I tried to contact GF9 directly they gave me the run-around and directed me to email Battlefront minis.

It looks, to me, like Battlefront is trying to get rid of their old stock and refusing to accept returns so that they can unload cards that will soon out-dated.


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It's quite confusing. Maybe WotC is responsible for the card styles and the like, but WotC surely isn't responsible for fulfilling orders from Flames of War, or for making sure that orders are held until the date requested.

I mean, they can't be claiming that WotC is somehow forcing them to ship old-style cards immediately to customers who have specifically requested that their order not be fulfilled until the new ones are in stock, can they? That doesn't sound like a likely scenario.

At this point, if you want to buy the new version, the only option is to simply not order the cards until you hear of people getting the updated versions correctly. Trying to buy them now with a request that the store wait until the correct product is available doesn't seem to work.


Best thing to do is wait. I've bought the older cards, which I gave to my players as gifts for my current campaign. If I buy any more, which I'll likely do, I'll wait till April/May, and probably from my FLGS so I can inspect the cards before buying.


Well, that was fun
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I'd add, though, that while it probably is annoying getting the old ones, if you're not that worried about the version the old ones are pretty good.


I'd add, though, that while it probably is annoying getting the old ones, if you're not that worried about the version the old ones are pretty good.

I have several of the older sets and they are just fine. But now I want the new ones damn it. :)

I will probably pass the old ones to my kids eventually and get the new ones. However I shoukdnt wait too long since customer service like this and throwing WotC under the bus could get their license revoked. I wonder if FFG would take over a license like this?


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This is highly unusual. I'm a big purchaser of Flames of War stuff and Battlefront has been nothing but awesome to me. Then again, they are getting Games-Workshop-itis, so who knows?


cperkins, thank you for posting about your interaction with Battlefront: as lousy as it sounds to say, I feel better knowing it's not just me.

It really sounds to me as though I was interacting with two different people in their customer-service department, only one of whom had the information about the revised printings. Whatever the cause, though, I think I'll do better to deal with someone else.

Edit: I have e-mailed Wizards of the Coast's support group, as suggested above (and by Battlefront), to let them know about this and to clarify that I don't think this is their problem.
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I did a quick check of ReferenceUSA which tells me that Battle Front Miniatures (www.flamesofwar.com) is incorporated in DE (no surprise given their tax laws), you can try the phone numbers listed there (302) 366-8620 if you're adventurous.

EDIT: My guess is this is where US orders come from. Battlefront Limited is based in NZ.
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There were two errors involved here which their customer service is failing to acknowledge.
The first is the incorrect file sent to them by WotC. Your issue isn't technically about that, GF9 can take that up with WotC themselves, why the heck are they dragging you into it?!
The second error belongs solely to GF9. You specifically requested and purchased the next printing which IS different than the currently available one. It's like a new model, except nobody prints model or version numbers on cards. They did not send you the one you specified. If they had a problem with you pre-ordering the new version they should have contacted you to clarify the issue and possibly cancel that portion of the order if not the entire order. Sending you the explicitly wrong version, telling you they won't fix it, and directing you to another company, one which has nothing to do with their error is gross negligence on their part. I'm talking normal english language expressions, not legal stuff as Ianal.
You're probably dealing with a list monkey that's been instructed to not take back cards from people that ordered the wrong thing, and is too stupid to recognize they screwed up.

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