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WOIN USF Copernicus map


So... I am getting a little bit confused about the lift shafts and their corridors. Are they depicted in the decks maps or are they assumed to be fore and aft of them? Because I though that the round rooms with a circle drawn within them were the lifts, but if so, the lifts only have one exit, and in many decks there is no corridor between the Port and starboard lifts.
it the lift shafts are fore and aft of the decks, what are those rooms with another circle inside? Other lifts that cannot be climbed ?

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
They're in-between each of the deck maps. There is a sample 'lift deck' provided, which shows the corridor between each deck and the two lifts (port and starboard) on page 21. The various round rooms scattered about the map are just round rooms, not lifts.

(Except for the ones on the Command Deck map, labeled as Deck Lifts).

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