Vaghdah: a new setting

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The land where women rule

This is a stand alone CONTINENT for a D&D. If you use it give moi some cedit!!
Without the diagrams this wont make muke sense...
Email me for a list of the tattoos at

0 Intro
Vaghdah is an exotic (to normal D&D) continent far to the South.Not many normal people know of its extinence.

1 Overview
In Vaghdah, men have no rights, and are toys/pets/slaves to the women who rule cruely. The highest place a man could acheive is the Empress' lover. The lowest amn is a slave to another man.

The main exports are; silk, cloth, slaves, gems and adamanite. The imports are; magical items and precious metals.

Vaghdah's diety is the evil goddess Minishia. Her pratices encourge the sacrifice of males, believing that the soul is the only worthwhile part of a man. Only women can enter the clergy.
Domains; Death, Evil.
Favourte weapon; Shran (see factions)

A mans body is a tapestry of tattoos which show his personality and the major events in his life.

2 Factions;

The Farrowaithe:-
Formed by a non-Vaghdain, the Farrowaithe fights against the government of evil women. They promote equality between the sexes.

Servants of the Women
the men fight willingly for the women

Forced to fight, as they know torture or worse awaits them if they do not..

Royal Guard
Women with amazing martial skill, these women can dispatch an average soldier with ease. They use double-bladed swords known as shran.

The five castes of women;
Common Ladies,
Noble ladies,
(The demoness are women who have entered evil demonic contracts for power)
Note; The Empress is the Grand Misstress of all castes execpt sometimes the demoness

3 Vaghdahs' sky
The Sun;
As your setting's.
The Ten Moons of Vaghdah
(See diagram)

I recommend playing as members of the Farrowaithe.


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