DMs Guild Van Richten’s Guide to Korvidas: Explore a new Domain of Dread in Ravenloft


Hi everyone. I've just released my latest DMs Guild product - a supplement that details a new Domain of Dread in Ravenloft. I just wanted to share it on here, in case it's of interest. Cheers!

Van Richten's Guide to Korvidas - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild

Information about it below:

A small, heavily forested realm, Korvidas is dotted with farms and small towns. Yet this is no ordinary place. Dark shapes prowl the forests of this domain, while scarecrows stand quietly amidst the towns and farms, watching and listening. A Darklord sits alone in his manor, cursed to become what he had spent a lifetime hunting. An undead rival waits patiently in the wings. And a secret society places hope on the arrival of adventurers. The domain of Korvidas is in need of heroes. Will you answer the call?

In this product, you will find:

-a description of the domain of Korvidas and its Darklord, including key locations and a random encounter table

-statistics for several new creatures, including the Darklord and other NPCs

-a introductory mini-adventure for characters that are level 2

-several adventure seeds that can be joined together into a mini-campaign

-new magic items and a new character option (lineage): the moon cursed

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