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We often get asked to change usernames. Now that users can register with a single click via Facebook (which automatically uses their real name), there's more need to change usernames.

So there's a new feature. You can now change your username. You can only do so 3 times ever, and only once every 3 weeks (21 days). Your username history is displayed in your profile -- we're not keen on folks magically disassociating themselves from stuff they said.

We do ask that if you use this feature, you put a note in your sig for a couple of weeks. That way people won't be confused. The very, very, very last thing we want this feature to be is a way to deceive people. So we do ask that you be up-front about your username changes.

To change your username, go to your settings and select "Edit Profile".

Big Mac

Sorry if I'm being dense and missed something, but how does one go about doing this exactly?
Good question. I spent ages looking around the My Profile and My Account settings and could not find it.

I wonder if this is a pre-crash feature that was not brought back after the Kickstarter.

Luckily, I'm happy with my username.


I was changing my city, state, and zip code in the Edit Profile screen yesterday, and for some reason Chrome auto-filled the Username field (and I didn't notice), changing it to "Chase Freedom MC". There's a link to "Revert to previous username", but it doesn't work. It gives the following error: Shot 2015-01-27 at 5.17.30 PM.png

I really don't want to live with "Chase Freedom MC" for the next 29 days...

[MENTION=1]Morrus[/MENTION] - can this be reset manually? Help!