D&D 5E 101 Lore Tidbits from my Forgotten Realms games


ORC (Open RPG) horde ally
32. [Mystara] The gurrosh “gatorfolk” of the Malpheggi Swamp worship Ka, a t-rex who ascended to godhood.

33. [Mystara] The Five Shires is less the Shire of Tolkien and more the Hidden Villages of Naruto.

34. [Mystara] In today’s episode of Unusual Cultural Traditions: in the Northern Reaches, regardless of actual sex, full and half arcane spellcasters are always considered to be (and treated as) female.

35. [All] I’ve shared this one before, but my dragons don’t have wings and can’t fly, at least not without the aid of magic spells. They make up for this with a boatload of resistances and immunities.

36. [Eberron] In Breland, manifesting an aberrant dragonmark is a crime that will get you stripped of most legal rights and protections.

37. [Eberron] In the absence of House Jorasco, the dwarves of Clan Soldorak have cornered the body-alteration market.

38. [Eberron] If you were to draw a straight line between Eston and Kalazart, and then use that line to determine the radius of a circle within the Mournland, time within the area would move faster, at a rate of 50% in 20 mile intervals towards Eston.

39. [Eberron] Within Eston itself, this effect is stronger. Time here is accelerated tenfold, at least when compared to outside the Mournland.

40. [All] Why do goblinoids hate elves so much more than any other humanoid species? Because the goblinoids evolved from the quaggoths, who were driven into the Underdark by the elves.

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