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Updated Monster of the Week coming Feb. 27

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Matching the new Codex of Worlds Backerkit campaign, the new edition of the PbtA monster-hunting game is hardcover and it's killing (or mortally wounding) the Tome of Mysteries book and taking most of its stuff:
Evil Hat said:
What’s New in the Hardcover Edition?

With the hardcover edition of Monster of the Week, we’ve added in a little bit extra to the existing material from the revised softcover edition—24 additional pages in all.

From The Tome of Mysteries supplement, we’ve added rules options for alternative weird basic moves, phenomenon-type mysteries, and an alternative, more flexible investigate a mystery move. We’ve also incorporated all of the special Luck moves from Tome of Mysteries for this book’s playbooks that didn’t have them previously.

We’ve also brought in two additional playbooks that previously existed only as online downloadables: the Snoop and the Spooktacular.

If you already own the (now out-of-print) softcover Monster of the Week and the Tome of Mysteries supplement—and don’t want a more durable hardcover upgrade to replace your softcover—you’ve already got what you need!
Truthfully, the Tome of Mysteries is just OK. What's left in it, after the new Monster of the Week book comes out next week, are four playbooks (the Gumshoe, the Hex, the Searcher and the Pararomantic) and 29 fully pre-made mysteries that are a real mixed bag. I will be happy to say goodbye to it and just rely on the beefed-up core book.

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