Used Scrolls?


So while looking over the section on scrolls to figure out scroll costs, I noticed that it mentions that scrolls are "a heavy sheet of fine vellum or high-quality paper" and that it is "placed in a tube of ivory, jade, leather, metal, or wood". The CRB only says that the "writing vanishes from from the scroll when the spell is activated".

How does LPF handle scroll "left-overs"?


Well, mainly I'm wondering about reuse and resale of the leftover paper and tubes. I've looked over the equipment section in the CRB, and I don't see a mention of vellum, though there is parchment, which is 2 SP per sheet. Paper is listed, as 4 SP per sheet, but no mention is made of the quality.

I actually went and looked in Ultimate Equipment, where it again has no listing for vellum but has the same entries for paper and parchment. It does clarify however that both are suitable for scroll-making, so should we assume that the paper and parchment listed in the equipment section are 'fine/high quality' by default?

Scroll cases are mentioned in the Ultimate Equipment book as well, but only leather ones, which are stated as being 1 GP.

So, how do we determine the used value of the scroll if the DM does not specifically mention? Do we assume the lowest value (parchment in a leather tube)? Do we even exclude the tube from that unless explicitly mentioned? How do we valuate other kinds of scroll cases (particularly jade, ivory and 'metal')?

I understand that this is pocket change, but I'd feel more comfortable with a ruling on the matter. My own opinion is that unless the DM specifies, we should assume that its parchment in a leather tube, since the CRB includes the tube in the description.