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D&D 5E Vecna: Eve of Ruin Trailer Stars Baldur's Gate's Astarion Actor

Rise with me... for who can stop a god?

With Vecna: Eve of Ruin only a month away, WotC has released a trailer for the adventure, with Vecna played by Neil Newbon, the voice of the elf Astarion from Baldur's Gate 3. The trailer features the archlich boasting of his evil plans, ending with the ominous words "Rise with me.... for who can stop a god?"

What if you could have your heart's deepest desire, the divine power to transform your life for the right price? An eye for an eye, flesh for a crown, wretched mortality for glorious eternity. Rise with me.... for who can stop a god?

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And if I only could ♩I'd make a deal with God ♪
And I'd get Him to swap our places ♫
Be runnin' up that road ♪
Be runnin' up that hill ♫
Be runnin' up that building ♪
Say, if I only could, oh

...Oh, sorry! my head is thinking in other thing.

What if the human Henry Creel from the "Earth"(Stranger Things) was a Vecna's variant? And later when the serie "Stranger Things" ended, he becomes a dark lord in Ravenloft, because it was used as "decoy" by the D&D Vecna.

This new look, with that little touch of Pinhead (Hellraiser) is better, and more with those auras on the eye and the hand.

* In the right hands the redesign of Tharizdun could be awersome, like the elemental version of Lovecraft myths.

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