New Demigods


So in my campaign I have a floating nation of technologically advanced gods known as Shinkokku.

This civilization rules over a continent of humans below called Shinto.


These gods (called the Demigods in campaign) also have intermediaries called The Casted who are between god and human. Commanding power over the elements, animals, holy energy or fate itself, they are the main line of defense against the constant Ghoma menace with each Casted holding more authority than a King.


I decided to expand upon this a bit more however as their chain of command wasn't really explored, beyond their leader know as the Red Queen, and thought a series of human nations with various religions and cultures made a lot of sense to work as sort of a backdrop for the demigods power structure within the mortal lands. Though these mortals all worship the gods above, they also would have demigods on the surface they either fear or love who their cultures have a strong connection too.

These Demigods are called the Prefects. They rule as the military leaders of the Casted forces upon the surface and also as the heads of various religious institutions and ultimately as God kings, unconcerned with the daily affairs of men, leaving such things to mortal royalty, and more concerned with the ultimate long term governance of a particular chunk of land, and with combating and defeating the ever present ghoma threat.

As such I've made a lot of new demigods. They're just concepts right now, but I'll add what I have and I still need to make about 10 more but I'll start with this. Let me know what you think and I'll start making stats. Thanks!

(Side note I got the idea for this off of an interesting series of AI art I saw where someone had made various nations in the world into supervillains, I liked it so much it inspired this. :))

Demigods of Shinto

Farsors: LE colors Blue and Red. God of War and Greed. Prefect of the Farsoras Prefecture
Skull headed dapper dressed gentleman looking something like uncle Sam. Uses a gun and a bowie knife, rules his area with a simple yet brutal method: he who has the most guns rules

Niraan: LG colors Green and White with Red accents. God of industry, ingenuity and assymetical warfare. Prefect of the Esfahn Prefecture.
Looks like a man in full white power armor, no skin can be seen, eyes green, uses high tech yet rugged weaponry and fights much like Genos from OPM. Can make all sorts of Doomsday level devices from seemingly junk. Rules his area as a religious center. His churches are free thinking and free spirited.

Kian: CE colors fire orange and blue. God of destruction and survival. Prefect of Kikuran Prefecture
Appears as a massive flesh golem with a constant explosion behind its skull like head. A terrifying giant. Has the energy of a AoT Titan. No churches, his people fear him, but are survivors.

Peruun: NG colors glowing red and glowing blue. God of Lightning and snow. Prefect of the Swen Prefecture
Looks basically like giga chad Thor. Uses no weapons other than his fists. Incredibly strong. His people love him and his churches basically teach people to not be naughty words and stand up for what is right.

Graven: CN colors dark dark blue and purple. God of warriors and rogues. Prefect of of Scossand Prefecture.
A chivalrous and we'll dressed man with hair made of storm clouds and blue skin. His eyes glow yellow. He uses a rapier. His churches teach the intricacies of war and deception. Theft is common in his prefect as if one isn't strong enough to keep what they own or get it back, they don't deserve it. Clerics have levels of rogue generally.

Sherra: LE colors burnt orange and white. God of Stoicism and Cunning. Prefect of the Pasha Prefecture.
A Tabaxi dressed in heavy furs of great quality. Sherra is a powerful and brutal combatant who relies on strength, endurance and cunning in his affairs. His churches are places of intrigue and maneuvering and his people tend to be both unhappy and doleful yet stoic and unwavering loyal.

Jonuut: N colors ice blue and white.
God of Strength. Prefect of Ornawi Prefecture.
Jonuut is a monstrous and dangerous God of Strength. An horned ice giant by birth he only grew more powerful and more dangerous as time went on. He doesn't as much rule but terrorize his lands causing earthquakes and avalanches and his churches hold onto the oxymoronic dogma of training and honing individuals to become strong enough to defeat him.

Macran: LN colors Red and Gold.
God of War, Conquest. Prefect of the Bertoli Prefecture.
A romanesque God of War and conquest. His churches are much like gladiatorial ludi training individuals to become the greatest warriors in all the land.

Sinukse: N colors ice blue and red.
God of nature and ice. Prefect of the Frozen Lands Prefecture.
An anthropomorphic ice fox. Sinuske is a cunning and powerful keeper of the natural world. Her Prefecture is almost entirely undeveloped and most her clerics are druids. She believes in peace and solitude and violently defending those ideals.

Doiesheska: LN colors silver and red. God of cybernetics and survival. Prefect of the Aieshand Prefecture.
A crazed man who's half machine. He wields a massive hammer and has ice blue eyes. He believes in mechanization and combating the ghoma through superior firepower and force. His people are nationalistic to the point of psychotic.

Laporte: LN colors indigo and gold. God of wealth and power. Prefect of Vharlamai Prefecture.
A mechanized man in power armor wearing a three pointed hat and using a modern style assault rifle with a scope. His people are very cultured and well educated, they enjoy a technological advantage and beautiful art and architecture. His churches teach the philosophy of creating a beautiful world whether that's through art, food, wine or the accumulation of wealth. Wars are focused and quick affairs with Laporte killing the leadership of an enemy quickly and surgically.


Siloa: CE colors Red Black and Brown. God of Vice and Evil. Prefect of the Domnia Prefecture.
A buff man seemingly human with tattoos of roses all up and down his arms. His arms and joints are mechanized. Two back panels on his back hide massive weapons a chain gun and a massive laser cannon. He is wholly evil and only cares for his people as a moderately healthy society can keep giving him more. His churches are more like cartels with the clerics entirely evil. They put on catholic like services and keep the population in hope however.


Garam: LN colors Blue. God of mind and magic. Prefect of Azulla Prefecture.
A blue goblin with sharply pointed ears and glowing eyes. He is tall for a goblin being at eye level with most humans. He is neutral and rules his people fairly. His churches are schools where the gifted are taught to harness their powers and the ungifted are taught powers through study.


Queen Anme: LG colors platnum and purple. God of rulership. Prefect of the Garland Prefecture.
A seemingly human woman of about 70 to 80 years old with purple eyes and white hair. She is statuesque and moves, speaks, and rules with dignity. She is powerful and her subjects adore her. Her church is one of loyalty and obedience.


King Waless: LE colors Red and silver. God of War. Prefect of the Garland Prefecture.
A seemingly human man of 70 to 80 years old. Seems undead perhaps. Unnaturally muscular and is always seen covered in blood. King of Garland, Waless is the God of War and also punishment in Garland. He solidifies Anmes rule and as the people love her they fear him.


Daneska: N colors aqua blue. God of the Ocean. Prefect of the Danesha Prefecture. A mermaid woman always flanked by barracudas or sharks she is a fickle Goddess quick to anger and quicker to punish. She is loved by her people as she is the bringer of bountiful food and calm seas but they are also weary of her as she is also th Goddess of tidal waves and starvation. Her churches are tribal in nature and more shamanic than formal.


Poldeck: CG colors silver and fire red. God of Dragons. Prefect of the Dobrov Prefecture.
A half silver half white dragon of enormous power. Poldeck was once a mortal lizardfolk but became something much more via reincarnation. He is a loyal and just ruler but has moments of betrayal. His subjects understand his moods and do their best to please him. His churches look more like fortresses than churches and his clergy are made of paladins and platinum knights.


Dullahan: NE colors black and white. God of Undeath and Vampires. Prefect of the Voloditare Prefecture.
A joker like vampire with a pair of bat like wings on his back. Dullahan brings his subjects back from the dead to continue to serve him long after life has left their bodies. As such the people have adopted a philosophy of seeing undeath as a transition to their true state with life being a limited larval stage they'll quickly shed. His churches are filled with antipaladins, blackguards, and evil clerics all or more of which are undead already.


Oshura: NG colors teal and gold. God of Life and Power. Prefect of the Malawaisha Prefecture.
A beautiful black woman of incredible power. Oshura holds a scepter of power and is always flanked by a teal and gold ravid. Her hair moves in al directions as in constantly underwater. She is a Goddess of life and power but is mainly known for her successful conquests against Dullahan and the Ghoma. She is revered far and wide and is worshipped all throughout Shinto, her churches, places of healing and safety can be found all throughout the land.


Geren: CE colors Green and gold. God of wealth and corruption. Prefect of the Alega Prefecture.
A wicked leprechaun. Geren gained his power through the accumulation and consumption of gold. Eventually he became a God, a fickle, evil, spiteful and mean-spirited God fond of torturing and tricking his subjects. His churches are filled with mainly fey who share his love of brutally torturing his population. He is however quite kind to those who despite his wicked ways make it to the highest echelons of society.


Echel: NG colors Grayish black. God of Stone and Strength. Prefect of the Anderes Prefecture.
A massive stone giant as large as a mountain. Echel is a slow to act and slow to anger God who takes only decisive action. He listens more than anything. He is powerful, ponderous, and intelligent. His churches are colorful events filled with dancing, lavish decorations and flavorful foods. Echel enjoys seeing his people happy and their happiness makes him bestow more happiness and good tidings upon them.



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Here's the rest of them hope you all enjoy.

Döjorok: NE colors black and fire orange. God of Nature and the Hunt. Prefect of the Suromong Prefecture.
A monstrous humanoid standing over a hundred feet tall. Huge protruding antlers atop his massive shaggy bearded head, his body appears made of wood, much like a dryad. Döjorok is a simple yet mischievous being who enjoys the sanctity of his forest but also enjoys watching lost travellers starve or be hunted by wolves. His churches are filled with druids and his people take care to keep his lands pristine or else incur his wrath.


Ankaarra: N colors white blue and burnt orange. God of scavengers and opportunity.
An anthropomorphic Red Panda like being dressed in scale armor. Ankaarra is a cunning being who teaches a philosophy of success while spending little. His society is wealthy yet uses mainly refurbished and cast off gear and prefers to fix and maintain things vice buying new. His churches tend to be much like swap meets with church goers expecting nothing for free and coming with items to trade and barter for.


Gnaeon: NG colors teal and quarted gold. God of Glory. Prefect of the Etrusia Prefecture.
A huge muscular man in golden gladiatorial armor with blue glowing eyes, sharp features and a golden helm with horns he has ashen hair that flows as if in water when he is angered. He sports a round shield and a magic sword he wears greaves and gauntlets though his chest and legs are exposed with his armor only covering his heart. He is a righteous ruler attempting to lead by example. He spends his time among mortals drinking, loving and fighting alongside them and accepts no formal worship. He is the greatest hero os Etrusia. His churches are places of learning and philosophy and his "priests" are scholars and omduras fighting the righteous fight against both the ghoma and all other forces of evil.


Mehrhen: NG colors sunset red orange and pink, and gold. God of Dragons and Nature. Prefect of the Unoroa Prefecture.
A glorious serpentine dragon looking to be made of a giant banzai tree, a great wyrm Timber Dragon, Mehrhen is very powerful. Mehrhen is a noble and just God who rules over Unoroa with a velvet talon. His people are happy, wealthy, healthy, safe and fulfilled. Fey flock to his land and gold rises from the soil and into the surrounding plant and animal life giving everything a golden tinge. Mehrhen is devastating against the ghoma and his land is generally free of their presence. His churches are places of natural glory and beauty where the main philosophy is to help people live their best lives.


Hakoro: NE colors blackish green and gray. God of War. Prefect of the Onokoro Islands Prefecture.
Hakoro is a terrible and violent God, appearing as an ash gray demon covered in tribal tattoos and wielding a taiaha. His eyes glow yellow and his mouth is filled with massive sharp teeth. He is a God of War, and his churches are tribal events where his members scheme to attack and conquer neighboring islands. He is the God of all these neighboring islands however and his blessings come to those who succeed or those who fight despite all odds, those who lose are captured, their heads taken, shrunken and their bodies eaten.


The Silver King. LE colors white and silver. God of Rulership. Prefect of the Luanara Prefecture.
A young king on a throne with wings. The Silver King appears as a young human with somewhat sunken eyes. He almost never smiles and always looks somewhat depressed or perturbed. He dresses in fineries of silver and white and sports a jeweled crown made seemingly of brass. He is a God of toil, rulership and power, he is a heartless ruler allowing his soldiers to take advantage of the human population, breaking promises and slaughtering his people, knowing they can do nothing to stop him. He usually only smiles when involved in acts of atrocity. His clergy are heartless humans who want to get a piece of what his soldiers are doing and his churches though huge and garish are almost always empty with the humans being forced to build and maintain such structures but seeing them as cursed..


Raktajarra: LN colors Red and Brass. God of Order. Prefect of the Pelenar Prefecture.
Raktajarra is an Oni of great power who rejected his kind and became a God. He appears as a 13 foot tall ogre with curved horns and grayish skin covered in red tattoos. These tattoos are actually paint he applies every day, symbols to keep his inherent corruption in check and an ongoing promise to live a ordered and pure existence. He rules over a mountainous and snowy Prefecture and rules with a just yet brutal method. His people are happy and love him yet they fear his barely contained rage.


Norupuu: LE colors Green and Gold. God of Mountains and Gold. Prefect of the Anadarra Prefecture.
Norupuu is a powerful and evil God of wealth and power. He appears as an orcish man with frightening eyes the color of fire covered in gold and feathers in a mesoamerican style. He uses a Macahuitl lined in blades so sharp and strong they can slice through adamantine. His people are wealthy and happy but malicious. And he teaches a philosophy of brutal cunning.


Gaspar: CG colors fire red, gold and black. God of Dance and Death. Prefect of the Yangarra Prefecture.
A lich turned bard, Gaspar is a God of freed slaves, dignity, dance and death. He is fun loving and charismatic appearing as a skeletal zombie in a wide brimmed Hispanic style hat with a long tailed and dapper coat, his hat, coat and clothes are a deep blackish blue and encrusted with gold, gems, jewels and intricate embroidery. He uses two guns like a gunslinger and uses that alongside his magic spells. His people love him but fear him when he arrives as his arrival usually means someone's death. He kills outlaws, corrupt politicians, and most of all slave owners. Churches are happy and lavish events with a lot of drinking, eating, merriment and flowers.


Esporos: NE colors black and red. God of Beasts and Trickery. Prefect of the Epana Prefecture.
Esporos is a massive black minotaur with glowing red eyes and an elaborate red cape. He rules over the Prefect of Epana with an iron hoof but his people live quite luxuriously. They are wealthy, prosperous, happy, healthy and educated. His prefect is known for its many brutal games and sports, many of which involve men fighting bulls or minotaurs, with an annual event where unarmed combatants are put against such beasts or thrown into mazes with them much to the delightment of the bloodthirsty crowds.


Tyrus: LN colors Blue White and Red. God of Service and Loyalty. Protector of the Garland Prefecture.
A subservient God of Waless and Anme, Tyrus once owned a neighboring Prefecture before giving his churches his Prefecture and his title to Queen Anme and pledging his undying loyalty to her. He is a powerful being appearing as a man in powered armor with an elaborate silver helmet and gas mask over his face. He wields a modern style assault rifle and has an aesthetic between 1700 and 1930.


Khemet: LN colors Gold and Royal Blue. God of Magic and Science. Prefect of the Maatkhem Prefecture.
Khemet is the anthropomorphic jackal God of Maatkhem. An ancient culture they were one of the first to pop up in Shinto over 10,000 years ago. His culture is one of scientific knowledge, astrological and astronomical research and the development of powerful magic. His churches are places of deep meditation, research and direct connection to himself. His people are very wealthy and love him.


Gaanatarapta: NG colors Red, Gold and Silver. God of Progress and Fulfillment. Prefect of the Dravanessa Prefecture.
Gaanatarapta appears as a massive semi humanoid elephant with a body structure more like a gorilla than a human or an elephant. He is muscular, with grayish silver skin, red eyes that shine like rubies and golden ornaments. He is one of the three most powerful of the Prefects ruling vast amounts of land and with churches all throughout Shinto. His churches are easy going places of harmonious chanting, eating of food and preaching. They are colorful and the burning of incense and drinking of milky tea is commonplace.


Shin: LN colors Iron Gray and Blood Red. God of Tradition and Values. Prefect of the Tsumatsa Prefecture.
A samurai like warrior wielding an odachi, Shin is a powerful God who rules over the beautiful Tsumatsa region. This land is heavily influenced by the Anyothens who have settled there and as such many of their technological and artistic choices are adapted into both Shin's personal look and the culture she's created. Shins people are insular and don't like outsiders or change but are happy. Her churches are places of deep discipline and meditation and most her clerics have levels of monk or kenseijin.


Waheii: LN colors Red, Gold, green, and teal. God of Sovereignty and Dragons. Prefect of the Golshan Desert.
Waheii alongside Gaanatarapta is the strongest of the Prefects. A massive Sovereign dragon, he was a 13x advanced great wyrm of incredible renown long before he became a God. He rules the largest and second most highly populated region in Shinto being barely edged out by Gaanatarapta. He appears as a massive gold, red, teal and green dragon over a kilometer long, he is regularly seen snaking through the sky however he can alter his size at will. He rarely involves himself in mortal affairs, but helps people readily through intermediaries. His land is prosperous and happy. His people are wealthy and safe from ghoma attacks.


Tarrack: CG colors sand yellow and lightning blue. God of Lightning and Prophecy. Prefect of the Omen Prefecture.
Tarrack appears as an older human male dressed in robes with a full white beard. He comes to the earth on bolts of lightning flanked by storm clouds to give messages to both men and gods alike. He is a benevolent being but also quick to anger. He is capable of creating rain or drought and his people know he can be brutal when proper patronage isn't given to him. His people live in a more tribal fashion living off of and thriving in the generally uninhabited central region of the Golshan Desert called the Desert of Omen.

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One last one

Rioa: CG colors beige black and pink. God of food, determination and dreams. Prefect of the Modama Prefecture.
Rioa is a just and happy god appearing as a tiny chihuahua person the size of a housecat standing on two legs. Rioa wears ornamental armor, a flowing cape, and wields a longsword. She is flanked by a legendary paragon dire bear of legend called Baaduz. She has a church that teaches that a good society starts at the home and her clergy cooks delicious and flavorful foods and the philosophy that a healthy home makes a happy life with the chief tennants being get good sleep, cook good food, play, and make your family happy. She teaches that determination and following one's dreams is the highest goal and she though small is a valiant defender of her land and the culture of her people.


Okay last batch. Hope you guys enjoy.

Komwen: NE colors gray and red. God of Spite. Prefect of the Komwei Prefecture.
A bitter man in modern soldiers armor. He appears cybernetic and his eyes glow red orange as if artificial. He rules over the embattled Komwei region, a Prefecture known for its massive military, desperate civilians, and backwards culture. The soldiers and patricians of Komwei have everything while the people starve and must make do with recycling everything they own to make ends meet and eating rats and a few handfuls of rice a day. People are literally starving to death in the streets but Komwen and the Komwei government does not care at all. His people are prisoners in their own nation unable to escape and only barely surviving.


Asren: N colors desert yellow and orange brown. God of pugilism. Prefect of the Dow Prefecture.
Dow is a rugged, dangerous and charming domain bordering Waheii's Golshan Desert. Asren is a massive buff kangaroo man with fighting gloves on and takes a very hands off approach to his Prefecture. He prefers to spend all or most his time fighting in local arenas and training brawlers. His prefect is ruled entirely by mortal kings and the Casted self govern with their solars being in charge.


Thale: N colors bluish black and brown red. God of perfection. Prefect of the Pakacalla Prefecture.
Thale is a buff humanoid elephant (a liphant) standing around 12 feet tall. He is enormously powerful and trains people directly. Much like Asren he has little interest in ruling but loves to be worshipped as a conquering hero. He trains master fighters only seeking out the strongest mortals to train, generally paragons, and helps them achieve greatness. He is no dojo tiger however as he takes his fighters head on against the ghoma and always returns victorious.


Barnaba: CE colors gray blue and orange. God of Privateering. Prefect of the Rael Islands Prefecture.
Barnaba is a deadly and infamous pirate lord turned God. He is undead, a water wight, and wholly evil. He dresses as a pirate complete with a three pointed hat and magic cutlass and uses an ancient galleon style ship complete with cannons. He is reckless but not stupid and spends his time both hunting the ghoma and causing mayhem in his own waterways. His people fear him and those who admire him join him.


Barana the Dark Shade: NE colors black and gray. God of Secrets and Prophecy. Prefect of the Shadow Shale Prefecture.
Barana is a strange wraith like entity that rules over the near abandoned Shadow Shale province located within the massive Forest of Durrack. This being is known for being able to reconnect dead loves one's to the living, being able to help answer nearly any question and even help beings achieve immortality. His help however is not without a cost as every being who asks this gods help comes back corrupted and tainted somehow. Barana is not to be trifled with and of the 10,000 or so residents that make up his entire realm there are only a few scattered shrines to him, deep in the forest or high on the barren shale peaks that make up his province.


Byron: CG, colors Green and red. God of Trickery and Skill. Prefect of the Jonsow Prefecture.
Byron is the much loved God of the Jonsow district. He is a tall and gangly troll with green skin and bright red eyes. He is a God of thieves, skilled craftsmen, and masters of any trade. His people have a curious belief of absolute excellence but also taking what you need with theft being not only legal but celebrated. Armed robbery, stealing from the weak or infirm, and jackpot thuggery is however punishable by hanging, but cat burglary, and orchestrated crimes that leave no physical damage to any victim is seen as skilled, intelligent and crafty.


The White One: N colors White. God of Monsters. Prefect of the Everice Prefecture.
A massive yeti, the white one is a terrible and powerful denizen of the far northern Everice district. He is brutal and vicious and eats those who stray too close. He cares not for humanity and only wants to kill and eat ghoma and for his icy home to remain unchanged.


Gantar: NE colors gray and vibrant green. God of Liches. Prefect of the Huatama Prefecture.
Brother of Norupuu, Gantar is just as corrupt and just as evil. A hunefer who regained his divinity through becoming a Phasmalich, gantar is the God of the undead with Liches in particular coming to his call. His realm, once vibrant and full of life is filled with terrible undead mockeries of what once were. The whole realm appears as if a taxidermist went mad with the people, the animals the plants even being dead and reborn as undead. He cares not about new births and gains new people by attracting undead to his realm and by forcible conversions of kidnapped mortals of any kind, plant human or animal.


Ecal: NG colors purple and gold. God of Magic and healing. Prefect of the Ovania Prefecture.
A strange alpaca person. Ecal is a God of Magic and healing taking a clinical approach to the application of magical energies. He is a wizard/ oracle turned mystic theurge by trade and his clergy is made of doctors, scholars and priests who seek to defend the realm by helping people survive.


Corecca: NE colors brown and ochre. God of swamps and decay. Prefect of Coraana Prefecture.
Corecca is a terrible and evil God who specializes in blight and decay. A God of swamps, fungi, lichens and mosses, Corecca creates armies of horrid monsters that roam his realm. Outwardly hostile and utterly evil, he still has a strange fascination with the mortal struggle to survive and though a wicked leader he enjoys seeing his mortals thrive. Like small oasis of happiness in a brutal and horrible world, Coreccas towns are populated and well looked after. His clerics mainly have the disease domain or plant domain and his churches are filled with all manner of strange and seemingly uncomplimentary beings.


Anuukarra: CE colors white and dark bluish green. God of ice and death. Prefect of Saquatha Prefecture.
Anuukarra is a massive centauric wendigo God of ice death and blood. He is a menacing God who stalks through his realm like an unkillable monster slaughtering any who dare oppose him. He has no churches with the church of the unending light (Diaz worshippers) openly opposing him.


Bassill: NG colors various Greens. God of nature and the moon. Prefect of the Mefon Prefecture.
Bassill is a powerful and benevolent God of nature and the cycles of nature. An elder treant, his Manifestation is none the less quite small, however his roots connect to all other trees in his forest so he appears ever present and ever connected. Able to appear in multiple places at once, he is always felt. His clergy is made up of fey, treants and druids who create a balanced system between human innovation and natural order. Non humancentric, Bassill is not interested in the plight of individuals, but more concerned with the natural order as a whole, as such he may appear distant, aloof and uncaring to some.


Oxamna, the Archdevil: LE colors neon yellow and neon blue. God of Law and Vengeance. Prefect of the Ghan Prefecture.
Oxamna is a short lived Archdevil who ousted Bel Lord of the First before being quickly overwhelmed and shunted into the Prime Material Plane. He was beset upon by the gods who slew him and revived him as a mortal. He however was not going to be defeated so easily. He remembered his past life and became a powerful witch to reclaim his former glory. He instead of attempting to claim his realm on the First Plane of Baator, he instead learned to harness his magic, turning him temporarily into a God. From here he regained his previous archdevil form and began to use his magic constantly to return himself to a godlike state. Eventually he perfected the technique and can maintain it perpetually. Needing vast amounts of magic, he turned to Shinkokku, pledged himself to them and they now maintain his godlike stature as long as he remains loyal, a bargain he sees no reason to reneg upon. His churches are evil looking places made of red stained glass and black metal. His worshippers see him as the ultimate survivor and strive to be as tough as him and to always get back at those who betray them.


A favor for Bootlebat, hope you enjoy buddy. :)

Echel the Mountain

"Prefect of Anderes, Lord of Stone, God of Peaceful Power "

As you continue your ascent up the mountain path, you see the trail on either side is lined with multi colored prayer flags and a peaceful vibration fills the air. You see other pilgrims pass you and further down the trail behind you you see more pilgrims coming. Your arms are heavy with incense and flags you plan to place and offer once you reach the summit.

Not long now you think to yourself as you reach the crown of the last summit.

As you take the last few steps you can see the top of his massive crowned head and you breath a sigh of relief. You see, standing as tall as a mountain, your living God. Echel of the Living Mountain. The God of Anderes. A massive humanoid being seemingly carved of stone, barechested and muscular. He sits, nearly motionless as usual, smiling and watching the procession before him.

People from all around the nation have gathered here today, The Festival of Flowers, to honor the being who has given them all such vibrant peace, protection, and safety. They dance in colorful costumes and surround the mountains with prayer flags and burn incense and pray to the unyielding lord of power who rules this land above all others.

Macro-Medium Outsider (Living Construct, Mountain Giant)
Divine Rank 6 (Demi Deity)

Hit Dice:
30d20 (20 Barbarian 10 War Hulk) +600 Epic Toughness, 30 Toughness, +210 boons of the 7 springs, +1,170 Con (2,610 hp)

Armor Class:
73 (10, +10 Armor, +11 Dex, +52 natural, +20 Deflection, +6 Divine, -36 Size) Touch 11, Flat Footed 62
Initiative: Always First/ +19
Speed: 2,970, Burrow 2,970, Earthglide, Fly 180 (Average)

Base Attack/Grapple (CMB/CMD): 30/ 218 (218/239)

+186 Melee: 30d10+65, +6 Divine, +2d10 Fire 18-20/x4 Crit (231 average damage, 800 ft Area of Effect)

-+20 Mountain Smash: +206 Melee: 30d10+97 Str, +20 Ench, +6 Divine, +2d10 Fire 18-20/x4 Crit (283 Average Damage, 5,000 ft Area of Effect)

-Spells/ Rays: +132 Ranged Touch

-+20 Mountain Throw: +152 Ranged: 30d10+97 Str, +20 Ench, +6 Divine, +2d10 Fire 18-20/x4 Crit (283 Average Damage, 5,000 ft Area of Effect)

Full Attack:
Slam +186/+186/+181+/176/+171 Melee, or Mountain Smash +206/+206/+201/+196/+191 Melee

Mountian Throw +152/+152/+147/+142/+137 Ranged, or +132 Ranged Touch

Special Attacks: Wish 6xday, Spell Like abilities, Rock Throw, Earth Mastery, Mighty Swing, Massive Swing, Massive Sweeping Boulder, Crush, Fling, Grab, Rock Catching, Summon Giants, Mighty Rage, Rage Powers, Channel Elemental Energy

Special Qualities: Scent, Damage Reduction 30/+6 (15/-) , SR 46, Regeneration 15, Divine Immunities, Immunities: (Cold, Acid, Petrification, Fire, Mind Influencing Effects) Sonic and Cold Resistance 30, Divine Aura (DC 130, 400 ft), Genetic Engineering, Constructed Physiology, Haste, Fast Movement, Trap Sense +6, Improved Uncanny Dodge

Saves: Fort +147, Ref +112, Will +118
Abilities: Str 140(+65), Dex 32(+11), Con 88(+39), Int 40(+15), Wis 45(+17), Cha 50(+20)

Skills: All skills are at 39+ relevant ability modifier. -40 Stealth

Feats: Toughness, Deflect Arrows, Two Weapon Fighting, Point Blank Shot, Quick Draw, Rapid Shot, Dodge, Improved Critical, Intimidating Prowess

Epic Feats: Legendary Archer, Exceptional Deflection, Reflect Arrows, Infinite Deflection, Epic Toughness, Dire Charge, Blinding Speed, Incite Rage, Epic Dodge, Ruinous Rage, Sixth Sense, Cat’s Fall, Greater Critical, Greater Critical Multiplier, Calculating Warrior

Divine Abilities: Strong Mind/Spirit/Soul, Heavenly Mind/Spirit/Soul, *Living Construct, Perfect Initiative, Legendary, Invincibility, Greater Manifestation, Regeneration, Multifaceted, Nescient, Spell Abatement, *Omnicompetent, Divine Immensity x7 (Always Active)

Environment: Prefecture of Anderes, Shinkokku, Outer Planes
Organization: Solitary, or with 1d3+1 Shinkokku Demigods, or with Divine Entourage
Challenge Rating: (official CR 80)
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Neutral Good
Effective Class Level: 60

Echel is the divine lord of the Shinto prefect of Anderes, a peaceful mountainous nation with a strong economy but not on par with other larger states like Shin or Dravanessa. Echel’s people are happy, safe, and loved. They’re rarely plagued by war or strife but also train for war with the Ghoma constantly boasting some of the strongest single fighters in all of the Shinto Empire.

Echel himself is a powerful mountain sized giant of unimaginable strength. He is born of the union of a Mountain Giant and an Earth Monolith giving him incredible natural prowess. He has increased his already large stature with judicious use of the Divine Immensity feat making him stand at nearly 2 miles tall. He can further this size with Righteous Might when he needs to but rarely does. He is ponderous, compassionate, strong and stoic. He genuinely cares for his mortals and though he is a being of few words, he is and has always been considered a powerful force of good.

Seeing Echel in the distance sitting or walking is seen by the surrounding cultures as a positive omen and a sign of good luck to come.

Combat: Echel relies on his prodigious strength and incredible size as a warning to most would be attackers that attacking him is a fool’s errand. To those who deliberately incur his ire, he is a relentless and terrifying combatant. He usually uses as little force as possible to crush would be attackers, not wanting to be seen by his communities as a monster or a brute, he usually simply smashes his foes like swatting a fly with his massive hands. He stands at roughly 8,000 feet tall and his massive hands cover an area 800 feet wide, his attacks hit all foes within that range as if they were subject to the Whirlwind Attack feat.

Generally this is enough, but if it’s not he relishes true combat. He will use his massive speed and tell his foes to follow him, leading them to an uninhabited location where he can truly cut loose, conversely he may simply just grab the entire environment they were currently just in and run them to a safer location, usually the large hot mountainous desert that borders his usual location, but barring that he’ll find any place that is roughly flat, and devoid of life. From there he uses his Mighty Rock Throwing ability to throw the whole environment thousands of feet usually into the side of a mountain. He then grabs an entire mountain and proceeds to pummel his foes down into nothing and leave the mountain on top of their remains before using Wish to restore the damage to the landscape.

If this is not enough he throws mountain peaks at foes with his Rock Throwing ability and Legendary Archer powers. Devoid of most energy based attacks, he can nonetheless absorb energy attacks while raging and unleash them back on his foes as a massive breath weapon due to his Elemental Eruption rage power.

A favored tactic of Echel is to move at full speed leap and “cannonball” at foes dealing full damage to an area the size of his entire body, immune to the falling damage he should receive he is known to repeat the attack multiple times. He also is a master at using his massive size to his advantage running through enemies with his Overbearing Onslaught Rage Power and just moving at full speed out of an opponent’s range to simply turn around and rush through the opponent’s squares again, able to rush through multiple attackers he can easily squash whole armies set against him like this.

Much faster than one would expect from such a large and ponderous opponent he frequently catches foes off guard with how quickly he can respond to hostility or to those who threaten his people. He is legendary for his ability to evade attacks, capable of dodging blows that should have definitely hit him through sheer reflexes. He moves with the fluid grace of a professional athlete and uses his earth glide ability to minimize the damage he does to the surrounding environment as he makes his approach.

A weak spellcaster, Echel has been bested in the past with powerful magic. He is very strong against such attacks due to his high saving throws, however he is not invulnerable. He largely relies on his regeneration to keep him safe in combat and expects to take damage in a fight. His giant size though powerful makes him vulnerable to rays and other focused supernatural abilities, spell like abilities and spells.

Might (Ex): Deal a maximum of 30d10 base damage with virtual size categories for any unarmed or weapon strike unless otherwise stated.

Genetic Engineering: Shinkokku has mastered the ability to genetically enhance all it’s subjects. There is no genetic randomness with the majority of the Demigods. This replaces the “rolled stats” of a character changing them to a flat “25” to all ability scores.

Constructed Physiology: Shinkokku Demigods are generally cybernetic, replacing limbs and body parts readily with enhanced prosthetics and parts of their brains with processors. As such all Shinkokku Demigods unless otherwise stated have the Ersatz or Living Construct Divine Ability and Omnicompetent Ability for free.

Mountain/ Strength Portfolio: Echel is the Lord of Strength and Stone, a Demigod famed for his incredible strength only surpassed by his compassion.

-Spell Like abilities: Can use any Strength or Mountain Domain spell like abilities 1/ round.

-Rhino’s Cunning: Penalty to Intelligence equal to Divine Rank (6)

-Death Before Dishonor: Cannot renege on a personal challenge

-Hostile Environment Air: -6 Penalty to all die rolls when not touching solid ground

-Sonic Vulnerability: Suffer 50% additional damage from Sonic based attacks and spells

-Shield of Strength:
Immunity to Strength Drain or Damage

-Burrow: Burrow speed is equal to land speed

-Scion of Strength: Bonus to Strength equal to Divine Rank (6)

-Scion of Earth and Stone: Bonus to all die rolls when you and your opponent both touch the ground (+6)

-Strong Brethren: Summoned Allies gain +6 Strength

-Improved Summoning Earth: Earth and stone based creatures summoned have 50% more Hit Dice

-Instrument of Strength: Damage Reduction and Hardness only 50% effective

-Instrument of the Earth: Ignore 50% of an opponent’s Natural AC

Perfect Initiative: Always goes first

Strong Soul, Spirit, Mind: Add Strength Modifier to Saves, Attack Rolls and DCs

Heavenly Soul, Spirit, Mind: Add Charisma Modifier to Saves, Attack Rolls and DCs

Greater Maninfestation: Gain the Advanced Template granting +4 all Ability Scores and +2 Natural Armor

Legendary: Gain the Monster of Legend template,
Template - Monster Of Legend
He has taken the following abilities:
-Immunities: Acid, Fear, Fire, and Mind Influencing Effects

Regeneration: Regeneration 15 works even after death

Invincibility: Ignore any damage taken if you make a successful Fortitude Save vs the damage itself.

Divine Immensity (7): Echel can transform from Collosal (his base size) to a maximum of Macro-Medium. He stays in his maximum size at almost all times, however when necessary he can also reduce his size from Colossal all the way down to Fine size, though almost never does so. He will reduce his size when needed to fit into buildings or into tight spaces but doing so drops his Strength by 10 points and reduces his Constitution by 4 points but increases his Dexterity by 2 points for every size category he drops below Macro Medium.

Dire Charge: The First round of Combat Echel can bore down upon his opponents and make a full attack with a charge.

Blinding Speed: For 5 rounds per day Echel can act as if Hasted. This stacks with his preexisting Haste ability allowing him a second extra attack with a full attack at full attack bonus

Haste (Su): Echel is treated as always under the effects of a Haste spell due to his Monster of Legend template

Mighty Rage (Ex): Echel can Rage as a free action for 83 Rounds per day boosting his Strength and Constitution by 8 each, reducing his AC by 2 and Increasing his Will Save by +4.

Crush (Ex): When Echel jumps at least 20 feet into the air (or jumps down from a height of at least 20 feet) he can land on opponents two or more size categories smaller than himself as a standard action, using its whole body to crush them. A crush attack affects as many creatures as can fit under the Echel’s body. (This is normally a 5,000 ft square, but the giant can instead opt to come down on its seat and cover a 4,000 by 8,000 foot area.) Each creature in the affected area must succeed at a Reflex save (DC 155) or be pinned, automatically taking 30d10+97 points of bludgeoning damage. Thereafter, if Echel chooses to maintain the pin, treat it as a normal grapple attack. While pinned, the opponent takes crush damage each round automatically.

Fling (Ex): When Echel successfully grapples a foe two or more size categories smaller than himself he can hurl the creature as a standard action. A flung creature travels up to 41,000 feet and takes 30d10+97 points of bludgeoning damge and 20d6 points of falling damage. The giant also can throw the flung creature as though it were a boulder. In this case, the flung creature takes the damage presented above, and any opponent it strikes takes 30d10+97 points of bludgeoning damage.

Grab (Ex): If Echel hits one or more opponents that are in total at least one size category smaller than himself with a slam (used as a melee touch attack), it deals normal damage and attempts to start a grapple (grapple bonus +218). If he gets a hold, ihe can fling the opponent in the next round. Alternatively, Echel has the option to conduct the grapple normally, or simply use one hand to hold the opponent (-20 penalty on grapple check, but Echel is not considered grappled). In either case, each successful grapple check it makes during successive rounds automatically deals slam damage. He may also choose to grapple multiple smaller opponents at once, this is treated as a grapple attempt against all foes capable of being caught under a single hand (800 feet square) and he suffers and attitional -20 penalty on the attempt which stacks with the other penalty he receives for using his Grab attack.

Trample (Ex): As a standard action during its turn each round, Echel can trample opponents at least one size category smaller than itself. This attack deals 30d10+97 points of crushing damage. A trampled opponent can attempt either an attack of opportunity at a -4 penalty or a Reflex save (DC 155) for half damage.

Rock Throwing (Ex): Echel is an accomplished rock thrower, so he receives a +1 racial bonus on attack rolls when throwing rocks. Echel can hurl rocks weighing 8-64 Kilotons each (Macro Fine objects) up to five range increments (A Range Increment for a Macro Medium Giant is 41,000 feet). Echel can hurl rocks weighing 512 Kilotons to 4 Megatons (Macro Tiny objects) a single range increment. These deal 30d10+97 damage to all foes caught in the area of attack with a successful ranged attack.

Massive Sweeping Boulder (Ex): When Echel throws a boulder wherever it lands it continues to roll hitting the adjacent squares equal to the size of the boulder thrown in a line in the direction in which it was thrown. A macro fine boulder is a square roughly 400 feet wide and a macro tiny boulder is a square roughly 3,000 feet wide. This line is as wide as the boulder’s square is and travels 4 squares in the direction in which it was thrown the DC for this attack is 155 for half damage.

Massive Swing (Ex): Echel can as a standard action strike all foes around him as a Whilrwind Attack however the range is up to 5,000 feet in all directions of Echel.

Scent (Ex): Echel can detect approaching enemies, sniff out hidden foes, and track by sense of smell.

Earth Glide (Ex): Echel can glide through stone, dirt, or almost any other sort of earth except metal as easily as a fish swims through water. Its burrowing leaves behind no tunnel or hole, and its passage does not create any ripples or other signs of its presence.

Summon Giants (Sp): Once per day, Echel can attempt to summon 10d8+10 ogres, 10d6+10 trolls, 10d4+10 hill giants, or 1d10 Mountain Giants with a 75% chance of success.

Incite Rage: When Echel goes into a Rage he boosts his allies Strength and Con by 4 points, increases their will saves by 2 points, and reduces their AC by 2 points

Ruinous Rage: Echel Ignores the Hardness of objects and deals double his strength damage to objects while in a rage.

Epic Dodge: Once per round, Echel can automatically dodge one damaging attack (must be an attack roll) successfully made against him that round, he must designate the focus of his dodge at the beginning of his round.

No Time to Think: Echel is treated as having 0 ranks in all Intelligence, Charisma and Wisdom based skills except for Intimidate which works normally.

Calculating Warrior: Echel can use skills and feats while raging. This also mitigates the No Time to Think debuff.

Intimidating Prowess: Add your Strength and Charisma Modifiers to your Intimidate Checks. (Intimidate +124)

Channel Elemental Energy (Su): Echel can Channel Energy as a 30th level Cleric but his energy only affects Elementals. Earth Elementals are healed, Air Elementals are damaged DC 127 Reflex for half.

-Spell Like Abilities: Caster Level equal to HD+ Divine Bonus DC 127

At Will: Commune, Dream, Etherealness, Gias/Quest, Greater Dispel Magic, Greater Teleport, Magic Jar, Sending, Tongues, True Sight

6/day: Wish

Portfolio Spell Like Abilities: 1/Round:


Enlarge Person, Bull’s Strength, Magic Vestment, Spell Immunity, Righteous Might, Interposing Hand, Grasping Hand, Clenched Fist, Crushing Hand


Magic Stone, Soften Earth and Stone, Stone Shape, Spike Stones, Wall of Stone, Stoneskin, Earthquake, Iron Body, Elemental Swarm

-Class Features:

Barbarian: Gain Mighty Rage, Uncanny Dodge, Fast Movement, Damage Reduction 5/-,

Rage Powers: Greater Elemental Rage, Elemental Eruption, Superstition, Ghost Rager, Ground Breaker, Guarded Stance, Intimidating Glare, Overbearing Advance, Overbearing Onslaught

War Hulk: Increased Strength +10, Massive Swing, Massive Sweeping Boulder, Mighty Swing, No Time to Think,



-Helm of the Mountain King: A +20 Helm that grants +20 to AC, an additional 20 rounds of Rage per day, and imbues it’s bonus onto any non-magical weapon that Echel wields. This allows him to imbue any weapon he weilds with an additional +20 magic damage and allow them to break magic based damage reduction. Additionaly the crown allows him to imbue any weapon he wields with his Elemental Rage ability.

-Mountain Smash: Echel usually just tears mountains out of the ground to use as weapons against his foes. His Ruinous Rage, massive size and Instrument of Strength powers working in conjunction allows him to ignore hardness and simply pull mountains out of the ground to use as weapons when he needs to. This allows him to use his strength modifier x1.5 when attacking and can imbue the attack with

3 divine artifacts liquidated for +4 divine abilities per divine rank, Boon of the 7 Springs is a stacking 'Toughness' feat for various holy hot springs visited in my world, Epic toughness in my campaigns grants +20 hp per level.
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