Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 announcement trailer


A Wicked Kendragon

The game is available for preorder on

Brian Mitsoda and Chris Avellone are part of the development team.

There's talk that some people have been let in to play the demo of the game, and that everything is more polished than in the trailer, and they're still working to improve it.


I can't wait. If I had the money I would preorder today.

I enjoyed the first one. I really liked how it changed based on clans. Nosferatu had to use the sewers to get around. Things talked to the Malkavians. I hope they do this again. The article I read about it yesterday gave them grief over that. They thought it was insensitive.

Oh and the "twins". I'll be in bunk.


The first game was enjoyable, if unfinished and very buggy. It was a diamond in the rough... if the diamond in question crashed a lot and had a lot of its content scrapped.

I'm cautiously excited about this announcement. Making a videogame like the Vampire the Masquerade today is a massive undertaking, and it is hard to do it justice. I hope it stays true to its RPG nature and doesn't become a lazy first person shooter. The trailer doesn't give us a whole lot to go on, since none of it is actual ingame footage.
I also think the public perception of vampires have changed since it was first released. They used to be edgy and cool. Now thanks to twilight and a million other vampire romance novels, they are more like something out of a soap opera. And not like Dark Shadows. More like the Eternally Young and Restless.


I stumbled upon it a few years ago, I believe due to some recommendations and a Steam Sale?
The original one was really good... Minus the horrible bugs that made the game unplayable and required fan patches to overcome, plus the default controls are completely non-intuitive for people used to egoshooters or "walking simulators" - thankfully I eventually figured out how to change that setting.
I'm mildly interested by the changes made to the setting/lore compared to Redemption and Bloodlines 1. The powers seem to have been changed, with changing into bats, becoming mist and telekinesis being new capabilities you can develop from the onset rather than being arbitrarily restricted to certain ranks of disciplines or magic rituals.

I'm not so much interested in the World of Darkness lore. It's world building has always struck me as arbitrarily restrictive, especially considering its virtual monopoly on the urban fantasy tabletop market. But whenever I'm stupid enough to voice my opinion in public spaces, fanboys dogpile me into oblivion. Which makes me less receptive, not more.